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1 Family Guy Wiki

Buckimion had been blocked from that wiki for abusing his admin powers. He is stepping down from FANDOM for that reason!

And The FANDOM staff won't do anything about it because they're retarded. - kcianciulli

The head admin over there has an obsession with FOX. - kcianciulli

This wiki was awesome before that prick Buckimion showed up. - kcianciulli

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2 Terrible TV Shows Wiki

Okay, I understand that some people may get upset that a show that they like is added, a show they hate is rejected on the Wiki, or a character they like is added to the background, but getting your panties in a twist over that stuff is outright ridiculous and immature. Whether you like it or not, it is ultimately up to the mods and bureaucrats to decide who goes onto the background and what pages can be added. "Baby shows" probably aren't allowed because the GoAnimate/Vyond and (GOOD USER)/(BAD USER) fandoms would flood the Wiki with them and give ridiculous reasons for why they suck. - WindWakerFan

The Reception Wikis are okay, for the most part, but one thing I can't stand about them is how OBSESSED the userbase is with hating SJWs! I understand why people don't like them, but is it THAT important that y'all need to constantly beat it over everyone's heads 24/7? It's frankly really petty and immature, especially considering that the whole SJW bashing trend got old a while ago, and it's really annoying to see it all over a good chunk of the Wikis. - WindWakerFan

Thos within wiki got removed

We need to get it removed from Miraheze too. - kcianciulli

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3 TheTopTens Wiki

Still 14 articles as of May 2018. - kcianciulli

Lack of content - kcianciulli

4 American Dad Wiki
5 Sausagelover 99 Wiki

This Wiki is a mess - ElSherlock

Someone ask fandom admins to delete this

Why should vote this up higher? - JordanB

Why does this exist?

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6 Fanboy and Chum Chum Wiki

What is wrong with a Wiki about a cartoon that’s hate by most people!?!?
(To me I don't hate FB&CC)

7 Encyclopedia Dramatica

It's a horrible bullying site. Some of their own victims who have articles written on them have been bullied to suicide and they just updated their pages to mock their deaths! They are HEARTLESS! And who would you force genital mutilation on AN ANIMAL!? - TyrantKing

Made by 30+ year old manchildren who are nothing but racist and sexist pricks.

8 The Anytown Show Wiki
9 Da Boom Crew Wiki
10 GoAnimate Wiki

Tons of things that aren't even related to GoAnimate, and the site has very little moderation (first impression)

All it talks about are grounded video elements and not the actual content of Vyond (aka GoAnimate).

Why was GoAnimate even invented? - kcianciulli

This exists. - 445956

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11 Rotten Websites Wiki

I used to hate this wiki... - JordanB

This wiki doesen't suck. TheTopTens is an awful website. - LeetHaterz

12 The Cleveland Show Wiki
13 Scary Logos Wiki

I don't really hate this wiki as much... - JordanB

Aw, I like this wiki, the top tens are on the rotten websites wiki


Why is this here? I like this wiki

Scary Logos Wiki sucks, I like Closing Logos Wiki more!

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14 Johnny Bravo Wiki
15 Roblox Creepypasta Wiki

This wiki has a lot of bad pastas and the admins are really terrible, I used to be Bureaucrat on there but ever since I left, it has been a trash hole and the administration is abusive, not only that, it's a dying wiki with no future. - Call

16 Villains Wiki

Why the main characters of Date A Live are considered as Villains even they're not?!
Kurumi TOkisaki is the only VIllain to be listed!

There's too many page spamming in this wiki... - JordanB

Some of the admins have an obsession with the Mega Man series, mostly the Mega Man X series. - JordanB

This wiki has many flaws and problems... Unlike in Real Life Villains Wiki, it doesn't have a page that lists disallowed pages. It's still full of page spamming and supervillain nerds that (focus too much on the Mega Man X series and) they have far, far way too many pages and categories to the point where it is unnecessary to have anymore. STAY AWAY! - JordanB

17 Teen Titans Go! Wiki
18 Roblox Wiki

This wiki is pretty much terrible (in a way). I got "BLOXXED" for no reason.


The Official Minecraft Wiki is way better. Roblox is crappy.

19 Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki

Why must Wikis that exclusively document fetishes in T.V. shows and what not like this exist? You should watch a show for its story, comedy, etc., not because it just so happens to have scenes that have the fetish that you get turned on by.

UPDATE: Hell yeah! This Wiki is now closed! - WindWakerFan

Yes. let me repeat that again. this exists!

20 Ben 10 Planet

Immature ASF users and admins + lies in pages = Ben 10 Planet also this wiki needs to be number 1 - LeetHaterz

21 Object Shows Community Wiki

I kept getting banned on this wiki and some users are nothing short of a lame jerks. Also, some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it. The internet trolls are everywhere there and there is no way to get rid of them. - JordanB

22 Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki

This wiki has been turned into a terrible bullying site. Some people told me to suck it up and called me a kid for a dumb reason. - JordanB

The quote "Suck it up, kid" is the worst quote I have ever seen in my entire life. - JordanB

This thought is more aimed at the reception wikis in general:

The concepts of reception wikis was not that bad to begin with. However, the users kept using “SJW” as an insult... and their wikis were booted off FANDOM. And, like the Twitards of the past, the users behind the reception wikis cannot stop crying about the fact that FANDOM can’t tolerate using SJW as an insult... and the reception wikis’ communities just can not shut up! They hold permanent grudges against FANDOM and it’s staff. Even Brandon Rhea, an honorable FANDOM user, is one of the targets of this wiki! Let this all sink in!

This best describes reception wikis in general:

The wikis themselves aren’t that bad ideas to begin with.

However... what really made the wikis trash was their communities. Generally speaking...

1. They used SJW as an insult. Repeatedly. No stop. And FANDOM banned those wikis because of that insult. Let that sink in!

2. The bully, harass and block users they think are against the reception wikis Pro-Trump agenda!

3. On the Harry Potter Fandom article on Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms, one of the bad qualities was and I quote: “When J. K. Rowling went SJW, the fans went SJW too.” This bit automatically makes them Twitards! Let that sink in!

4. They hold grudges against FANDOM users and staff. Popular targets include Brandon Rhea, one of the staff, and (especially) PKMNLivesNew, a user who claimed responsibility for booting the reception wikis off Fandom.

23 Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki

I’m currently an admin and b-crat on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki (God knows why) and the community is bad. (I actually don’t watch Peppa Pig, to be honest) and there’s this certain user who wants to be admin and wants to block another user and ruin the wiki.

24 Creepypasta Wiki
25 Crappy Games Wiki

Probably from the same person who made awful movies wiki

This wiki and the reversed one both got closed. So, it had moved to Miraheze. - JordanB

26 Atrocious YouTubers Wiki

This wiki sucks nowadays... - JordanB

This wiki has problems.
1. The Users can't take criticism
2. They bandwagon evey situation (like The Cristali and Peluchen Entertainment situation)
3. The users have raging hate on joke accounts like Cyber8 and Pamtri.
4. Like the Terrible T.V. Shows wiki and many others they overuse the phrase “Let That Sink In” too much.

27 SpongeBob Fanon Wiki

Read Water Sex. It will give you an idea of what kind of stuff goes on here.

I'm not a fan of SpongeBob, but I think I remember every moderator from this wiki are all Goanimators.

28 Justin Bieber Wiki
29 Polandball Wiki

All admins suck except Collisions - LumiNyte

The reason why, I don't like using the mouse for Polandballs, which is very hard. Also the admins on some different wikis plagiarize the Polandball Wiki's rules from it. - JordanB

30 Five Nights at the Asylum Wiki

Reasons why this wiki sucks:
-The articles are poorly made.
-FNatA is a cheap FNaF Fan game.
-It is dead...

31 Fanon Wiki

They just ruined good movies like Monsters Inc by making it a cringy T.V. show.

32 SJWiki

It exists. - TyrantKing

33 RationalWiki

There's nothing wrong with this wiki. - TyrantKing

34 Conservapedia
35 TheLyric Wiki

This is currently one of the most overrated wikis ever. - JordanB

36 Wookieepedia
37 Barney Wiki
38 Pooh's Adventures Wiki
39 Thomas the Tank Engine Fannon Wikia

Some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it.

40 Useless Wiki

This wiki is pretty funny, but it's pretty annoying. - JordanB

41 Baldi's Basics Mods Wiki

Lack of content

42 Fantendo Wiki

If you're too lazy to add more information on your page, some admin will add a rewrite template on your page. - JordanB

43 Community Central
44 The Parody Wiki
45 Fire Emblem Wikia
46 Ace Attorney Wiki
47 Wikitubia
48 KiWiki
49 The Kirby Wiki - Your Guide to Everything Kirby
50 Loathsome Characters Wiki

Thank god it got shut down before my obsession with Timmy Turner kicked in (He's a way better character to obsess over than Luigi and Meg), if it was still up, I would have called them all "Child Haters". - kcianciulli

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