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1 N*****

All black people and most white people will get offended by this word

Its cruel and racist. It needs to stop

Racist and offensive towards black people, If you say the n word to a black guy You are racist. - CommunismNow

Why does this list exist?

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2 C***

Why do you have to censor the whole word? You can only guess it now. One letter's enough - Organ

Is this referring to "crap" or is there another c-word I don't need to know about? - keycha1n

Sooo rude! - B0S5J4M3S

No, the other C word. Not c*ck

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3 F***

Why do people say it so much?! I'm tired of people saying oh f- or f- yeah. Just no more!

This is the most overrated word ever. - GoldenRocket

This should be number 1! - imacg4

It's just how we were programmed. When we say "oh f***" or "f*** you! " we're just being humans, besides, God made nobody perfect (i betcha I'm gonna get more flack for saying that than I will for defending saying the n-word) - spiritofhiphop

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4 Swag

Secretly we are gay

A stupid word that should not exist.

This word is so dumb! - B0S5J4M3S

Used by attention seeking "MLG teens" to sound annoying - MChkflaguard_Yt

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5 Selfie

But, first let me take a selfie! I hate that song! - funnyuser

All my friends are doing it

But first... lemme take a selfie

If I hear this word one more time...

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6 McDonald's

10 minutes of good food, 10 hours of sitting on the toilet

Not the best word, but it is damn good though.

McDonalds = pedophiles. 40 year old meat in 10 year old buns (it's from someone's youtube comment) - PeeledBanana

I eat McDonalds today and I had a seriously painful tummyache. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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7 Diet

Especially when it comes to so-called "soft drinks". That stuff will eat the enamel off your teeth. If you're going to drink sodas, keep it moderate to sparse, and only with real sugar. - mgenet

Gives people visible rib cages (They Look so weird)


UGH! I hate it when my mom brings up the subject of this...

Mom: Mija, you really need to go on a DIET.
Me: *stops stuffing my face with candy and junk food* DID YOU JUST SAY THE "D" WORD!?
Mom: Yes, I did. Now stop eating all that junk and do some exercise!
Me: *stares at mother with an unnerving look* You don't love me do you? If you loved me, you wouldn't be doing this to me!
Mom:... *leaves room*
Me: That's what I thought. *continues stuffing my face with junk food* - Eternal_Laughter

8 Retard

This needs to be higher! It is horrible and offensive to people with lower IQ

Awful word - 445956

9 Rude
10 Bae

From what I heard, it means poop in danish. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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? Dank

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11 Dora

Don't see it or the rest of your lives cause Dora is catchy

Dora is worse! This should be at least number 2!

12 Meanie

Cringe! - Organ

13 Yolo

Yoda Only Likes Ogres right. - RalphBob

YOLO is just an excuse to do stupid stuff

You only like onions! - Animefan12

Its an acronym, but oh well. Fair enough - keycha1n

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14 Bruh

So annoying! It literally sounds like people are calling each other a bra

It's not a bad word, but for sakes stop using it so much.

15 S***

Should Be Higher. That Word is Too Overused and I Hate That Word!

My favorite word

16 Dying

Dying is not a bad word...Cancer is. Tumour is. Although they imply dying it holds more stories, more meaning, more effect, pain, mystery.

17 Laces

I don't know how to tie them and I'm 9 years old. - Jake09

Same I'm 11 and don't know hot tied my shoes

It took me a lllooonnnggg time for me to learn how to do my laces but I can do them now

18 School

I cannot abide this word above any word in the dictionary. It's irrational I know, but, ugh, it makes me want to die whenever I hear someone say it. Awful word. - Britgirl

It should be called, "Schlame"

19 Twerk

It's so laugh out loud

I'm looking at you Miley Cyrus -_- - RockStarr

20 Moist

I hate words with the oi sound. - NicholasYellow

21 Eh

I Know who put this in - B0S5J4M3S

22 Gay

An overrated, harmless word that is used way too often because people think it sounds "cool" or something.

LoL yOu aRe sO gAy mAn! hA gOtEeM - spiritofhiphop

23 Words

What the?!

How is "Words" was worst? O_O - LapisBob

24 Princess

Everybody deserves to (be forced to) like little girls' stuff -10% at most.

The most annoying word.

25 Cancer

Absolutely Disgusting Word Because It Kills Innocent People, And Is Used By Haters To Bash Things - JPK

Why Do Haters use This word?

26 Mewberty

This was on star vs the forces of evil

27 Barney
28 Waifu
29 Maggot
30 Nazi
31 Hashtag

#everybody #has #to #use #this #for #every #word #on #the #internet #and #its #so #annoying #it #would #be #great #if #i #could #time #travel #so #i #could #stop #people #from #inventing #this #symbol

It's really called an octothorpe.

It never used to bother me. But I hear it everywhere I go. People use it (especially teenage girls) after every sentence!
#enough. - Britgirl

32 Boggers
33 Like
34 Bling
35 Jealous

This word really grinds my gears as it's a horrible way to defend something - djpenquin999

36 Whatever

To me, it's the sound of a young teenage woman that goes to her phone every minute.

37 Overrated

Not only does the word suck, but nobody uses it properly. They also use it as a reason to blindly hate something for no reason. OVERRATED =/= BAD - DCfnaf

I loathe this word with a burning passion in every possible way

This Word is so overused and people use it as a negative term
Overrated does not mean bad Get your facts straight

The word overrated is overrated.

Deal with it - GeorgeTheNin10doGamer

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38 Literally

I'm LITERALLY trying to have a conversation with Bobby! LITERALLY! - mayamanga

39 Screamo

It's never about screamo. People misuse the word to mean, harsh vocals such as growls...

Screamo is a type of punk, not metal.

40 Hate
41 Unfortunately
42 Bach
43 Hoe
44 Rants

I Know who put this in - B0S5J4M3S

45 Jail
46 Hater

It's getting annoying now, especially when TTGMinecraftboy37 says it. - mayamanga

47 Dick
48 Poo
49 Teacher
50 Booze

Irrationally irritating. I think I might possibly - actually, almost certainly - be the only person in the whole world who really dislikes the word "Booze" or the expression: "Boozed-up". I can't explain my reasoning for this, it's just one of those weird and inexplicable things - just like my dislike of The Carpenters. Just very very strange. - Britgirl

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