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1 Terrible TV Shows Wiki

The terrible T.V. Shows wiki can't seem to keep their opinions to themselves, thus upsetting fans of the shows which were added on the wiki sometimes for the stupidest of reasons. There is a lot more wrong about this wiki, however I would rather not explain, because it is blatantly obvious if you are actually mature like me and don't waste your time expressing your opinion on stuff you hate while upsetting fans of that stuff.

(I do try to keep haters safe by telling them not to express their opinion on something they hate otherwise they would get attacked by the fans of that specific thing they don't like.) - nathan2004

They added The Buzz on Maggie, which wasn't that bad in my opinion. If the wiki was still on FANDOM, I'd mark it as a candidate for deletion right away. - kcianciulli

Many of the users hate SJWs yet some of them act like them. They added the category "Racist shows" to Family Guy (Season 7-present)

They took down my page for Chowder for being an opinion, even though that's basically the whole website. - KalloFox34

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2 Encyclopedia Dramatica

It was good until the racists of 4chan discovered it and started making disgusting pages and NSFW content. - KalloFox34

It's a horrible bullying site. Some of their own victims who have articles written on them have been bullied to suicide and they just updated their pages to mock their deaths! They are HEARTLESS! And who would you force genital mutilation on AN ANIMAL!? - TyrantKing

Made by 30+ year old manchildren who are nothing but racist and sexist pricks.

It’s a parody website not meant to be taken seriously - Leafeon

3 Villains Wiki

Villains Wiki is the highest on my list because it's by far one of the worst, if not the worst wiki out there. This wiki is not friendly for wiki editors, antagonists, or villains and it's too scary for some of them. It is still full of page spammers, people who use the words "Evil" and "Crimes" as insults, and random people who want to clutter up the wiki with pages that aren't even villains. Also, they have several overused nicknamed such as "Evil-doer". Don't use this wiki. Use wikis like Antagonists Wiki, Villains Fanon Wiki, or even Neutral Characters Wiki. Let Villains Wiki die. - JordanB

This wiki used to be good until the biased fans of this wiki got UNBLOCKED.

They also deleted Patrick Star's page, handwaving it to be the result of bad writing. - KalloFox34

Aaron Doan ruined it

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4 Family Guy Wiki

Buckimion had been blocked from that wiki for abusing his admin powers. He is stepping down from FANDOM for that reason!

And The FANDOM staff won't do anything about it because they're useless. - kcianciulli

The head admin over there has an obsession with FOX. - kcianciulli

This wiki was awesome before that prick Buckimion showed up. - kcianciulli

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5 TheTopTens Wiki

Just so lame. Someone needs to make a detailed wikipedia article on thetoptens - Leafeon

Still 14 articles as of May 2018. - kcianciulli

Lack of content - kcianciulli

6 Scary Logos Wiki

Forget what I said before, the Scary Logos Wiki is awful and ridiculous. It is filled with absurd and useless categories, it is a ripoff of the clg wiki, and the scary logos are barely scary and the people have a fuss like the logos are the most frightening thing ever. The wiki is so bad it is hilarious.

Well, if anyone said they like this wiki, THINK AGAIN. Look at it now. Do you see any differences on pages and editing? If so, this website was once happy and jolly, and now its literally Hell's neighbor.

Stuff that's common on this wiki:
Irrelevant categories (like Logos that can't scare me)
Extremely useless pages
The pages on this wiki (There's literally not even a page with a logo on it, pretty much.
Annoying 7 year old kids
Use of the "n-word"
Lots of rudeness and abusive words towards other users.

This wiki is plain trash, ok?

I don't really hate this wiki as much... - JordanB

Aw, I like this wiki, the top tens are on the rotten websites wiki


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7 Object Shows Community Wiki

I kept getting banned on this wiki and some users are nothing short of a lame jerks. Also, some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it. The internet trolls are everywhere there and there is no way to get rid of them. - JordanB

8 Atrocious YouTubers Wiki

They call people shot and that they suck because of their fan base and also make fun of them if they have an ED page.

They're biased for certain YouTubers such as PewDiePie. They also cannot take a joke. - TheGamingGuy

This wiki sucks nowadays... - JordanB

This wiki has problems.
1. The Users can't take criticism
2. They bandwagon evey situation (like The Cristali and Peluchen Entertainment situation)
3. The users have raging hate on joke accounts like Cyber8 and Pamtri.
4. Like the Terrible T.V. Shows wiki and many others they overuse the phrase “Let That Sink In” too much.

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9 American Dad Wiki
10 Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki

This wiki obviously has issues. They don't understand the concept of "Dark Humor" and just call something offensive for an absurd reason. They had a wiki article about Social Justice Warriors and why they are bad, but they themselves want things to be morally correct so in summary, thes guys are lying hypocrites considering that they act like SJWs that can't understand a joke. I bet the people who run the wiki are the same type of people who would laugh at a corny pun

They just can't leave ANY fandom alone, even good ones like the Thomas and Friends Fandom! Also, they lie about stuff. - myusernameisthis

Almost all hatedom pages are just hate-bashing pages made from peoples who love what these peoples hate. Fandom pages are not even better, as a lot of claims are heavily exaggerated.

They have a page against ED but they lose and delete their rant post against ED by the way.

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The Newcomers

? Real Life Villains Wiki

They add too much categories to pages

? Crappy Anime Wiki

The Contenders

11 Sausagelover 99 Wiki

This Wiki is a mess - ElSherlock

Someone ask fandom admins to delete this

Why should vote this up higher? - JordanB

Why does this exist?

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12 Fanboy and Chum Chum Wiki

Still better then Spongebob Wikia - RedPanda5

What is wrong with a Wiki about a cartoon that’s hate by most people!?!?
(To me I don't hate FB&CC)

13 GoAnimate Wiki

Tons of things that aren't even related to GoAnimate, and the site has very little moderation (first impression)

All it talks about are grounded video elements and not the actual content of Vyond (aka GoAnimate).

Why was GoAnimate even invented? - kcianciulli

This exists. - 445956

14 RationalWiki

It sucks, but it's better than ED though.

There's nothing wrong with this wiki. - TyrantKing

15 Rotten Websites Wiki

The community is horrible. Some take the websites way too seriously. There is even a "talk" about this list on this wiki and users took this list, like some websites, way too seriously. (They called it "an hated list" just because their so-called wikis are on these list (list that has been created last years and that didn't forget to put some other bad wikis) Which mean they're unable to accept anything bad about this wiki even if some peoples said correctly the bad points about that. (Which confirm the fact users can't take criticism against the wikis and call it "hate".)

Also, the wikis keep pushing their hatred of SJW to a complete obsession (Yeah, SJW are bad, but turning the hate on SJW to an obsession doesn't make them better than the SJWs themselves.) the community is very immature (as mentionned above, not taking criticism about the wikis is still an immature act.) Overall, Rotten Website Wiki, if not the worst wiki, is also rotten itself.

I used to hate this wiki... - JordanB

Aaaah, receptions wikis... You guys were much better before. Now you sucks so hard.

Why they sucks? It's pretty simple: Recently, a lot of pages are added by peoples who personally hate them (they even go to make false claims). They overuse SJW non-stop (also, a lot of them are pro-Trump. I never saw a decent pro-Trump person before, and even in this wiki, there is still not a single pro-Trump who manage to be decent.) And last but not least, users of these receptions wikis are hypocrites: They accuse all userbase for being toxic while they're toxic too, they accuse peoples/companies/websites for being unable to take criticism while they're unable to take a single criticism against those wikis, They anything related to SJW (including the ones they believe they are SJW things while they're not) but they DID act like SJWs in some cases (In Terrible T.V. Shows Wiki, they accused The Cleveland Show for being a racist show), when they used to be in FANDOM/Wikia, Rotten Websites Wiki ...more

This wiki doesen't suck. TheTopTens is an awful website. - LeetHaterz

16 Crappy Games Wiki

Probably from the same person who made awful movies wiki

This wiki and the reversed one both got closed. So, it had moved to Miraheze. - JordanB

17 Community Central
18 Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki

When I found out about this I was like: "Oh my gosh, why is there a reception wiki for reception wikis? " - myusernameisthis

The people who run wikis are really annoying people who have a hate boner for SJWs for some reason

To be honest, Reception Wikis are nothing but butthurt people complaining.

We've been hunted down by an off-site promoter, known as GammaRaul. - JordanB

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19 The Anytown Show Wiki

This Show Sucks - RedPanda5

20 TV Tropes

I got banned for erasing Dethroning Moments. One of which said They wanted to punch Dipper in the face and they "Disliked Dipper". Sorry, but I wasn't going to have that. - kcianciulli

21 Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki

I’m currently an admin and b-crat on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki (God knows why) and the community is bad. (I actually don’t watch Peppa Pig, to be honest) and there’s this certain user who wants to be admin and wants to block another user and ruin the wiki.

22 Da Boom Crew Wiki
23 The Cleveland Show Wiki
24 Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki

Should be on the top, the entire wikia is basically "big bellies",because the people love this for some weird reason
and now, there moved to - RedPanda5

Yes. let me repeat that again. this exists!

25 Ben 10 Planet

Immature ASF users and admins + lies in pages = Ben 10 Planet also this wiki needs to be number 1 - LeetHaterz

26 Roblox Creepypasta Wiki

This wiki has a lot of bad pastas and the admins are really terrible, I used to be Bureaucrat on there but ever since I left, it has been a trash hole and the administration is abusive, not only that, it's a dying wiki with no future. - Call

27 Johnny Bravo Wiki
28 Creepypasta Wiki

It won't let me upload a Creepypasta and my pasta got banned for no apparent reason. It sucks.

You mean the Creepypasta Wiki on FANDOM?

29 Roblox Wiki

This wiki isn't that bad. - KalloFox34

This wiki is pretty much terrible (in a way). I got "BLOXXED" for no reason.


The Official Minecraft Wiki is way better. Roblox is crappy.

30 Neutral Characters Wiki

This wiki seems to be poor, and we should help that wiki... - JordanB

31 Teen Titans Go! Wiki

Isn't bad for me - RedPanda5

32 SJWiki

It exists. - TyrantKing

Visit Website
33 Pooh's Adventures Wiki

Should be number 1,the entire fandom is toxic - RedPanda5

34 Horrible Music & Songs Wiki

Can someone add Atrocious Deviants Wiki.

As that wiki also sucks as they abuse the “idiots” category.

35 SpongeBob Fanon Wiki

Read Water Sex. It will give you an idea of what kind of stuff goes on here.

I'm not a fan of SpongeBob, but I think I remember every moderator from this wiki are all Goanimators.

36 Justin Bieber Wiki
37 Conservapedia

Should be WAY higher. - KalloFox34

38 Barney Wiki

Nobody likes Barney. - KalloFox34

I love Barney

39 Polandball Wiki

All admins suck except Collisions - LumiNyte

The reason why, I don't like using the mouse for Polandballs, which is very hard. Also the admins on some different wikis plagiarize the Polandball Wiki's rules from it. - JordanB

40 Five Nights at the Asylum Wiki

Reasons why this wiki sucks:
-The articles are poorly made.
-FNatA is a cheap FNaF Fan game.
-It is dead...

41 Fantendo Wiki

If you're too lazy to add more information on your page, some admin will add a rewrite template on your page. - JordanB

42 Fire Emblem Wikia
43 Loathsome Characters Wiki

This wiki is a mess. There is too many pages against characters that are hated by these users just because they're "overrated". The "TBA Page" is very hypocritical, as some characters that are not allowed in this wiki are in the same situation of some characters that DO have a page in this wiki.

Also, they easily add characters that got a single flanderization.

They treat Brian like he's the devil yet they treat Pear from The Annoying Orange like a god. - kcianciulli

Thank god it got shut down before my obsession with Timmy Turner kicked in (He's a way better character to obsess over than Luigi and Meg), if it was still up, I would have called them all "Child Haters". - kcianciulli

44 The Evil Wiki
45 Fanon Wiki

They just ruined good movies like Monsters Inc by making it a cringy T.V. show.

46 TheLyric Wiki

This is currently one of the most overrated wikis ever. - JordanB

47 Wookieepedia
48 Thomas the Tank Engine Fannon Wikia

Some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it.

49 Useless Wiki

This wiki is pretty funny, but it's pretty annoying. - JordanB

50 Baldi's Basics Mods Wiki

Lack of content

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