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21 Mr. Beardo

Mr beardo and his familt are weird the kids are brtty for hogging the spa and ramming around a cleaning trolley and the little kid is a crybaby - Lunala

It would've been better if there was a fight scene near the end of the long haul that involved Mr. beardo and the heffleys at the hotel room, and then a chase that involved the beardo family and the heffley's car, and that the beardo family accidentelly slip with banana pills and a monster truck runs them over.

22 Maddox

I hate him, he's a complete retarded nerd and he gets mad at Greg just because Greg accidentally took one of his stupid tiny Lego pieces!

A nerd who has never played video games and they did a really GROSS pat down on greg which was disturbing - Lunala

Only in book 11 fhim

Maddox is a reeking weirdo and a dumb nerd. First of all, he wouldn't say anything to anybody but OOH 😮. And after that, he is yelling at Greg for stealing on of hisbt NY legos. He is a spazz and a dingbat.

23 Mr. Jefferson

He's rude and selfish and nothing but a jerk. He's also too overprotective of Rowley.

Overprotective idiot and he is salty and rude. - Lunala

He hates gregs guts for no apparent reason. He is an over protective idiot.

I hate this character with a burning passion. He needs to get eaten on one of those trips. HE MADE ROWLEY PUT DOWN A STICK. THAT'S JUST SAD. Plus, he's a cheapskate, 83$ isn't a whole lot, pay for it yourself, ya moron!

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24 Michael Sampson
25 Mr. Tanner
26 Julian Albans

You got the wrong website

He is very mean to Auggie and is a complete jerk by telling people about the plague and beware of Jack Will. I think he deserves getting suspended, missing the nature campout, and losing all of his friends. Seriously, he is a jerky dumbo.

27 Great Uncle Arthur

"He is so weird by the sounds he makes. What is with him, anyway?

28 Holly Hills

I hate her she is so stylish and gross and weird

She is ok in the books, but she completely ruined the movies.

29 Mrs. Canfield

I hate her, she chewed Greg out just because he didn't mow all of her lawn. She could have just removed the dog poop so Greg would be done mowing the lawn. Mrs. Canfield you idiot! Have a brain!

I really hated it when that old lady chewed out greg for avoiding dog poop.if she is brainless,then why doesn't she cut the lawn in a thunderstorm?! then she would get electrocuted thanks to the lightning in the lawn mower,and I imagine greg would say "good luck with the lawn! " as mrs. canfield would look like she bathed in ashes.

30 Princess (The Fuller's dog)

She's ridiculous, she doesn't even go to the bathroom. And she makes a big mess every time Greg leaves, that's just ridiculous and annoying. Honestly, this is one of the things I hate about the books since it ruins Greg's life.

Because it is a very very Very Fat dog

31 Meckley Mingo

He is ugly, has an intimidating appearance and enjoys to hit trespassers of his home(the woods) with his belt buckle

Whoever added this to the list, watch out for the Mingo kids! Make sure they don't GIT you! (I kinda wanna hear more about the backstory of the Mingo kids I hope it happens in future books) - Lunala

32 Mrs. Graziano
33 Jordan Jury

Every time he invites people to a party he uses them every time

34 Gramma

She is like so mean to Greg and one time she promised Greg and rodrick hot Coco but did not give them some! 😈

35 Mrs Jefferson
36 Silas Scratch

He may not be real, but he's downright creepy

37 Malcolm

He is a complete wild animal cloned into a human and he is a messy weirdo. He also has a very small brain a because he actually reported the Heffley's for running out of ketchup.

38 Sweetie (The Heffley's Dog)

Its to dumb its like its susan's brother

39 Justin Spitzer

He's a complete selfish retarded Bastard who sold out the other kids for their snacks during the Lock-In so he could have the snacks all to himself. That retarded idiot and those Mental Chaperones, Go to Hell!

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