Top Ten Worst WWE Moments in 2013

It's that time again, here are the worst moments of WWE in 2013.

The Top Ten

1 John Cena vs The Rock, TWICE of a lifetime

I know it's a great match, but why seeing it twice this year? 2014 better not give us Cena vs Rock, THRICE of a lifetime.

It was billed as once in a lifetime. Lazy and predictable booking because everyone knew Cena would win.

2 Total Divas

We get another hour of WWE programming every single week, but this show is bad with bad acting, Natalya peeing herself and contrived plots all in the name of "reality."

Total Divas isn't that bad! - RickyReeves

3 Big Show's terrible babyface run

This big, fat crybaby of a human being deserves to be on the top list of this year's worst WWE moments. Big Show totally sucks big time!

4 John Cena beats The Rock at WM29
5 Too much WWE App instructions by Michael Cole

We know how, but how many times did we need to be instructed on how to download the WWE App over and over again? Perhaps in 2014 Cole can teach us how to turn the channel!

6 Live with Michael and the Miz

The Miz's talk shows on every RAW or Smackdown are dumb and senseless, but this one with Michael Strahan has to be the worst.

7 Daniel Bryan screwed by the "greedy"

Having Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title at Summerslam was awesome, but it excitement didn't last long until Randy Orton took the title thanks to Triple H who pedigree'd Bryan. This wasn't supposed to happen and it totally ruined Bryan big time.

8 Rob Van Dam aligns with Ricardo Rodriguez
9 Del Rio wins world championship from Ziggler
10 Sheamus' 1-800-FELLA

These Sheamus videos showing him brogue kicking everything are so stupid, I just wanna call that phone number and tell him he sucks!

The Contenders

11 WWE Divas' Musical Chairs

Why did WWE take out its laziness on us? It was a weird, awkward and pathetic mess with all of the divas competing for chairs.

12 The Great Khali singing
13 WWE Superstars dancing

The dance-off with the Miz, Great Khali, R-Truth and Fandango on September 13 edition of Smackdown was bad, terrible, lame, and no one cared about the Miz winning the contest.

14 Rey Mysterio gets injured again
15 The exploitation of Paul Bearer
16 Christian still injured
17 Damien Sandow cashes in his MITB contract and loses!
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1. John Cena vs The Rock, TWICE of a lifetime
2. John Cena beats The Rock at WM29
3. Total Divas


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