George W. Bush

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George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.


Why is he ABOVE Stalin? You Americans hate your politicians so much that you believe he is even worse than the Communist regime which America is so against? People like Stalin and Mussolini left black marks on society, Bush didn't do something even close to that magnitude! People should be ashamed of themselves! So full of hate that you are willing to say anything against the leaders of your lifetime, because you are so narrow-minded and completely uneducated. Not that Bush was a good president - he wasn't. But you seriously think he is worse than tyrannical dictators and fascists and everyone of the like? Proof that the average person doesn't know about or care about human history, and is only brainwashed by other idiots. - JustAnAccount

As far as the top comment goes, it was never proven that he lied to America in order to go to war. As far as the weapons of Mass Destruction goes, if you were to do some research and not be an ignorant tool, you would find out that all the parts and tools to construct these weapons were found buried and that there was evidence they were buried in a hurry.

While Bush was a mediocre President, he CLEARLY does not belong on this list. How about Pol Pot? Mao? Those guys each killed tens of MILLIONS of their own people... Isn't THAT the definition of terrible leadership? Or is someone just pushing their own political agenda?

What I hate the most about him is that to this day there are still idiots who think he was such a great president. Everything bad that was done and was proven to be directly linked to him the American people pretty much just ignored yet everybody was always so eager to blame Obama for all the problems in the world whenever he screwed up.

Bush might be an idiot and and a goof but he was not a bad president and nowhere near ranking one of the worst leaders. Have you ever heard of Vlad Tepes? Read the history of Vlad Dracula.

You guys must really think the American people are stupid. After all, we re-elected the 9th and 12th worst leaders of all time. In fact, the 12th worst was elected twice by landslides! Either the American people are really stupid or the people making this list are.

This idiot destroyed Afghanistan, my home country, with his bombs. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP, STOP BOMBING THE COUNTRY. And he left America with a debt of MORE THAN THEY HAVE.

Everyone thought his father was an absolute imbecile and could hardly conduct the country. So what was everyone thinking when they elected his even worse son?! America probably awoke every day and thought, "Oh God, I just remembered who the President is! "

Honestly he plummeted America into a flailing war and did not quite know what he was dong but why re some people saying he is worse than Hitler do they even know what they are saying

His ruling lead to so much destruction and corruption in so many countries, all of them still trying to recover from corruption. it also lead to division between so many ethnicities and obviously a lot of deaths.

Can we please stop hating on Bush and Obama? Both are not even close to most of these horrible leaders on the list. - Hajj

Responsible for 9/11 and dividing Americans. Destroyed communities and created plenty of racism in the world. Hate this guy, hope he burns in the deepest pits of hell with his stupid communist jerk face party.

Hitler, Bush and Stalin are all mass murderers. Sure, Bush isn't on the level of the other two, but he is part of what is wrong with The United States of America today. Lying, inside jobs..

He not only led us into a war, but changed the balance of power in the Middle East. Iran, and Iraq were at war. He took that equation away giving way to Iran exporting terrorism. There would be no Isis if he was in power. Bush, and his cronies made billions.

He entered America into a war that costed America trillions of dollars and killed many people so that he and his friends would benefit because they had businesses that made weapons and technology for war.

He should have done more for his people instead of send lots of young men overseas to such a ridiculous war.

I hate him and everyone above him though sadly I don't know about Pol Pot and Mao ZeDong. By that I mean that I really truly don't know about the world's terrible world leaders and would like to learn more. - Anonymousxcxc

The real reasons for war are oil reserves or political. Media is controlled. Unjust leaders should face large jail sentences or capital punishment.

George Bush didn't do anything wrong. He also didn't kill millions of people like Hitler and Stalin both did. And if it wasn't for him starting a war, we would of never found Saddam Hussein, and hundreds of thousands of others would have died.

In present world he make this very dangerous to all people. No matter it is children or women. He hunted the country who are not loyal to him. He destroy them.

No! I mean sure he brought USA into war but sometimes war is necessary I mean what else could he do? Just let him them get away with it?

Just an appalling human being. Allowing Guantanamo bay to be set up is one of the worst humans rights violations in the world. Campaign for it to end.

While he and Obama aren't good presidents, they have never done anything truly evil, like genocide.

Blair with him, he dragged your soldiers to a war that he orchestrated he needed to get 're elected, and he played with peoples lives for his gain and blair followed him,

This man made the us economy tremble. He also built the fence (wall) between Mexico and USA. He lied to the US saying that the wars were for the good of the nation but actually they were just to make other nations be scared of the USA.although he failed to do that as well. He made encouraging speeches to the US citizens, and promised twice as much to them but he hardly managed to make any of his promises come to life