Top 10 Worst Wrestling Finishing Moves


The Top Ten

1 5 Knuckle Shuffle

Pff, this finishing move is so lame... U can't see me? Uhm, yes I can: I see a big blockhead who is waving in my face. And if I wasn't laughing so loud, I would probably stand up and kick your ass! - redmess

Cena does this move almost every week. And a lot of people are sick of it. I can see you you fruity pebble-wearing chump. - aeromaxx777

I like John I just hate this finisher. -

Who said that is a finisher who is that sucker

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2 Heart Punch

I have punched you in the chest many times, but now, stay with me, I'm gonna punch you (still on your chest) except I'm gonna hit the left side. GASP!

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3 The Cobra

Is that all you got, Santino? Your cobra strike can't hurt my beauiful face! Otherwise, I can kick out quicker than you!

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4 Playmaker
5 Tadpole Splash
6 Right Hand

Again a punch look i can do it to my older brother -

7 Stink Face

Bad....just bad bad memorys - SmoothCriminal

8 Leg Drop
9 The Stroke

No strength and you see it coming. -

10 The Worm

The Contenders

11 3 Elbows to the Head
12 Scorpion Death Drop

A suplex is better than it

13 F-U

It's just a non pianful move. It suck's

14 Fist Drop
15 Ultimate Splash
16 Complete Shot

At least you don't see it coming but still no strength. -

17 The People's Elbow
18 WMD
19 Samoan Spike
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