Top 10 Worst WWE Finishers

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21 Batista Bomb - Batista V 2 Comments
22 Lie Detector - R-Truth

Just a running and spinning cross body

V 1 Comment
23 Future Shock DDT - Drew Mcintyre

Just a kick out ddt, miz does this as well

24 People's Elbow - The Rock

Worst finisher ever, just an elbow drop.

Worst finishing move

25 Bodyslam - Hulk Hogan
26 Skull Crushing Finale - The Miz
27 Spear - Roman Reigns V 1 Comment
28 Famouser - Dolph Ziggler

Famouser is the best signature

29 Tombstone Piledriver - Undertaker

Hold on tombstone is the best finisher

This doesn't hurt at all terrible

V 1 Comment
30 Superkick - Shawn Michaels

This is one of the best finishers ever performed by possibly the best wrestler ever so nah

31 Crippler Crossface - Chris Benoit

Why the hell is this on the list?! It's the best finisher of all time!

32 Play of the Day - Shelton Benjamin & MVP

I think it's just bring opponent body and doesn't hurt too much.

33 Figure Four Leglock - Ric Flair
34 Mandible Claw - Mankind

Just a man shoving a sock in someone's mouth anyone could kick out of that silly move.

35 F5 - Brock Lesnar V 1 Comment
36 Angle Slam - Kurt Angle
37 John Cena - STF
38 Wasteland - Wade Barrett

Not really good but his follow up The Bull Hammer is awesome

39 Spear - Edge
40 Iron Claw - The Von Erich's

Just all 5 fingers squeezing your temple. Not that powerful looking

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