Top 10 Worst WWE Moments of 2006

Though WWE had its good moments in 2006 unfortunately it had a lot of really horrible moments with questionable decisions that make you ask why was this necessary.

The Top Ten

1 Exploiting Eddie Guerrero's Death

Pretty much a lot of 2006 was WWE exploiting Eddie's death for a story line. - egnomac

2 Randy Orton Telling Rey Mysterio Eddie is in Hell

I really hate it when WWE uses a wrestlers death just for a story line or as a way to get cheap heat. - egnomac

That's no fun even if it was part of the story. - ParasN2000

3 ECW December to Dismember As a Whole ECW December to Dismember As a Whole

This was by far the worst WWE Pay Per View of all time, with only two major matches and the rest were nothing but filler that was barely able to fill the 2 hour mark and the main even flat out stunk as Mr. McMahon chosen won Bobby Lashley walked off with the ECW championship this single handidly killed ECW's chance at another PPV and Mr. McMahon still refuses to admit that he purposely screwed over ECW. - egnomac

4 Lita's Horrible Treatment During Her Retirement

While Trish got a proper send off Lita did not recive the same treatment and even though she was a heel at the time she still deserved better than this after losing the Women's Championship to Mickie James the crowd showed her nothing but disrespect made even worse when Crime Tyme came out with a box of her belongings and began auctioning them off the to the crowd. - egnomac

5 Mr. McMahon vs God
6 Bobby Lashley Winning The ECW Championship

CM Punk was the one who should have won and Pual Heyman was in favor of this along with Big Show but again Mr. McMahon refused to listen and was even mad that Big Show was willing to go along with it. - egnomac

7 Rey Mysterio Gets Buried as World Champion
8 Hulk Hogan Buries Randy Orton at Summer Slam
9 Great Khali Squashes The Undertaker at Judgement Day

There was no good reason for Khali go over Undertaker though it made him look like a monster as the years went on khali went from being a monster to a complete fool. - egnomac

10 DX Buries The Spirit Squad
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