Top 10 Worst Words of the English Language

The Top Ten
1 C**t

What a bad list. - PeeledBanana

Uhh what does 8t keen lol?

Yay someone agrees that this word is rude

2 Cancer

Somebody thinks they were born in the wrong generation. - Skullkid755

3 School
4 Swag

No one says this anymore.

5 Selfie
6 Cringe

It's just overused. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Overrated

It's not a bad word, it's just overrated. - Skullkid755

Ok this one is actually true - LarrytheFairy

8 N***er

How is this not number one

9 Bruh

Anyone who says "Bruh" unironically in 2017 should be dealt with accordingly. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Twerk
The Contenders
11 Dab

Ok I know what to submit

12 Emojis

Had enough

13 B**ch
14 Ain't

It's too slang

15 Queue
16 God
17 Moist

Apparently everyone hates it - FuN506

18 Dupe
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