Worst Wow Wow Wubbzy Characters

I hate Wow Wow Wubbzy! This shows stinks. Here are the worst characters.

The Top Ten

1 Wubbzy V 2 Comments
2 The Kooky Kid V 1 Comment
3 Widget

Widget makes my skin crawl! How the hell are we as a society going to explain this destructive stereotype to the show's current demographic as it ages? It is obvious that the creators of this show thought nothing of their impact in presenting this type of a one dimensional "know it all" as a represent ion of how to use sciencetific methods in solving problems.
Talk about creating a rift in STEM. Where is the ability to learn from a zero starting point?

Widget is annoying to wubbzy. She should be bob the builders girlfriend because they both build dumb buildings.

4 Walden

He is stupid and all but he is kinda funny

Walden is a nerd.

5 Daisy

Daisy is creepy. When wubbzy gives her a suprise, she kisses wubbzy which is totally nasty.

6 Huggy
7 Buggy
8 Earl

Earl looks like the kooky kid but he is fatter and he wears a big shirt. kooky is naked.

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