My Top 5 Worst Creations On This Site

Hello everybody, and today, I want to do something different. To give more credence to the TheDoubleAgent ripoff theory (ProPanda actually thought I was him for a while), I want to look at the absolute worst of what I've done. Lists, remixes, posts, anything I may have done that I look back at and cringe at.

5. TIE: Make Up (post), Hello (post), It's On Like Donkey Kong (post)
Funny: the three posts tied for this spots are there for directly opposite reasons. My Make Up post was just tiring. It wasn't even bad, in fact I said some pretty undeniable stuff there, it was just lackluster. I had little interesting to say about it, and combined with the fact that literally no one saw it, it was kind of a wasted idea. As for Hello, it's here because I put some good stuff there, but it didn't at all convey how I felt of the song, and the score (which in hindsight was way too low) completely contradicted the review, which was just spewng hatred at the admittedly sloppy fine writing. The It's On Like Donkey Kong post actually decided the fate of literally every one of my posts to come. And no, I'm not talking about the one that's out now, that's actually a great post. No, I actually made one before where I went line-by-line in that absolute cancer of a song, and I ended up burning myself out on every line, everything I wrote was rawer than a freshly killed cow. AND IT GETS TAKEN DOWN FOR PROFANITY (what is wrong with this world). Keep in mind I actually went out of my way to edit out any profanity from the lines in the song which was utter cancer because Dahvie Vanity is the mariotehplumber of music. All three posts: great potential, wasted greatly.

4. Ex's and Oh's (post)
Gotta thank theOpinionatedOne for proving the fallacies of this. I completely misunderstood the song, and I took it to be something much more meaningful than it actually was. And I have nothing else to say about this forgettable dreck of a post. It was basically a much less raw version of my The Hills debut rant, which was a misinformed rant to begin with, and at least that one was my first one so it had an excuse to be sloppy, and at least it had some non-forced emotion in it. Easily my worst post to date, and the sad thing is that I still stand by my opinion of the song.

3. Best Songs of 2012 (remix)
If there's one example of how much I've improved as a remixer, this would be it. In general, the remix was littered with songs that, while I do enjoy, don't even like that much. I put a Maroon 5 song which is nothing more than a guilty pleasure when I look back, a Pitbull and Chris Brown song in the top 2 despite me not even liking it that much, should have been an honorable mention at best, put a KESHA song in the HMs alongside LITTLE TALKS AND DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD, and put two fun. songs on the list despite We Are Young being objectively horrid when I look back. All the while completely forgetting Good Time, Lost in the Echo, Wide Awake, Hall of Fame (which I ended up putting on the best of 2013 list), Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and kriffing Powerless. While I did have Don't You Worry Child and Little Talks in the honorable mentions, and Bully, Rumor Has It, Lights, It's Time, and Take Care on the list, it's not enough to overpower just how awful my descriptions were, and how tasteless the picks were.

2. Biggest Coincidences Between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (list)
My most panned project to date. And you can tell I was just fishing for attention. The general list was sloppy, some stuff was factually wrong, and some were just far off. I made it in 5 minutes at a vision clinic. Some comparisons just didn't work. I got it all off of one source, which explains the general sloppiness of the list. I mean, the consonant/vowel linking was so off that it's honestly humiliating how I let that pass. Only two people (ArchAces and a visitor) even acknowledged the list, and it was only to point out just how rushed the list was. It's not my least popular list, but it's definitely my worst. Add all the hate it was getting the other circumstances at the time, it just makes it worse.

And now, some honorable mentions:
-Charlie Puth Rant: Actually this was a really good post and my 50th HQ, it's just that this was the field that my Puga flame war was on.
-Top Ten Songs That Deserve To Be Hated The Most: Phenomenal list that got great exposure, but since admin knew that -1 lists don't work and I didn't know the visitors on this site had the brain capacity of household ferns, it completely butchered the list.
-Things To Hate About Lil Wayne (Remix): This had 1 item on there, and was deleted little after.

1. Best Songs of All Time (remix)
I think we can all agree, this was an atrocious remix. Bad taste, absymal comments, and clear inexperience with the world of music. I mean some choices like the top 5 I still stand by, but I put a Taio Cruz song on there which in hindsight is, at best, a guilty pleaure, I put TuPac and Biggie below the top 20, I put a Pitbull song there which I didn't even like that much in retrospect, F**k You by CeeLo Green missed the top 20, and I PUT A DAVID GUETTA SONG ON THERE. It goes to show how I WAY underbalanced objective quality and enjoyment for that remix. I HAD IMAGINE AS A DHM. All the while, I forgot What I've Done, Hey Jude, One, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. In fact, that remix was so bad, that I have officially ceased to care about it. Normally with my remixes I go back and tweak them to improve them, but this one was so awful that I deem it a lost cause. And no one liked it really, almost every item had a majority downvote, and when I had Imagine on there I got a -9 ratio (my worst one to date). So there it is, my worst creation on this site.

Did you like any of these I listed? No problem. Did you think I missed any? If so, detail in the comments. For now, this is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


Yeah sorry about thinking you're the double agent
also you're songs that are hated wasn't bad, it's just that baby happened to be at #1 or a while - ProPanda

It's fine, I actually think of myself as a ripoff of him except maybe just completely inferior. Also, that list was only an HM because of that. - WonkeyDude98

Nuh-uh. You're kriffing awesome, Andrew. - RiverClanRocks

But Ethan's better. - WonkeyDude98

Not a chance! - RiverClanRocks

There is too! - WonkeyDude98

Mmhmm. - RiverClanRocks

Even if these are done of your worst contributions to this site, I think your work is mostly great, everyone has some bad lists, remixes and posts (i have some pretty dissapointing stuff) - Martinglez

Thanks! - WonkeyDude98

How could I have forgotten my "To the creator of this list:" post?! That would have definitely been #1 if I had remembered it. - WonkeyDude98

Meh, your worst contribution to this site I still see as better than lots of users' best. - visitor

Haha thanks. - WonkeyDude98

All of them from this point earlier. - WonkeyDude98