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1 Bloom

Oh thank goodness she's first on this list. She's a complete Mary Sue with 'flaws', that just make her more powerful! Obviously there has to be a strongest fairy, but she doesn't have to be the main character! Dragon Flame? Creating the universe? Talk about over powering. And not to mention she's also a screen hog. I want to the the Winx, not Bloom! And Daphne is so sweet and kind, and Bloom's just over here like... 'how are we related? '. Bloom's supposedly compassionate and selfless, but in every episode, she's ordering the Winx around. For the Zoomix and Speedix, Bloom gets unnessecary screen time during the transformation. Bloomix? This was when I stopped watching Winx Club, this whole 'Bloom is the most powerful' thing is going wayyy too for. And it's really annoying now. And that's how I feel about Bloom. **sorry if I killed you with my rant**

Bloom is a good character, but she gets way to much screen time and has been given to much power. I mean, no one wants an overwhelmingly over powering main character. And her attitude is crappy! She treats Skye like crap, and I feel so bad for her. To top off her being the "most powerful fairy in the universe" she's also the princess of the most powerful world. Like come on guys, give her actual character. Like I wish she had flaws, like she has social anxiety, but then later she develops into a person who can talk in front of people and not had anxiety attacks. They should've made her weak in someway to make her look more real, more human. And please... don't get me started on Bloomix...Ugh..

Bloom is the WORST. She totally deserves the number 1 spot on this list! Attention- hogger and Spotlight stealer. As if that wasn't enough! I totally hate her. Flora should be leader not her. I agree that it's NOT the bloom show.

Her powers are boring and because her dragon flame is not actually a THING her special spells are not so special or irrelevant
Example: flora's butterflix can ask natures essence for help and she's the fairy of nature and just like that all other winx girls have their powers connected thief.element but Bloom's magic let her connect with fairy animals seriously what fire had to do with connecting service

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2 Stella

Horrible - One Word To Describe Her

Yes, Stella is the worst character of the Show.

She is very nasty

Agree, she is so selfish

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3 Musa

She is pathetic

Her outfits and Personality are abdomination

Let's see...

-Damsel in Distress
-Her powers are MUSIC? We already have Tecna!
-Likes Riven even though he is a jerk
-Dumb and helpless
-Thinks the world revolves around a boy
-Is a tomboy wannabe

4 Aisha

She makes me cringe. Thank goodness I am neutral on Winx Club. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

5 Miele
6 Flora

Flora is best winx ever what is she doing in this list

I agree with this whole list including the flora being the best winx thing.

She is Worst Winx Club fairy - Sandez

7 Daphne

OK, Daphne is the worst. Case closed. If you want be to explain, just fryggin ask.

8 Diaspro

Of course It's always the perfect main character who gets all the love. I think Diaspro was way better and deserves more love than Bloom. Sky cheated on her, of course she'd be mad! And her goal isn't to steal the protagonist's boyfriend, Actually It was Bloom who stole Sky from Diaspro. I wish that there was a show about the events in Diaspro's perspective. And you guys might want to read the 'All this Diaspro hate is stupid' post by TwilightKitsune, maybe you guys would know how painful it feels to be Diaspro - MLPFan

Sky didn't cheated on her, his parents wanted a forced marriage but he didn't wanted to. - DaisyandRosalina

Why do people hate Diaspro so much? If you ask me, she's better than Bloom. Sky cheated on her with Bloom; if I were in her shoes, I know that I wouldn't exactly adore Bloom either. - yuki-blue

He didn't cheated on her in the first place, it was a forced marriage, it's a different thing. - DaisyandRosalina

I don't like Diaspro. She is worse than Bloom and Daphne.

Diaspro is just so annoying! I think the writers could have come up with a better storyline for her.Not only "my main goal is to steal protagonist's boyfriend".Her character has potential and could be very interesting,but it's really waste of time what the made of her.

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9 Tecna

She had a cheesy British accent and she is a terrible person. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

10 Chimera

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? Cherie
? Amore

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11 Sky

Sky and bloom should die.

Sky is a girl.

Girly boy. How many time's has he list his memory now. And bloom wears the pants. We think he is gay.yes.

Sky is a big girl. And how many times does he have to lose his memory to god. Nothing but drama queen.. And bloom has already gone to bed with him. Remember when they had the love n pets shop. Then when they wete talking on her bed. That teaches kids the wrong thing hey. No morals bloom.slut she is. Bitch to.

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12 Helia
13 Mitzy
14 Timmy
15 Nabu
16 Riven
17 Icy

Weiss Schnee can beat her.

18 Roxy
19 Stormy

I personally hate her.

20 Darcy
21 Griselda
22 Lockette
23 Chatta
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