Worst Winx Girls

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1 Bloom

Spotlight taker! The writers love her TOO MUCH! Spoils the FREAK! Can't EVER shut up! - ilar9118

2 Stella

Ok, I have to describe why Stella gets on my nerves;

11 reasons why I hate her

1. She is a terrible fashionista. She doesn't make good clothes. All her clothes are impractical.
2. She is retarded. 😡
3. She is not funny. She isn't funnier than Pinkie Pie and Madeline Hatter because those two are funnier than her
4. Her Nickelodeon voice is childish
5. She doesn't bring comedy
6. She is dishonest rude and selfish
7. Her parents are better than her
8. Her clothes are awful
9. She is jealous of Mitzi
10. She used to be funny in first 3 seasons
11. She doesn't care about her friends.

Stella is my least favourite character in the whole show

3 Musa
4 Roxy
5 Diaspro

Diaspro is the worst. I don't like her. My favourite character (means Bloom) is jealous of her! Poor Bloom! Diaspro is even worse than Daphne in the scale 2000.

If your ex, were to date a red head who is, oh, magically a princess!, do you actually think you WOULDN'T hate her? - ilar9118

6 Aisha
7 Chimera
8 Icy
9 Cassandra
10 Selina
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