Top 10 Worst WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

Its time to look back at some of the worst elimination chamber matches in WWE and although there aren't nearly enough bad elimination chamber matches to fill the list I've included ones that are still decent but had some major flaws in them.

The Top Ten Worst WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

1 Ryback vs King Barrett vs Mark Henry vs R-Truth vs Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler - Elemination Chamber 2015

The elimination chamber that nearly killed off the stipulation, the match fell apart beginning when Wade Barrett threw Dolph Ziggler into Mark Henry's pod breaking it leaving Henry confused on what to do wither to stay in the pod or come out he of course entered the match earlier then planned and from there things went from bad to worst and at one point Sheamus stuck his necklace in the pod door to prevent it from opening so he could enter when ever he wanted to but of course the commentators ruined it misinterpreted it as the pod malfunctioning, long story short Ryback won the vacant Intercontinental Championship but the crowd just didn't care. - egnomac

2 The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs Elias - Elimination Chamber 2018

The match featured 7 competitors instead of the usual 6, but the match itself was boring and slow paced with too many moments where superstars would just stand there starring at one another Braun eliminated almost everyone only to get beat by Roman Reigns, which is something I really hated what WWE did to Braun Strowman in 2018 build him to be this dominate monster and not actually have him win the big one. - egnomac

3 Daniel Bryan vs Santino Marella vs Big Show vs Cody Rhodes vs Great Khali vs Wade Barret - Elimination Chamber 2012

The biggest problem with this match was Santino Marella who lets be honest had no business being in the match in the first place not only did he eliminate both Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes but he was the last participant along with champ Daniel Bryan thankfully Bryan won the match but it really made Bryan look incredibly weak as World Champ. - egnomac

4 Big Show vs Bobby Lashley vs CM Punk vs Test vs Hardcore Holly vs Rob Van Dam - ECW December to Dismember

We all have Vince McMahon to blame for this disaster as he strongly wanted his guy Bobby Lashley to win ignoring Heyman's idea to have Punk win the match, the crowd was already fed up with the Pay Per View and this match certainly didn't help as soon as both CM Punk and Rob Van Dam got eliminated the crowd and anyone unlucky enough to actual order the PPV were done with the match no one cared that Bobby Lashley won and who could blame them. - egnomac

The match was garbage.

5 The New Day vs The Ascension vs The Prime Time Players vs Tyson Kid and Cesaro vs The Lucha Dragons vs Los Madadores - Elimination Chamber 2015
6 Batista vs Undertaker vs Big Daddy V vs Great Khali vs MVP vs Finlay - No Way Out 2008

It was the weakest of the two Elimination Chamber matches at No Way Out 2008, Batista and Undertaker started the match and both Big Daddy V and Great Khali the two biggest superstars in the match get eliminated quickly with minimal effort the real highlight of the match was when Undertaker threw MVP off the top of the pod to the mat, then Finaly got eliminated then Taker finished off Batista with the tombstone piledriver for the win and advance to WrestleMania XXIV to face Edge for the World title. - egnomac

It was pretty boring.

7 Triple H vs Edge vs Jeff Hardy vs Vladamir Koslov vs Big Show vs Undertaker - No Way Out 2009

Big surprise Jeff eliminated Edge who was the WWE champion at the time in the first few minutes of the match as Edge being in disbelieve which dragged on way longer than needed, the next couple of minutes were incredibly boring as Vladamir Koslov and Big Show took turns beating up Jeff Hardy things didn't really heat up until Undertaker came out and began decimating everyone, the final stretch of the match was okay just the first half of the match was really boring. - egnomac

8 Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Mark Henry vs Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho - Elemination Chamber 2013

It was a pretty weak match especially since Jack Swagger of all people won the match. - egnomac

9 Triple H vs Goldberg vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Nash vs Shawn Michaels - SummerSlam 2003

The match was decent the problem was the finish, Kevin Nash got eliminated early followed by Triple H as he was leaving his pod gets super kicked by Shawn Michaels and remained in the pod until Goldberg came out and destroyed everyone after Goldberg broke down H's pod and dragged him out Goldberg went for the spear and Ric Flair handed Triple H the sledgehammer and H nailed Goldberg with it for the win even though he barely tapped him with it, it pretty much ruined Goldberg in the process though he did win the title the next month at Unforgiven but it wasn't as memorable as it would have been if he had won it at Summer Slam. - egnomac

10 Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs John Morrison vs CM Punk vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio - Elimination Chamber 2010

This episode was pretty meh in my opinion until we got to the final two with Chris Jericho and Undertaker and Shawn Michaels popping from under the steel to super kick Undertaker giving Jericho the win and the world title all leading to their rematch at WrestleMania, Truth got eliminated before the first pod even opened and Punk was eliminated shortly by Mysterio and also Undertaker got burned during his entrance which explained why he was rushing to the ring - egnomac

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