Top Ten Worst WWE Divas

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1 Vickie Guerrero

You do realise she isn't actually a Diva?
She is the GM in a way?

She is the worst diva in the world because she scream that horrible word "excuse me" I will say to her shut up your damn mouth vickie and your not beautiful your a monster with a damn mouth

I've attempted to watch WWE on multiple occasions, haven't really been able to since the Attitude era was ended. Every time I hear "EXCUSE ME" I immediately change the channel...

Vickie has no division her husband got on and no division my favorite diva Trish Stratus got on. She had a terrible attitude in her match against Stephanie but to be honest she always sucks out bad attitude that not big e could show her how to exist! I want to tell Vickie to words- you're fired!

2 Eva Marie Natalie Marie Coyle, known professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is an American actress, fitness model, valet, and professional wrestler she left WWE in August 2017.

Eva Marie is the worst professional wrestler since Jillian Hall. No athletic ability at all nor does she have a passionate fan base. Each and every time she gets in the ring it is Roman Reigns heat like no other she gets booed in every arena. I never seen a diva get so much backlash as Eva Marie its overwhelmingly huge. She might have gotten by with her lack of wrestling in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Agression Era but the womens division change for the best and she doesn't fit well.

She is everything that is wrong with the WWE today. She has NO wrestling talent, NO promo skills, and the ONLY reason she has a job with the WWE is because of her looks. Its really not her fault, WWE should have never given her a job in the first place.

I'll give her this, bad as she is (let's face it, she makes Aksana look like Trish Stratus) and as much as I don't agree with WWE's use of her when she's clearly got a lot of work to do, it is very refreshing to see that she is actually trying to get better. Let's face it there are some Divas that were crap and didn't even try to improve but Red here has made some visible improvements to her wrestling, and while it's not anywhere near what is considered Par, it is an improvement. I sincerely hope she improves because if she can manage to be at the very least at Blue Pants' level, she'll be the greatest heel female wrestler ever just off of the hate she'll get from fans who could only complain about her not being able to wrestle.

Worst diva of all time can't wrestle, act, and the wwe wrestlers and fans don't like her

3 AJ Lee April Jeanette "AJ" Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler.

Most overrated Diva of all time. Sure she's good but her fans act like she's on Lita and Trish's level when she's not. She's not even on Mickie James, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool, Layla or Sable's level. She was good on the mic but her promos were one-trick-pony predictable. All she ever did as a character was act like a spaz, put down girly girls and was a complete misogynist. She is NOT a good role model to young girls. Lita was a tomboy but you never saw her put down girlier Divas. Some fans act like AJ is better on the mic than Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Melina, Mickie James, Sable, Sunny etc and it's pathetic. AJ Lee is also severely overrated in the ring. People act like she's "so much better than The Bella Twins" but she really isn't. She never put on 4-5 star matches like her fans claim she put on. Her best match she has was with Natalya and Natalya carried that match. AJ's character was nothing but an unoriginal rip-off of Lita, ...more

Aj is one of the best divas of all time, how is she higher on this list than ever Marie who clearly can't even wrestle. Aj was only crazy because that was her character but her character is what made her more entertaining and made people actually want to watch the divas

She's such a phony. Did you see that 20-second match that she had with Paige? The match that SHE herself put her own title on the line? That was so funny!

Aj would destroy paige if they didn't hold the divas back as much. Aj would never lose. She has more talent, skill, and potential than any diva on the roster. WWE doesn't know how to correctly use Aj. Don't hate.

She is a crazy and talentless.

4 Rosa Mendes Milena Leticia Roucka is a Canadian model, professional wrestler and professional wrestling manager. She was known for her time in WWE under the ring name Rosa Mendes.

Why is she still employed to WWE? She needs to be released or fired, she can't even wrestle.

Yeah she was in the diva thing for 6 years and she's still horrible

I agree she has been a long period of time in wwe and hasn't been fired yet I believe is because of her the people's and fans interest of her because if a main protagonist leaves or gets sacked it wouldn't feel interesting and exciting reality show

She's been 8 years in WWE and still didn't do anything

5 Aksana

Yeah she is a not good diva the reason why she left I think is because they had to make space positions and opportunities for the new coming nxt divas and also she never has a interesting storyline not good at acting her figure is fat disgusting and horrible she has no personality talent a lack of skills and lastly and most fundamentally she cannot wrestle in the ring

She cannot wrestle or WWE is making her rubbish!

She does not win at all she stinks

She wasn't very good in the ring (she was at least better than ever marie) still, if given the chance I'd happily stick it in her Swiss butt!

6 Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American professional wrestler and actress signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown brand. more.

Its funny how in total divas nikki says I worked my butt off just to get the divas champ but she still crap, bad wrestling techniques and she's lucky for John Cena to convince their bosses that she's a decent wrestle and a good role model. All those years what a waste.

The only reason either Bella twin is in the WWE is because of the novelty of being twins. I wouldn't mind the lack of looks if she could wrestle and I wouldn't mind the crappy wrestling if she was a real looker. I wouldn't mind either if she had a personality, sadly she doesn't. Utter fail.

I hate some of these comments about Nikki Bella she should not be on this list she's pretty and talented and she is not the WORST DIVA in WWE she is the BEST DIVA in the WWE

Nikki has improved tremendously she has started to develop a more powerhouse style while not botching nearly as much as in the past... but everyone has there own opinion and I wouldn't have it any other way

7 Michelle McCool Michelle Leigh Calaway is an American retired professional wrestler who is best known for her time with WWE.

I miss you michelle please come back into the WWE

Michelle Mccool now too? I think that most of you are just hating on their characters and not in ring talent. Idiots.

Excuse me.. If you have a personal grudge against certain divas that's no reason for you to put them on a "Worst Diva's List"

This list is INCREDIBLY inaccurate

8 Eve Torres Eve Torres Gracie is an American model, actress, and former professional wrestler. She is best known for her work with WWE as Eve Torres and has served as an ambassador for the company since April 2014.

She is actually a good diva

Laugh out loud what is this she is at the first I don't agree with the list

The worst and best diva in the wwe ever - TDWA

If I'm AJ Lee right now, I would slap that scheming biatch in the face million times!

9 Maxine

So she quit WWE over not being provided a guaranteed contract? Wow, what a complete, frustrated quitter! Laugh out loud

First she debut on NXT, then she looks stunning hot in the ring and now she's gone? F_ck, I thought we supposed to have her here in the WWE. No wonder she's just a big quitter.

No WWE made that up WWE did not want to sign her so they with that THANKS WIKIPEDIA!

She's. Always. Jealous

10 Cameron

Stone Cold: What's your favourite match? Cameron: My favourite match is with Melina and Alicia Fox. Stone Cold: Who? Cameron: Melina and Alicia Fox.

I love Cameron she is the best Diva on the roster right now and she just needs to get given a chance! She is beautiful and talented! She's improved so much

Shut up idiot she is ugly, wears too much makeup, and she can't even wrestle! Some diva...

She was literally last on tough enough and somehow makes it to WWE how bizarre. - htoutlaws2012

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11 JoJo

She should be the 2nd. She can't wrestle! She should be a singer not wrestler. But she is better than Vickie..

Wait, was there an actress and singer that was named Jojo? Whoever this diva has the same name is gimmick infringing.

She can't wrestle, and she is really weak

She is cuter than vickie.

12 Jillian Hall

Can't sing or wrestle

She's not good at all

Should be #1

She's bitch and she can sing and her voice like hideous creature and she's make me puke her face

13 Alicia Fox Victoria Elizabeth Crawford is an American model, actress, and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Alicia Fox, performing on the Raw brand.

Whoever said black people get a short end of the stick is extremely racist and in my opinion she is a good wrestler and a good character and role play in total divas and who ever said about the being black negatively is a racist pig which I dislike

Alicia can wrestle but black people in the WWE always get the short end of the stick

She not a fox she a crazy fox

First of all bro shut the hell up she cann wrestle an d for some reason the only reason you don't like her is because she is black well I am black so what do you have against me?

14 Bull Nakano
15 Chyna Chyna was an American professional wrestler, glamour model, pornographic film actress, and bodybuilder.

I like your porn but you are so much gross

She is so gross

Needs rehab - princepretty


16 Kharma

She is most powerful

Watch Tna she is awesome kong

She looks like respyoosha of norbit and now jax mixed

Give her a chance for a title shot

17 Debra Marshall

Can't wrestle, fake boobs, fake face, too much plastic.

18 Brie Bella Brianna Monique Danielson (née Garcia-Colace; born November 21, 1983) is an American retired professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE under the ring name Brie Bella. She appeared frequently with her twin sister Nikki as The Bella Twins. She is also a one-time WWE Divas Champion.

Why is she even in the wwe? I mean seriously! Why "Brie Mode"! She is a joke as a wrestler and as a human being, she should go die in a hole!

The only reason either Bella twin is in the WWE is because of the novelty of being twins. I wouldn't mind the lack of looks if she could wrestle and I wouldn't mind the crappy wrestling if she was a real looker. I wouldn't mind either if she had a personality, sadly she doesn't. Utter fail.

I love Brie as a person and as a wrestler. I actually find her really entertaining and I wish she could have been champion one more time before retiring. Hope she comes back after giving birth. I'm not really a fan of Nikki bella though.

Not fair who ever thinks she is the worst dive well there mistaken

19 Galina Kvakina

Never heard of her

She is roman reigns wife

Who the hell is she?

Who? - htoutlaws2012

20 Candice Michelle Candice Michelle Beckman Ehrlich better known as Candice is an American model, actress, and retired professional wrestler best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Candice can wrestler this list is dumb I mean it so everyone should keep there mean thoughts to there self it's one thing if it true but different when it's lie or not true

Candice shouldn't even be in this list. She's a great diva. I see melina is number 28, and candice beat melina a lot of times. She has a better wrestling record. 41 - 31 something like that. Melina's is 89-88 -

Miss GoDaddy shouldn't took the job in the first place when she suffers many injuries. She's weak and she's not great in the ring at all. Glad she's gone and WWE fans will never recognized her name again.

She just couldn't wrestle against anyone goos

21 Ashley Massaro Ashley Marie Massaro was an American former professional wrestler, valet, former WWE Diva and current general manager signed to World Independent Ladies Division Wrestling.

Talentless but better than that rat aj

Aj is amazing, not a rat

Worse than AJ

Worst Divas in my opinion, she can't wrestle at all and her finisher [elbow drop from 2nd rope] is so weak

but WWE gave her 2 matches in the greatest PPV like Wrestle Mania
Absolutely, those matches are horrible!

22 Kelly Kelly Barbara Jean "Barbie" Souray is an American model, former professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet, better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly.

Waste of a contract. Didn't deserve to be in WWE. Her fans are brainwashed as heck. Couldn't wrestle at all, lied about being a fan of wrestling as a kid since she doesn't know what she's talking about in interviews, fake Blonde, rabbit toothed joke. Not anywhere near as hot as those stupid male fans think. They need educating on what real beauty is. I'm glad WWE released her. It was long overdue. Talentless nothing more.

One of those talentless but admittedly hot Diva's the WWE tends to favour. Made all the worse for her grating music and the flood of drool that descends across the arena from that moron Lawler every time she appeared.

She was horrible. She spent more time screaming like a twit then wrestling

All she did was scream and bitch slap... Boring

23 Sasha Banks Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Sasha Banks, where she is a former NXT Women's Champion. more.

Sasha RATS she can't wrestle and tries to go after all the male wrestlers because her V smells like a fish tank - tana

She isn't even that hot. Her gimmick is so gay...

Sasha Banks isn't a bad wrestler, she's the best diva in WWE. to be honest, she should be the leader of the divas division, not Nikki she sucks. No offense.

So ugly and is horrible on the mic.

24 Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman
25 Summer Rae Danielle Moinet is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling valet, model, actress and former American football player who was signed with WWE under the ring name, Summer Rae. After over a year of inactivity, Rae was released from her WWE contract on October 29, 2017.

She can't wrestle or dance she sucks

Summer Rae isn't serious about wrestling nor can she dance

She's not serious at wrestling

She's terrible at wrestling, why is she still in WWE?

26 Alexa Bliss Alexis Kaufman is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Alexa Bliss, where she performs on the Raw brand and the former 3 Time Raw Women's Champion more.

Ugly and adopted

Annoying and stupid she needs to lose her title she is not a goddess

Most annoying and pathetic wrestler but she is a good heel

Can't stand her. alexa has been in the wwe for about 700 days and shes been champion for 400+ days. and people say roman is pushed too much. wwe pushes her way too much because of her looks, and too many people like her for what? being the biggest brat? she throws tantrums whenever she doesn't get her way and thinks shes above it all. this is why I prefer superstars over divas.

27 Stacy Keibler Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler is an American actress, model, dancer, cheerleader, retired professional wrestler and valet who is best known for her work with World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment as a WWE Diva.

Ugh, what a talentless hoe. Definitely one of the worst.

She's terrible in the ring

28 Trish Stratus Patricia Anne "Trish" Stratigeas is a Canadian retired professional wrestler, former fitness model, fitness master, actress and television personality, better known by her former ring name Trish Stratus.

Overrated, she is the reason why women like Mickie James, Melina, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Molly Holly don't get the credit they deserve. Because Trish and Lita are always there, "Trish the G.O.A.T" "Today in history: Trish/Lita had this match". When will the WWE will promote its other past women as much as Trish or Lita?

They were good, but WWE and people worship them a lot, that they forget of many other women who were as good or even better than them.

Trish only wrestle 6 YEARS, that's all. Victoria has wrestle for almost 20, Mickie has wrestle for almost 18 YEARS. How disrespectful from WWE's part to only recognize this woman, when is clearly than wrestling isn't her passion

She barked like a dog better than she wrestled.

Couldn't wrestle at all. Only hired and over because she was gorgeous. She has nothing on Lita (A better wrestler).

That's bogus, Trish doesn't suck. She's more talent, hot and she kick ass. Whoever put her name on this list is an absolute retard.

29 Maryse Ouellet Maryse Mizanin is a French Canadian glamour model, businesswoman, actress, professional wrestling manager, and former professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse, where she is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion.

She shouldn't be married to the miz because she's my dream girl now and is very hot

Maryse then she like the miz if. She thinks she like the. Miz he sucks really bad and and she does too

Why is she on this list she's my favorite and she's hot

No I like her she is so sexy and has wonderful boobs

30 Paige Saraya-Jade Bevis is an English professional wrestler and actress. She is signed to WWE, where she performs under the ring name Paige. more.

Paige entered the WWE claiming she was going to revolutionize the diva's devision. A year later things with the diva's are worse then ever and her gimmick of being an anti-diva turned out to be nothing but hypocrisy. She is exactally the same as the rest of the diva's and the only reason she even got a push is because she is pale.

Pandering, Annoying, and Overrated. She is so lame. She's boring too. I don't care if she can wrestle or do cartwheels. She's no different from the rest of these divas. I'm glad she's gone. Good riddance!

I laugh at these morons who think this hoe was going to change the division. Screw that! I would take a dump during her matches. I even saw people looking at their phones than her matches.

I think Sasha Banks is the one who's going to revolutionize the divas division if Vince would give her a chance. It's obvious, the fans praises her and even some the hall of famers praises her. Not saying she's a really bad wrestler, she's just not good at playing an anti diva. She acts like the rest of them. Victoria, Beth Phoenix, and Tamina are the real anti-divas

31 Charlotte Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Charlotte, performing on the Raw brand. She is a former NXT Women's Champion, the final recognized Divas Champion, and the inaugural and current three-time Raw Women's Champion. more.

Just plain scary looking, and not because she's a good wrestler nor because she's any kind of hot. She looks like something that would pop out of a little kid's closet.

Sloppy wrestler, can't cut a decent promo. Her segments are cringe-worthy. She's a terrible heel. She looks like a man with breast implants. She can't act as well. Why the hell is she champion. Sasha should've had it since WM32!

In my opinion she is a bad diva not worse this is because Charlotte is a talented and athletic diva however when it comes to the ring she always needs her help from her father ric flair and Dana Brooke they suggests that she can't wrestle and she is after all the daughter of the two time hall famer and was in development in nxt and she always cheats and is a fraud thanks to Dana and ric who always grabs Charlotte competitor leg and distracts them so Charlotte can achieve her victory.Overall it shows Charlotte shouldn't represent the women's or divas Divison or be a genetically superior champion as she constantly needs help of them to benefit her in the ring thanks to other people's distraction that she takes Benifit from.

She's hot but annoying

32 Maria Mary Louis "Maria" Kanellis is an American professional wrestler, actress and singer currently signed to WWE, performing on the SmackDown brand. On June 18, 2017, Kanellis returned to WWE alongside her husband Mike Kanellis in his WWE debut at Money in the Bank, establishing the Kanellis couple as heels more.

I don't know why she feels like she can call melina talentless...i can't even say I've eber seen a maria match that was good she can't wrestle and is very messy and seemed like shr is very unprofessional

Maybe not as bad as ever (but getting close to there). She can't wrestle. She can't act. She botches a lot. What else do I have to say?

Ha! This skank thinks she's better than Melina. Accusing Melina is a talentless tramp. When the only thing that period blooded hair useless skank is only good at botching. She don't deserve to win a slammy. She slept her way to become a diva.

Definitely the worst diva ever to have been employed in WWE, alongside Kelly Kelly and the Bellas. She has looks but she's absolutely terrible at wrestling and acts like a skank all the time. Glad she never held a title. Not even the divas title.

33 Stephanie McMahon Stephanie McMahon Levesque is an American businesswoman, professional wrestling valet, professional wrestler, minority owner, and the Chief Brand Officer of WWE.

She basically does it all, whether you think she does it well or not is up to you. Although I don't think anyone would argue that her wrestling skill could use some improvement if she wants to do more matches

Fake face and Fake breasts. She ain't hot

Sounds like a little kid

the worst

34 Mickie James Mickie Laree James-Aldis better known as Mickie James, is an American professional wrestler, actress, model and country singer signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Boring as hell

Mickie James is ultimate perfection when it comes to women's wrestling. She is pretty much the literal definition of a women's champion. Utterly talented and beautiful, she deserves to be on the best list. She has held multiple championships in different companies; WWE, TNA and countless indy titles. She just won the International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom Women's Championship just yesterday! Mickie SLAYS the world of women's wrestling and has even paved the way for so many young women in the business today.

Great diva got a lot of talent could go at it against the best on the roster and her crazy stalker gimmick was perfection great diva and my personal favourite ever

She is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time

35 Bayley Pamela Rose Martinez is an American professional wrestler. She is currently signed with WWE under the ring name Bayley, where she performs on Smackdown. As of January 2020, she is the current Smackdown Women's Champion.

Whoever you are, You may want to remove the comment, because there's gonna be a horde of Bayley fans coming right at you.

She only exists in the wwe for the little kids

Hands down, worst gimmick and gayest gimmick...

She is the best

36 Natalya Natalie Katherine "Nattie" Neidhart, known by the ring names Natalya and Natalya Neidhart, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. On the April 16 episode of Raw, Natalya was drafted to Raw as part of the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-up and became a fan favorite, defeating more.

One of the last survivors from the Hart Family Dungeon. She has incredible in ring performance and is one of the best female wrestlers in the women's roster. It's just too bad that WWE as of the moment isn't using her right.

The best female worker since molly holly and the next victoria who ever put her has no life

I think she should divorce with Tyson Kidd, who has so-called "swagger". All in all, she's pretty AWESOME! The sharp-shooter is hands-down the best Diva Finisher

She is one of the best divas to ever set foot in a wrestling ring. It's just wwe and their usual misusing of talents

37 Nia Jax Savelina Fanene is an American plus-size model and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name, Nia Jax. On the March 12 episode of Raw, Jax turned face for the first time in her WWE career, after she was insulted and betrayed by former best friend Alexa Bliss who body shamed her more.

WORST ADDITION EVER! Makes everything look even more fake, because lets be honest... She outweighs 3/4 of the men in the wwe let alone having like 100 lbs on every diva. And her personality makes her even worse.

38 Lita Amy Christine Dumas, better known as Lita, is an American retired professional wrestler, and singer currently signed with WWE as a producer.

Good wrestler with the worst story lines.

Wrong she was a good diva

Ridiculous! always after edge


39 Jazz

She looks like Tarzan in WWE

This Jazz music sucks

She's ugly as hell. enough said. She makes Chyna look like hot.

40 Beth Phoenix

So you idiots are putting her on this list just because she is mean to the other divas. Remember that WWE is scripted. Plus, Beth Phoenix is a 10x better diva than talentless bimbos like Kelly Kelly, Rosa, and Maria.

A bully was her personality which WWE gave her this is about her in ring ability and Beth Phoenix can wrestle

Beth is crazy good she took out so many divas she should be next trish and Micky James

She is one of most mean and cruel wrestlers of all time. What a temper bullies people who are smaller than her and likes seeing those poor people suffer everyone hates her

41 Emma

Because she is better and prettier

She wasn't that bad

Emaa is good yall are just dicks

42 Naomi Trinity Fatu is an American professional wrestler, actress, model, dancer, and singer. She is signed to WWE, performing on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Naomi, where she is a former two-time SmackDown Women's Champion.

Naomi is good at wrestling and dancing. It's just the move she does with her buttocks that I'm not interested in. Otherwise, she's pretty solid in and out of the ring. Mic skills could use some work. She has varied movesets, which is good. Hope she gets to hold a championship soon.

My only problem with her is her finisher...its just somehow

She can't take a loss

Wrong she is great

43 Layla El

Layla she's the best she truly came out on her own when lay cool was over you have give her Credit for lasting as long as she did

She sucks and all she could do is give you a face full of ass and she looks like a retard when she dances

This list makes no sense

She's great but she's become heel turn but I like mosly is heel turn

44 Tori
45 Lena Yada

Can't act, can't wrestle, can't dance. A real triple threat.

Yea but very forgettable at best. - htoutlaws2012

Underrated better than Ratsha Barks and Bj lee


46 Renee Young Renee Paquette is a Canadian sports broadcaster and actress. She is currently an on-air personality with WWE under the ring name Renee Young, where she performs interviewing and commentating duties.

The only reason they call her a diva is because of her looks, seriously she doesn't wrestle so what's the point?

She's not a wrestler she does interview promos. - htoutlaws2012

Shes not even a wrestler so why is she on the list?

Not a diva she's a commentator / interviewer

47 Gail Kim Gail Kim-Irvine is a Canadian professional wrestler, professional wrestling valet, model and actress of Korean descent worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. She retired from wrestling in November 2017.

Gil Kim easily the best she done things that no diva in WWE could not do when she came WWE if u war not Trish or torrie Wilson or Victoria you wouldn't make the cut WWE back then was more bout guys then the divas now that Gil Kim in Tna she can push all the female wrestlers to there limits

Wwe didn't gave her the respect she deserves but tna did

She is one of the greatest wrestler of all time

She is the best female wrestler of current time

48 Tamina Snuka Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka-Polamalu (born January 10, 1978) is an American professional wrestler and actress currently signed to WWE under the ring name Tamina, performing on the Smackdown brand. A second generation professional wrestler, she is the daughter of the Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka.

She's horrible because she's alway abuse the divas

Thumbs dowwn

49 Terri Runnels

Loved her - she was gorgeous


50 Nidia
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