Top 10 Worst Wrestling Video Games

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1 WCW Backstage Assault

How do you make a wrestling game without adding the one thing wrestling games need a ring heck even the Simpson's wrestling game had a ring ea shoved this game out as a last ditch effort to make back some of the money they lost buying wcw dying license

Honestly this game isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I enjoyed this game. - thisisspata


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2 WCW vs. NWO: Thunder

I actually enjoyed TNA Impact, Wrestlemania 21, All three of the Legends of Wrestling games, and Backstage Assault. But this game right here, is bad. I used to sit there for hours playing nothing but wrestling games for hours growing up. But not once have I ever owned this game.

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3 WCW Nitro

I think this game should be #1 it is horrible swith #7 with #1

4 TNA Impact

I waited for TNA Wrestling to make a good game and what do we have? The worst wrestling controls, limited move set, no tag team maneuvers, little to no variety of match types, weak single player mode, everything that you've seen in bad wrestling games from the past brought back to life. AJ Styles said that he hated all the WWE game, but hearing him say that ^^ assuming that he prefers this pile of junk shows how much of an idiot he really is. After playing this game, now I don't want another game from TNA because they'll get worse, just like how the the show has gotten over the years!

Are you kidding me this game is awesome I've watched impact wrestling TNA I loved this game why should this be on the top ten worst wrestling video games AND STOP SAYING ITS THE WORST GAME EVER YOU ALL DOING MY HEAD IN!

5 WrestleMania

3 moves. Cost $55 in 1987

6 WWE Crush Hour

This isn't even wrestling. It's more like racing.

7 Wrestlemania 21
8 M.U.S.C.L.E.
9 Legends of Wrestling 2
10 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

This is an amazing game for its manager mode!

Get this off the list this game was awesome.

I love this game - XtremeNerdz12

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11 Legends of Wrestling

The only really good thing about this game is the soundtrack. Which they did not make it in to a CD sadly.

I actually love this game because of how cartoony it is - MrMonkey

12 ECW: Hardcore Revolution
13 WWF Attitude

This was by far the most garbage game ever made

14 Backyard Wrestling

An extremely crappy wrestling game

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15 WWF Wrestle Mania Steel Cage Challenge
16 The Simpsons Wrestling

Wrestling and simpsons will never be good

17 WWE All Stars

All the characters look like their on steroids. - ZZDOORAL

18 Backyard Wrestling 2
19 Tag Team Wrestling (Nes)

How has no one mentioned this?!

20 WWE '12

I saw the rating on ign, must've been made before it was released!

It wasn't terrible. It was a good game, but just lacked a few things. - thisisspata

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1. WCW vs. NWO: Thunder
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2. WCW Backstage Assault
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