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121 Omar al-Bashir Omar al-Bashir

He is a stupid person who is playing with sudan and with its money I hope he burns down such a stupid person

Big racist and coward thief

122 Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

This man slaughters his opponents and eats them. Vote him up! He is awful.

123 Gordon Brown Gordon Brown James Gordon Brown is a British Labour Party politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party from 2007 until 2010. He previously served as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Labour Government from 1997 to 2007. Brown was a Member of Parliament from 1983 to more.

Absolutely ruined our economy and dampened our spirits. 7 years after he is gone and I still despise him - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Terrible, no econmy because of I'm

124 Enrique Peña Nieto

During an already historical low point in his approval rating, he invited Trump to visit Mexico, which is bad enough, and made a total fool of himself while making our country an international laughing stock.

LIAR, STUPID, killer, thief, his campaign was manage with drug money, he is boss of the Gulf Cartel, in addition to the leader of the Zetas, about 1,000 people have died each month in drug violence since Pena Nieto took office.

The civil unrest in San Salvador Atenco of 2006 began on Wednesday, May 3, when police prevented a group of 60 flower vendors from selling at the Texcoco local market in the State of México, about 30 km (19 mi) from Mexico City. Police used violence and arrest against resisters. The flower vendors appealed to the residents of San Salvador Atenco, a small neighboring community about 25 km (16 mi) northeast of Mexico City, famous for their resistance to the development of an airport on their land in 2002. The Atenco residents blocked the highway to Texcoco near their town. In response, hundreds of state police were summoned to remove the blockade, but were unsuccessful after five attempts.

The confrontations were very violent, causing the deaths of two protesters and dozens of people (mostly women) were sexually assaulted by the police forces.

125 Arvind Kejriwal

He speaks and
speaks. He does nothing than speaking lies. He promised the people everything he could to grasp power. But alas! Did he do anything? Yes.. Cough! He use to fool peole by drawing their attention towards another useless issues so as their attention is not concentrated on real and serious issues regarding the poor working of his government. He is even dividing the people of Punjab in order to grab the power there. But he would not be successful there. His separatist tendencies are really dangerous a d would struck India into dire straits if not stopped by common masses!

Lier lier lier..he lies all the time

He is a parasite and needs to be removed. He is not capable of doing anything he just blames mr modi who has been working very hard (mr modi works for 18 hours a day )

Worst and self-centered person.

Don’t have any quality to be a leader, always hide when it comes to perform or give answers to public.

DHARNA KING, Black Spot on India’s Name!

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126 Alexis Tsipras V 1 Comment
127 Mahathir bin Mohamad

This man kicked out his deputy prime minister for so-called sodomy but he failed to remove the other male/female ministers who have engaged in "unnatural acts" - double faced old ex prime minister.

He is the best prime minister in southeast Asia.

Ruined Malaysia through his race politics, control of judges and police, and madee 50 Billion US$ from UMNO and Petronas. a crook.

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128 George Washington George Washington George Washington was the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

What the heck! He made America I sin the idiot that made this

What he is a creator of america and a true leader who ever put him on this list is an idiot

Really he made America

Don't worry guys, Kim Jong Un put him on the list - og214

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129 Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, known as Fidel Castro, was a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Politically a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist, he also served as the First Secretary of more.

He has ruined Cuba by Copying the other Horrible dictator Hitler this man should be in second right next To Adolf

And now his little brother is ruling this country. Free Cuba, North Korea, or any other countries that are still in these types of governments. - Anonymousxcxc

He purposely makes it look like he is going to attack the U.s, then when the us tries to stop them they accuse them of invasion (which they did to protect their country) and theft. Cuba was an OK country before him, now its an obsolete garbage country, the best to date cars are cars that were made in the 50's in the us, theirs no computers or laptops, people still drive carriages and wagons, and the whole country is nothing but a slum thanks to him.

Good thing he's dead now. - olliv

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130 Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an American politician and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Why the hell is he on here. He would be one of the best leaders in American history and he is not even president yet. If you are going to put bernie on here than at least put all of the other candidates before him.

Yeah, legalize the drug that makes people so stupid and lazy they become unemployed and give them the money that is taken from those who actually work for a living and CONTRIBUTE to society. Idiot. - og214

He's not even president yet and he is probably the most sane out of all of the other candidates.

He is the only candidate who knows what he doing

He is a socialist. And Socialism turns into communism.

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131 Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos is currently the most stupid president of the world since after having the Farc guerrilla almost defeated or running away from the country, decided to give them full forgiveness plus the right to be part of the congress without a voting election and an incredible list of prerogatives. That is the worst performance of any negotiator to concede such a terrorist group, that had committed such violent and gruesome crimes against defenseless Colombian people, despite that such group only represents 0.2% of the population.

132 Nitish Kumar V 1 Comment
133 Francisco Franco V 1 Comment
134 Harold Wilson
135 Mariano Rajoy Brey

Lazy idiot, just doesn't have any creativity, no ideas, simply does nothing to try to improve the country he leads. Pretty good at lying though, and convincing people that he's improving the country, and of course cutting on education & healthcare, and claiming he didn't know anything about the enormous amount of corruption going on in his party. A useless man who is out of his element, doesn't care about his people, only about his party's image.

President of Spain just nothing good to say

The dumbest person to ever be in a leading position since the stone age

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136 Suharto

Biggest plunderer in history and one of the biggest killers in history (aftermath of September 30 1965, East Timor, Operation "Petrus" in the 1980s)

Corrupt and a lot of human right issues. A money-eyed ditactor maybe.

137 Viktor Orban
138 Joko Widodo

Bruh. He's just been elected, like a few months ago. He's helped a LOT of people, he doesn't deserve to be with psychopaths like Mao Zedong or screw ups like George W. Bush

139 Duda Andrzej V 2 Comments
140 Saparmurat Niyazov
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