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21 Mewberty

This was on star vs the forces of evil

22 Barney
23 Maggot
24 Hashtag

#everybody #has #to #use #this #for #every #word #on #the #internet #and #its #so #annoying #it #would #be #great #if #i #could #time #travel #so #i #could #stop #people #from #inventing #this #symbol

It's really called an octothorpe.

It never used to bother me. But I hear it everywhere I go. People use it (especially teenage girls) after every sentence!
#enough. - Britgirl

25 Gay

An overrated, harmless word that is used way too often because people think it sounds "cool" or something.

26 Boggers
27 Like
28 Bling
29 Retard

This needs to be higher! It is horrible and offensive to people with lower IQ

30 Jealous

This word really grinds my gears as it's a horrible way to defend something - djpenquin999

31 Literally

I'm LITERALLY trying to have a conversation with Bobby! LITERALLY! - mayamanga

32 Whatever
33 Screamo
34 Unfortunately
35 Jail
36 Cancer

Absolutely Disgusting Word Because It Kills Innocent People, And Is Used By Haters To Bash Things - JPK

Why Do Haters use This word?

37 Princess

Everybody deserves to (be forced to) like little girls' stuff -10% at most.

The most annoying word.

38 Hater

It's getting annoying now, especially when TTGMinecraftboy37 says it. - mayamanga

39 Poo
40 Overrated

Not only does the word suck, up nobody uses it properly. They also use it as a reason to blindly hate something for no reason. OVERRATED =/= BAD - DCfnaf

I loathe this word with a burning passion in every possible way

This Word is so overused and people use it as a negative term
Overrated does not mean bad Get your facts straight

SO sick of hearing this word

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