Top Ten Worst WWE Match Types

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1 Empty Arena Match

No crowd in this arena, just two guys fighting around. I just have to watch it at a huge screen outside on a cold day.

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2 Bodyslam Challenge

Sounds like a boring match, all you need to win is by bodyslaming you opponent.

3 Arm Wrestling

Its not even a real wresting match. Why would they do that.

They have real wrestling for a reason!

4 Hog Pen Match
5 Blindfold Match
6 Kennel From Hell Match

Wow, that is the most stupidest idea to have a match with a Hell in a Cell cage, a blue steel cage and a pack of rockweilers humping and pooping outside the ring. Does Mr. McMahon always comes up with weird ideas like that?

7 Chairs Match

Steel chairs are the only weapons that can be used in that stipulation. How do you win, sit in a chair or something?

Come on, are you serious? Chair matches are perfect in every TLC pay-per-views, even when John Cena strips down a lot of chairs right on Wade Barrett and the Big Show with a humongus steel chair to defeat Sheamus.

Wait. Just chairs but yet its a no DQ match? So I'd get thrown out for using a sludgehammer? Doesn't make much sense.

8 Tuxedo or Evening Gowns Match

This match is for homosexuals and I ain't one of them. Where's the bras and panties match? They're the best ones, plus it's fun to look at sexy divas in bras and panties.

9 Item On a Pole Match
10 Lumberjack Match

Nowadays this match is overrated, no wonder Mr. McMahon puts so many pointless matches where 2 superstars wrestles in the ring with surrounding superstars around the ring. It's boring, I wanna see street fights, no holds barred or something.

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11 Ring of Fire

This is just an Inferno Match rip off! Sorry WWE, but changing the names of a match type doesn't make it a brand new match type.

12 Kiss My Foot Match
13 Barbed Wire Steel Cage
14 Boiler Room Brawl

Is sad because they came up with it, like who wants to wrestle in a boiler room? Its cramped, dark, humid, and very, very, odd.

15 TLC Match
16 House of Horrors Match
17 Punjabi Prison Match
18 Stairs Match
19 Inferno Match
20 Fulfill Your Fantasy

What's the point of this. If you like this match; congratulations, your desperate.

21 Elimination Chamber Match

Elimination chamber matches are not bad because you never know who gets eliminated

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22 Scaffold Match
23 Last Man Standing

This match type is not that bad

24 No Holds Barred

This is kind of a crapy match type because it's the same thing as a street fight and a extreme rules match

25 Handicap Match
26 Normal Match
27 Crybaby Match
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1. Empty Arena Match
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1. Arm Wrestling
2. Bodyslam Challenge
3. Blindfold Match


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