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1 Family Guy Wiki

The head admin over there has an obsession with FOX. - kcianciulli

The wiki itself isn't bad, but the head admin over there is a real douchebag. - kcianciulli

This wiki was awesome before that prick Buckimion showed up. - kcianciulli

2 American Dad Wiki
3 Terrible TV Shows Wiki

Okay, I understand that some people may get upset that a show that they like is added, a show they hate is rejected on the Wiki, or a character they like is added to the background, but getting your panties in a twist over that stuff is outright ridiculous and immature. Whether you like it or not, it is ultimately up to the mods and bureaucrats to decide who goes onto the background and what pages can be added. "Baby shows" probably aren't allowed because the GoAnimate/Vyond and (GOOD USER)/(BAD USER) fandoms would flood the Wiki with them and give ridiculous reasons for why they suck. - WindWakerFan

They refused to remove Brian from the background, so I left the wiki until they removed him. But I don't think they will because they're men. - kcianciulli

I asked some users on this wiki to do one simple thing, but they refuse to do it. - kcianciulli

If there's GoAnimators They would spam the wiki with bad reviews especially Kid Shows (I Still love GoAnimate If you hate It Ill make a nutshell video out of you)

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4 TheTopTens Wiki

Still 14 articles as of May 2018. - kcianciulli

Lack of content - kcianciulli

5 Fanboy and Chum Chum Wiki
6 The Anytown Show Wiki
7 Da Boom Crew Wiki
8 The Cleveland Show Wiki
9 Johnny Bravo Wiki
10 Scary Logos Wiki

This Wikia is nothing short of a lame copy of the Closing Logo Wiki and is an absolute troll goldmine, a fact that isn't helped by the lack of an admin and the general immaturity and idiocy of the Wikia. If you happen to notice the endless sea of "Logos that scare..." categories, just know that trolls likely added them. - WindWakerFan

Scary Logos Wiki sucks, I like Closing Logos Wiki more!

I don't really hate this wiki as much... - JordanB

Aw, I like this wiki, the top tens are on the rotten websites wiki


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The Newcomers

? Fantendo Wiki

If you're too lazy to add more information on your page, some admin will add a rewrite template on your page. - JordanB

? Five Nights at the Asylum Wiki

The Contenders

11 Sausagelover 99 Wiki

This is the worst Wiki ever - 445956

Why should vote this up higher? - JordanB

Why does this exist?

This exists? - NightmareCinema

12 Teen Titans Go! Wiki
13 Ben 10 Planet

Immature ASF users and admins + lies in pages = Ben 10 Planet also this wiki needs to be number 1 - LeetHaterz

14 Object Shows Community Wiki

This is one of the worst wikis ever in my opinion. I kept getting banned on this wiki and some users are nothing short of a lame jerks and they're absolute troll goldmine. Also, some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it. Most of the users on this wiki say bad things about me, which is really mean to others and it's not nice. - JordanB

15 GoAnimate Wiki

Why was GoAnimate even invented? - kcianciulli

All it talks about are grounded video elements and not the actual content of Vyond (aka GoAnimate).

This exists. - 445956

16 Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki

I’m currently an admin and b-crat on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki (God knows why) and the community is bad. (I actually don’t watch Peppa Pig, to be honest) and there’s this certain user who wants to be admin and wants to block another user and ruin the wiki.

17 SpongeBob Fanon Wiki

Read Water Sex. It will give you an idea of what kind of stuff goes on here.

I'm not a fan of SpongeBob, but I think I remember every moderator from this wiki are all Goanimators.

18 Justin Bieber Wiki
19 Roblox Wiki

The Official Minecraft Wiki is way better. Roblox is crappy.

20 Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki

Why must Wikis that exclusively document fetishes in T.V. shows and what not like this exist? You should watch a show for its story, comedy, etc., not because it just so happens to have scenes that have the fetish that you get turned on by. - WindWakerFan

Yes. let me repeat that again. this exists!

21 Crappy Games Wiki

This wiki and the reversed one both got closed. So, it had moved to Miraheze. - JordanB

22 Villains Wiki

This wiki pretty much has categories that have racism. Also, the name "Evil-doer" mostly in all caps is very useless and racist. Non-supervillains like "Innocent characters" and "Object show characters" probably aren't allowed because these fandoms would flood the Wiki with them and give racist information about them. - JordanB

23 Rotten Websites Wiki

This wiki doesen't suck. TheTopTens is an awful website. - LeetHaterz

This site is on this wiki, and It's a toxic hatebase. - JordanB

24 Fanon Wiki

They just ruined good movies like Monsters Inc by making it a cringy T.V. show.

25 SJWiki
26 RationalWiki
27 Conservapedia
28 TheLyric Wiki

This is currently one of the most overrated wikis ever. - JordanB

29 Wookieepedia
30 Barney Wiki
31 Creepypasta Wiki
32 Pooh's Adventures Wiki
33 Thomas the Tank Engine Fannon Wikia

Some of the fan-fics are creepy, and it has disturbing content on it.

34 Polandball Wiki

The reason why, I don't like using the mouse for Polandballs, which is very hard. Also the admins on some different wikis plagiarize the Polandball Wiki's rules from it. - JordanB

35 Useless Wiki

This wiki is pretty funny, but it's pretty annoying. - JordanB

36 Baldi's Basics Mods Wiki
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