Top 10 Worst WWE Finishers

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1 Cobra - Santino Marella

This is really really really sucks finisher. Poke to the chest - it didn't really hurt at all

This wimpy finisher is way easier to kick out of, I mean that ain't gonna stop me!

If you look close you just see the finisher is hitting the head not the throat

This is a comedy finisher, so it shouldn't be at the top. - RalphBob

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2 Roll Up Pin - Eva Marie

Are you serious a roll up pin

This is a finisher move?! - RalphBob

Stupid and dumb

3 Leg Drop - Hulk Hogan

It's just a leg drop! Big deal! Out of all his moves, a stupid leg drop is his finisher! Sure, people can kick out of a DDT but they can't kick out of a leg drop? Seriously!?

Should be number 1 just a leg drop

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4 Glorious DDT - Bobby Roode

It's a normal DDT, but he says glorious before it, so his opponent always knows it is coming. - RalphBob

5 Khali Chop - Great Khali
6 Rear View - Naomi

You just hit them with a butt. Seriously.

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7 You're Welcome - Damien Sandow

Just a elbow drop

8 DDT - Jake Roberts

The DDT is an awesome move my favourite wrestling move, but I wouldn't have it as my finisher if I were a wrestler

9 Trip to the Batcave - Bastion Booger V 1 Comment
10 Last Ride - Undertaker

Undertaker is an awesome player and his finisher is also awesome.

Just a high powerbomb no.4 would hurt more

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? Skull Crushing Finale - The Miz
? Rack Attack - Nikki Bella

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11 Samoan Spike - Umaga

Too dangerous to use in the WWE because of that thumb to the throat, somebody will have their windpipe crushed and coughing up blood and will be put in the hospital.

This move does not look like it hurts at all. A thumb to the throat really?

12 The Worm - Scotty 2 Hotty

So unrealistic laugh out loud even Santino can get up before scotty finishes the worm - NintendoFan2047

They would get up for sure - winfreyb

3 words...

This is bad

Why do wait for just an elbow drop for 2 minutes. man he is an ass. - Arschyre

13 RKO - Randy Orton

Randy orton is AWESOME

Randy ortan is the best and his finisher is the coolest

What is rko doing here

Rko is the best

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14 Superfly - Jimmy Snuka

Just landing on them, so easy to kick out of

Just jumping and landing on your opponent, so easy to block

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15 Attitude Adjustment/FU - John Cena

This is the worst move of WWE! Deserves to be at rank 1!

Worst no pain at all I have tried it

Worst move in history.

It's horrible

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16 Rough Ryder - Zack Ryder V 2 Comments
17 Gutwrench Powerbomb - Jack Swagger

His finisher sucks because he can't even lift a light-weight Alex Riley up! Its like that he's smelling his butt for no reason! Gross!

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18 Batista Bomb - Batista V 2 Comments
19 Bodyslam - Hulk Hogan
20 Lie Detector - R-Truth

Just a running and spinning cross body

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