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1 Bloom

Oh thank goodness she's first on this list. She's a complete Mary Sue with 'flaws', that just make her more powerful! Obviously there has to be a strongest fairy, but she doesn't have to be the main character! Dragon Flame? Creating the universe? Talk about over powering. And not to mention she's also a screen hog. I want to the the Winx, not Bloom! And Daphne is so sweet and kind, and Bloom's just over here like... 'how are we related? '. Bloom's supposedly compassionate and selfless, but in every episode, she's ordering the Winx around. For the Zoomix and Speedix, Bloom gets unnessecary screen time during the transformation. Bloomix? This was when I stopped watching Winx Club, this whole 'Bloom is the most powerful' thing is going wayyy too for. And it's really annoying now. And that's how I feel about Bloom. **sorry if I killed you with my rant**

If bloom was real I'd be more than happy to murder her (but first I'm gonna need at least only two superpowers and a sharp pointy object and lots of badmouthing practice)

She's horrible and also Spotlight hogger

Blame the writers for making her into a Mary Sue. Plus, she attacked Diaspro, even though the latter wasn't doing anything wrong. It was Sky's fault for not telling Bloom about Diaspro. If I were Bloom, I would have gone after Sky instead. My problem with Bloom is that she lacks common sense. Give me a break already.

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2 Musa V 1 Comment
3 Stella

Horrible - One Word To Describe Her

Yes, Stella is the worst character of the Show.

Don't like her voice, SO ANNOYING.

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4 Aisha
5 Miele
6 Daphne
7 Tecna
8 Flora
9 Diaspro

Why do people hate Diaspro so much? If you ask me, she's better than Bloom. Sky cheated on her with Bloom; if I were in her shoes, I know that I wouldn't exactly adore Bloom either. - yuki-blue

I don't like Diaspro. She is worse than Bloom and Daphne.

This should be #1. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Diaspro is just so annoying! I think the writers could have come up with a better storyline for her.Not only "my main goal is to steal protagonist's boyfriend".Her character has potential and could be very interesting,but it's really waste of time what the made of her.

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10 Icy

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11 Stormy

I personally hate her.

12 Darcy
13 Sky
14 Roxy
15 Riven
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