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21 Hugo Chavez

He somehow managed to ruin the country with the biggest oil reserves on the planet during the pinnacle of oil bonanza. Also he immersed Venezuela into a criminal rampage, only in the capital, more than 100 people are murdered on the streets per week.

He turned a paradise into a hell.

You don't know how bad this man was. Corruption is EVERYWHERE. They took our oil export money, and the one they stole from us, and then split it between them AND his puppet master Fidel Castro. There is not a single aspect he improved in 14 years. He made two coups before people somehow elected him president.
His goon and successor, Nicolás Maduro is as bad as him except he's stupider. He was a bus driver!

I live in Venezuela and my honest opinion is that this place would be the most aproximate to heaven if it weren't because of this guy

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22 Erap Estrada

Now a mayor that bans busses, trucks and tricycles in city of manila. the result, it's very hard to commute and ride public transport in city of manila and traffic jams in the city is STILL heavy

Not all actors can be a great president - ronluna

He's the most perfect puppet the Philippines ever got.

But I loved him on CHIPS!

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23 Chalerm Yubamrung

Corruption. Dominate his son to police without qualities.

Stupid, no brain, knows only corruption. Only knows how to luck Thaksin feet. Another very vulgar and uneducated man in the government of Yingluck

Cheat and lair, declare himself as the criminal fugitive Thaksin Shinnawat's slave. Make himself rich by corruption and support his sons do wrong.

Thai people love this kind of loud mouth police officer making threats against people all the time. That's why he always wins elections in Thonburi. They call him Mr. Big.

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24 Vlad Tepes Vlad Tepes Vlad III (Known as "Vlad the Impaler" or "Vlad Dracula", born 1431) was the ruler of Wallachia a total of three times before his death in 1476/7. He is most famous for his reputation as a dictator and his gruesome torture methods and executions, in which he has served as an inspiration for Count Dracula more.

What? Do you think he was bad, don't you know of Ceausescu, At least Tepes did all of this you consider bad for Romania, why do you think Stefan the Great, Moldova's best leader ever, helped him and even rescued Vlad from death, because together they could defeat every country of that time, but they never did that because they wanted to help Romania, Moldova and the Christian world unlike others (Bush, Obama, Kim Jong Un, Hitler, Stalin etc)
And no matter what you think about him Romania will always think he was one of the best leaders of his time. And he is. He may have killed humans and look frightening, but he only killed people who were a threat to his country and the Christian world.

I guess this guy drinks (sucks) blood from people is the reason why we have this fictional character (Dracula) that we recognized today.

This should be 1# do to the fact that vlad actually drank peoples blood after killing them tortured random people from his own kingdom. it was even said that he once had a wooden stake's pushed through the ass and out the mouth. and many other ways of impaling people.

You can't deny least Vlad would do great in gore porn

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25 Kim Il-Sung Kim Il-Sung Kim Il-sung was the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea, for 46 years, from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994. He held the posts of Prime Minister from 1948 to 1972 and President from 1972 to 1994. He was also the leader of more.

He is should be number 2 along with his son and grandson North Korea is one of the worst and dangerous countries to live in.. The Kim family make North Korea a living HELL!

Founded the living hell known as North Korea with brainwashing, concentration camps, guilt by association, and Worst of all, Juche which doesn't Work. HE IS A MONSTER! - Yitsul

LOL I said I would rather live in HELL rather than north karea

26 Panthongtae Shinawatra

He is addict. And support red shirt to terrorist in Thailand, He cheated on exams. - Onimaru

He is worst like his father, Thaksin Chin

He should not be on this list because he is not the leader of anything

He's cheating in university exam

27 Suthep Thaugsuban

A brave heart man who inspired and lead to political change for Thai people.

He is agood man. Thai people love him so much.

Most information here is inaccurate. He has just been voted
Asia Man of the Year by Asia Society.

He is the great man who devote and risk his life by leading Thai people to protest Yingluck 's government unlawful issuing law that 'd be so bad for Thailand.

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28 Abhisit Vejjajiva

Inaccurate. He was a good Prime Minister and wish him to be Prime Minister again

In Thailand there are rare good leader, but he is the best leader among this group.

He's very kind not a bad person

He is good prime minister of Thailand
I don't think so this vote

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29 Muammar al-Gaddafi Muammar al-Gaddafi

Just because he did not dance to the tune of the West, he is on this list. He did a lot of things for his countrymen, which other states can't imagine. He made mistakes too. But as a human being, everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Honestly, after removing him, ask yourself this, "
Is Libya in a better situation now? "

Is Libya in a better situation now? This describes all.

Just like Saddam Hussein, he was killed by the Americans and turned the countries into failed states.

He was a man of the people

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30 Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe

Getting away with murder...

Robert Mugabe is a violent dictator who justifies his actions by blaming events that happened hundreds of years ago as an excuse for hyperinflation, poor economic growth, use of government funds for lavish purposes, and violent military action against civilians

Death squads, hyperinflation, racial discrimination, huge corruption, this guy ticks all the boxes for a terrible leader. - Mrveteran

Thank god he resigned

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31 Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini more.

Dear Alessandro,

We really would like to meet you, you look so clever... Or Italian redneck?

Anyway give us, if you are so courageous, your email address.

My great-grandfather, coming from America, fought with fascism during the 2nd WW,

He was a great guy him.

Not mussolini and certainly not mindless nasty guy like you YOU ARE.

See YOU.

He is sick and did not deserve anything.

Mussolini was just weak. He wanted a lot of stuff that he PROMISED TO THE PEOPLE so he did that stuff.

90% of the people in the top 20 are just irrelevant Thai politicians...

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32 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012, succeeding Dmitry Medvedev.

He is a good leader. Helped the Russian economy recover and made Russia a powerful nation again.

Are you kidding me? He is the one of the brilliant rulers in modern times, and most important, he is a good leader for its own country. He changed the post-Yeltsin brothel to still rising global superpower. Who else has such achievements in the economy? Even read the wikipedia, rather than swallow nonsense from T.V.. Just remember - world is not black and white.

He forces everyone in the country to follow his totalitarian laws and will around on wild animals to look strong.

Getting away with authoritarianism, murder, corruption, and more.

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33 Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible

He also killed his son (and heir) during a tantrum.

Hmmm. Feeding the head of his political opponent to a dog. I don't see anything wrong with that.


Least he died repentant. - AlexTopTens


34 Benigno Aquino III Benigno Aquino III

He is dumb for a president. Lacking in leadership, vision and he is reactive response to calamities. He also lie just about everything just to boost his ego. Clearly the worst president Philippines has ever had.

Aquino is the worst ever president of the Philippines... He's doing nothing to uplift the lives of filipino people. Thus, he's good protecting the interest of his family corporation, political buddies, friends loyal to him. He cannot control his corrupt government...

The dumbest president of the Philippines ever had.

The retarded president in the Philippines!

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35 Plodprasop Suraswadi

He's sick, no brain and dressd to be angel to show old nipples out to people.. this makes me throw out

Stupid, animal, cold blood, you must get out from Thailand goto hell.

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36 Than Shwe

He put Myanmar to the rank of poorest country from the top in southeast Asia in his ages.

Rapist leader & Genocide leader

He put Burma into 0% and make it wurst

He looks out for one person only and that's himself.

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37 Prayut Chan-o-cha

Pretend to be good guy, bad vision, no one can complain him, have corruption in his government but no one say anything?

Great man whose story of a poor boy who was very smart and dreamed to be a soldier, people like him.

Thailand comeback to the land of smile again by him.

Cannot comment...

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38 Mahmood Ahmadinejad

Laugh out loud, I begin to laugh every time I think about his silly monkey face! :'D - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

Iran was one of the beat countries of world... But things changed since the revolution.. And the destruction reached its peak during this ape

Ahmadinejad sucks as a president but I think he could make it as a comedian

Monkey :D

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39 Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a politician who served as the 14th President of the Philippines from 2001 until 2010, as the 10th Vice President of the Philippines from 1998 to 2001, and as member of the House of Representatives representing the 2nd District of Pampanga since 2010. She was the country's more.

The mother of corruption and cronyism.

God save our country

Another arrogant Filipino overlord, "she's may be a dictator but she's OUR dictator"

She is a Stupid President ever in filipinoo!

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40 Leopold II Leopold II

The embodiment of greed!

Used Congo as his personal playground, had the hobby of cutting the Congoleze's hands of if he did not like them,...

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