Top 10 Worst Wrestling Video Games

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21 WWE 2K15

This is the best wreastling game at all time why are this game is here I thinks that uploaders are mad - vedant3123

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22 WWE '13

This is by far the best wrestling game I have ever played. What is it doing on this list.

I think this is for the wii version because I have it and it is super glitchy

23 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

It's the best Wrestling game anyway!

Good choice it is worst than ever.but why 2k 15 is in this list?

24 WWE Legends of WrestleMania
25 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

This was the first wrestling game I ever got, and I loved it more than anything. I mean, 2k15 and WWE '13 are great, but can't match up to this masterpiece

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26 WWF Warzone
27 WWF In Your House
28 WWE Raw

How is this game not in the top 10 at least in the top 20!? It is awful like really awful. Simpsons wrestling and some others above this are not to be taken seriously before you even rate the game. But this is supposed to be a top game since it is WWE. It is not even half a game. It has minimal stipulation matches, no story mode, and only has 2 arenas in the whole game. Then the combat is awful.

29 WWE 2K16
30 ECW: Anarchy Rulz
31 WWE 2K17

This game sucks no wrestlers voices and no story

32 Smackdown vs Raw 2006

All the people on this game are super bad

33 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009

No legends, clunky unresponsive controls, road to wrestlemania and story mode boring as hell, inferno match glitches all the time, too restricted, well done THQ biggest piece you have pulled out of your arses!

34 WWE 2K14

Why is this on here

35 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles World Tour

YOU CAN'T BEAT THE GAME! 111! Why? Well, there's one jump that you have to make, but you can't. That's why THIS version is infamous for being impossible. - imacg4

36 WWF Wrestlefest Smartphone Edition
37 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
38 WWF King of the Ring

How Come This Isn't Mentioned it is made by LJN

39 Shaq-Fu

There's a difference between a Fighting game and a wrestling game so who in the right mind thought this was wrestling lol - htoutlaws2012

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