Top Ten Worst Wild Kratts Characters

Wild Kratts takes us and kids through to great animals adventures with our greatest protagonists and adventures counting to go with Martin Kratt, Chris Kratt, and other crew members of the Wild Kratts team. Helping us to help this great adventures with the world to explore great habitats of many of various animals to study biological science.

Then of telling this behind the show, there are terrible characters. Here we are counting their ranking down from bad attitudes to integrating to destroy the Kratts adventure and creature habitats. Having in this list as our top voted characters such as Zach Varmitech and Donita Donata. Here is our top picks for our top rated worst Wild Kratts Characters.

The Top Ten

Zach Varmitech


Who did you call a snob? Zach or BurnAx? If you called Zach a snob, then you're right because he is one. And what an arrogant douchebag he is. Hell, I wish that every animal that he antagonized killed him.


Donita Donata
Paisley Paver
Shonita Donata
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