Top Ten Worst Worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. Series

New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe is on January 11th 2019 released on the Nintendo Switch and it's one of the games people are looking least forwad to on the console. Mostly because of unoriginality, like some of the levels and worlds. Here's the worst worlds in this game series. Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 World Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

Oh man, this world is so forgettable and unoriginal, it shouldn't even be considered a bonus world for the sake of the gods honestly. It's just a bunch of random levels thrown in that are way too similar to the levels in the main worlds, there's nothing remotely interesting about them, it's the worst world in both the game and the series overall. Unlike the other bonus worlds (Flower and Star) in the game, that at least either had a few interesting levels, or a lot of interesting levels. However unlike World 1 from the same game, at least it doesn't feel like a rip-off on an existing world in the same way luckily - darthvadern

2 World 7 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

This world was the worst world in the entire game

The cloud worlds are among my least favourites in the New Super Mario Bros. series, and that they are the second-to-last main worlds in the games disappoint me in some ways. Why do I dislike them? Well they feel like ordinary World 1 athletic levels, except way harder, and the music isn't any interesting either, and I think World 7 from the Wii game was easly the worst. There was just nothing, and I mean nothing remotely interesting about this world! At least Meringue Clouds has some visually stunning levels, at least World 5 in the 3DS version has that cliff level, and even the DS cloud world has some cool levels here and there, this one has nothing interesting about it, now I admit that the music on the map is pretty great, but that's all this world has going for it - darthvadern

3 World 1 (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

Ugh, I just yawn every time I think of this excuse of a world, it's easly the worst world out of any New Super Mario Bros. game! It's just so basic and unoriginal to the point I don't consider it to be a "new" world. It's just a rehash on World 1 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii with a few tweeks but overall all the levels feel very similar to its Wii counterparts. This will make you believe this game is more unoriginal than you thought it was. Luckily the worlds after got a bit better sometimes as the game went on but overall this world is just rehash throw-away - darthvadern

4 World 5 ( New Super Mario Bros. 2)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 may have had some pretty cool and enjoyable levels, but really, that's mostly just a few. As I said above, I do not like cloud worlds at all so seeing another cloud world shouldn't be suprising. This one in particular is just downright boring and has barely any interesting levels, well except maybe 5-6, as it's the only one of the only cliff-based levels in a game with now mountain world at all, and that tells why I do not like this game too much - darthvadern

5 Meringue Clouds ( New Super Mario Bros. U)

Meringue Clouds was so boring. There was just barely anything remotely interesting about this world as all the levels are boring, I mean sure at the sunset levels offer some nice visuals, and the castle level especially, so that's why it wasn't as high up and some of the other cloud worlds in the game - darthvadern

6 World 1 (New Super Mario Bros.)

This world isn't necessarily really bad, but it's certainly a quite boring one if I do say so myself. Compared to a lot of other worlds later on in the game, this one's just boring and not that memorable compared to a lot of the rest. This world sure was the first one in the series ever, but trying to be objective it isn't really as iconic as the Wii counterpart, or as creative as its Wii U counterpart, but it's surely original compared to the 3DS counterpart - darthvadern

7 World 3 (New Super Mario Bros.)

Overall this world was just kinda boring in my opinion. It is certainly a classic, but this world doesn't stand up that well compared to many of the other worlds in the game. Seeing as it is a water world, it shouldn't be suprising that I have it on the list. However compared to most other water worlds in the series, I thought this was the worst one, and the only one worthy of being in the list. How would you describe it? Well I'd say it certianly has a few frustrating underwater stages, and the underwater music in this game in particular is just annoying to listen to and it makes the experience muh worse to play through. I mean there's a few decent levels here and there but at the same time there's the opposite as well - darthvadern

8 World 5 (New Super Mario Bros.)

Overall I am not quite fond of this world at all. Normally I think snow worlds are alright, but the original game on the DS had just overall a very underwhelming snow world in my opinion. A lot of the levels are just boring and lack interesting athmosphere, sure there's some snow, but the music in these levels are just the standard overworld music, which in itself is already a quite underwhelming and weird-sounding music, so having that in a snow world just doesn't fit at all. So yeah - darthvadern

9 World 7 (New Super Mario Bros.)

Overall a memorable, but an annoying world. I hated the boss level most of all, but the pipe stage was good. My favorite world in this game was world six. - DabbingRobloxer

I think the cloud world in the first New Super Mario Bros. was the best one, and probably the only one I thought was quite fun sometimes. I mean the first New Super Mario Bros. was easly the most original one and it shows in this world as I do have some fun at times with it. Still, quite unmemorable - darthvadern

10 World Flower (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

While this bonus world was way better than World Mushroom, it still lacks a lot of creativity. I wil say that it did at least have a few interesting levels here and there. Flower-1 and Flower-2 for example are some pretty cool levels that I find unique. However compared to the third bonus world, World Star, it just doesn't land on the same level, because a few levels are uninteresting in this world as well - darthvadern

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