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1 Manny Heffley

He's an idiot. If mom said they were going to Grandma's for a week and in fact they were going to Las Vegas, manny would cry and mom will try to cancel the trip but the hotel operators won't let them cancel or postpone the trip unless it's an emergency and they will have to go cause it will cost more than 2000 dollars likely. Also by the time he's in 5th grade he's gonna get scolded and sent to the principal's and will even get expelled. He's basically not ready for life. MOM IS EVIL TO GREG AND RODRICK!

I just hate him so much! He gets away with everything! I hated him specifically in "Cabin fever" When he only puts the heat in his room, and when in one book (I forget which) He says that poor greg made him swallow a spider the size of an orange! How could Susan Heffley believe that?! Oh, I know, because she's an idiot!

I remember in the Long Haul when he cried when Mom and Dad surprised the family that they were going to Disney world instead of the retirement home. He said he was looking forward to it the whole time! Who would rather go to a retirement home for a week then going to Disney World

He's the caillou of the diary of a wimpy kid series! - Jay12

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2 Patty Farrel

Let's get this straight, Patty's book persona is 100% different from the movie. In the books, she was just a typical teacher's pet. Had very little to do with the plot, and could've actually been somewhat of a good character. Not to mention she only appeared in two books, and even then, was present for only a few pages. The movie completely derails this and turns her into an awful spoiled brat. Worst derailment ever. - isaaonrtdmtr

To annoying and violent - OneLego

She is WAY TOO EVIL in the movies. she even enjoyed injuring greg in the movie dog days in the tennis field.if she is gonna attack somebody so violently, why not just make her fight against a highly trained martial artist that will slice her head in two with a katana?!

I just hate her attitude in the movie

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3 Bryce Anderson

Ok, who cares about you anyways, Bryce? Even thought they call you popular, you're just the supporting character of your own life! Who cares if you have goons?! No one likes you anyways.

He is very overrated. He is ugly and has way too many goons - OneLego

He just acts smart

Ugly dorito chinned loser. I'm a girl and I hate him he is annoying - Lunala

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4 Scotty Douglas

He is to dumb and young - OneLego

I think he should be in a lot of trouble. He stole Greg's video game

He's so annoying in long haul

Meh... he's kind of a jerk but I think he gets a pass for being so young

5 Fregley

He is a disgusting little slob with poor hygiene - Aaa2

He is so weird especially the booger part from the first book what

I hated him before but "Hard Luck" made him even more annoying.

he sucks!

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6 Susan Heffley

She's stupid, I can list stuff that she did to ruin Greg's life

Confiscate Greg's money during a birthday party to pay off stupid and rude mr Jefferson

Make Greg read his birthday cards out loud

Start a reading club just because Greg watched a horror movie

Buy Greg a journal that said diary on it

Try to make Greg get put into the gifted group again

Always spoils manny and never believes Greg

Always being overprotective of Greg

In fact, she's done a lot more, so she should be in the top ten.

I hated her in the books and The Long Haul movie. But I liked her in the three movies, they made her a lot more of a likable character. - Jeff35122

She is an idiot And she should discipline her kids, witch means stop spoiling many, stop being a burden I'm her sons and make Rodrick a good kid by sending him and Greg to military school, and she shouldn't have kids, no deserve being a miom and she should go to reform a school. for terrible parents. So she can teach many a lesson and learn how to hit many instead of giving him whatever he wants, so she can move to a state in which they allow spanking their children, so she can be a better mother.

In book 9 she tells Greg that to say "Thank you" in Spanish is Tee Amo which means "I love you" and before Greg knew he already said it to more than 10 people at a restaurant - NoiseVisitor

She doesn't give a crap about her family except Manny. She barely let's Greg do anything he wants. She turned Manny into a brat. She's obnoxious to her husband while he is at work. She only let's her family eat this HEALTHY BS while there on vacation.
That just about 0.0001% of what a horrible mother she is.

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7 Abigail

Biggest cheater ever. She cheated on Michael to make him jealous. - OneLego

She went back with Michael after he cheated on her

I totally agree with your opinion but... I'm clueless on the reason

She may have drove a wedge between Greg and Rowley, acts like a bitch, used Rowley to get her cheating ex boyfriend back, and possibly tried to change Rowley as a whole because he started acting like a jerk once he started dating Abigail. I believe she serves as the main antagonist in hard luck. - USGC

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8 Chirag Gupta

I just don't like him and I do not know why - OneLego

He enjoyed every second of it when he tripped greg on purpose in Cabin fever

He is an annoying kid who can't take a joke. Like with the invisible Chirag joke

Oh look, a flying corn dog! - Lunala

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9 Joshie

Is Joshie a Boy or Girl? I honestly can't tell

Joshie is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid counterpart to Justin Bieber. Both have fans who are young girls, and both dress like retards

He's a popstar which fans are 8 year olds

He is dumb - Lunala

10 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley

The main problem with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Series as a whole, is that even though it's original fans (like me) can grow up, Greg can't. He has to appeal to a younger audience, that's just how it is. The series really should've ended after book 5, because since then, they've been moving events slower and slower to the point that book 9 documented 6 DAYS of Greg's summer vacation! Also, the books get less and less realistic as they go on. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has always been about high-lighting life's silly moments through the eyes of a pre-teen boy. Maybe the series was never the most realistic in that humorously unfortunate things happen THIS often to the SAME kid, but the suspension of disbelieve was still intact. What concepts do the later books introduce? A boy fully remembering being inside his mother's womb, a KINDERGARTNER who can speak Spanish FLUENTLY after listening to a CD for less than a week, and a pig who is practically anthropomorphic. Cause you know, ...more

Greg Heffley is an immature worm that bullies his friends into doing what he wants, and is ungrateful towards his family, especially his parents. I feel he should be in the number one spot, but as long as he's in top ten, I'm happy.

Hermione, will you do the honors?

"Of course. You are the most insensitive wart I have ever had the misfortune to meet! "

His is selfish a jerk and so full of it he thinks he is so important in school but nobody is important in school and keeps insulting the students in school and shows no respect for others and not even his best friend.

1. Uses his friends to get his way.
2. Thinks he can get rich quick without doing anything to earn it.
3. Ungrateful towards anyone that isn't a hot girl.
4. Always wants whatever he sees.
Heck, not a single character in the book series is good in any way. They are all either awful, way too naive, or just one-dimensional. Heck, I think Holly is the best character in the book series, just because there isn't much to like or hate about her. - isaaonrtdmtr

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11 Rodrick Heffley

He locked Greg in the basement, made him pee on the floor and a bunch of other mean things. My opinion is he is a stupid mean idiot. His dad even does his homework for him.

I think he is like heather hills - OneLego

He is rude why do stupid teen girls like him I think he is annoying and locked greg and rowley in basement and swears around manny and is lazy jerk - Lunala

He's not a spoiled brat like Manny

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12 Rowley

Should be in top 10. Whoever says Greg is bad friend is half-wrong. So is rowley! He is such an idiot sometimes who refuses to listen and grow up + he gave in Greg Heffley to the principal

He blabs on greg too much and makes him look so ' weird

I don't like Rowley because soon as he's got Abigail he's not talking to Greg so now they have fell out

I think gregs a bad friend to hin sometimes but sometimes rowley can be a big childish crybaby - Lunala

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13 Gary Heffley

Who is gary heffley?

Gary Heffley is a man who has no job, no house (I think), and wastes in game money to help you find yourself on scratch tickets”

14 Bryce Anderson's Goons

Their Favorite hobby is ambushing people in the woods just like they did on poor greg by shooting him in the rear end on cabin fever

I particularly hate the fat one who shot Greg with his new bb gun

One of them shot greg in the butt with a bb gun ouch - Lunala

15 Isabella

The worst character in all the books is the ex-maid of the Heffleys Isabella,she so fat that looks that she has 100 babies in his tummy or she eats in KFC or Burger King every day since she was born,Another thing is that she watches South Park specifically the episode in which Klye sucks Cartman penis,KILL HER SHE IS GOING TO THE HELL!

Seeing how ugly and lazy she is,she totally needs a new name.

Shes dumb and sits aroun doing nothing then susan heffley says "oh shes working hard" HOW IS SITTING WATCHING SOAP OPERA WORK - Lunala

16 Ruby Bird

She looks kinda creepy but not creepy enough to scare me.

Just as weird as fregley

She bit Fregley

She bit the coach - Lunala

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17 Frank Heffley

He's much as an idiot like Susan Heffley

he wants Greg to like the other kids because Frank is jealous of the neighbor's and his boss's kids

he's a lair and he's like Greg

he's ashamed of his children and Greg will never be the son that Frank wants him to be

Aha! He got mad just because he forgot to put the cap on the toothpaste

I wish he would chew out Mrs. Canfield, I hate her for being bad to Greg.

He's addicted to his civil war set then manny destroyed it - Lunala

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18 Heathers Hills

To rude. I do not know Greg likes her - OneLego

Remember in dog days the movie when she called GREG FREGLEY!?



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19 The Heffley's Pig

It bite Greg and caused chaos. The pig tried to escape from the car they should have just let it get run over. It raided the minibar in the hotel they were staying in worst of all is nanny likes the pig and had a tantrum when they sent it to a petting zoo. I would have just killed the pig.

I'm going to slice the pig up into bacon slices, cook them in a frying pan, and eat them all up!

This pig is so scrim intelligent. I mean it knows how to write, stand up on two feet, and knows how to look in a mirror

He's hilarious

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20 Greg's Family

They make up for an entire character. They're idiots, abusive and mistreating of Greg and so much more

He is not that bad but for sure is a bad friend

I think he's gay and childish because of the way he acts. He also has a huge fandom over some male European popstar who was obviously Justin Bieber in the book fictional world. He and Colin were a couple. It was obviously from the start - ThePopCulturePhenomenon96

I don't really like a lot of them. Rodrick is dumb. Great Uncle Arthur is dumb. Benjy is dumb. Uncle Gary is dumb. Uncle Joe is dumb. Uncle Charlie is dumb. Great Aunt Reba is dumb. Uncle John is dumb for getting married for no real reason. Byron is dumb. Uncle Lawrence is dumb. Aunt Cakey is dumb. Aunt Gretchen is dumb. Malvin is dumb. Malcolm is dumb. Uncle Larry is dumb.

But I do like Aunt Audra.

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