Top 10 Worst WWE Moments in 2019

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The Undertaker vs Goldberg Fiasco at Super Show Down

This match was a disaster from start to finish both superstars were in horrible shape and it really showed why some wrestlers just need to retire and stay retired, the match was filled with so many botches and both ended up injuring one another originally the match was suppose to go on much longer but after seeing how bad the match was going they decided to end it as quickly as possible to avoid wither men suffering any further injuries. - egnomac

Botch city. WWE should of not brought them out of retirement - KingSlayer93316

Woah, I'm glad I didn't watch it. Not sure if I could've swallowed this. - Undistinguished

Brock Lesnar Wins the Money in the Bank Contract

Brock did absolutely nothing to deserve winning the Money in the Bank contract as he showed up near the end of the match after all the other superstars were warn out and easily won the match despite never officially being in the match to begin with, instead of giving the MITB contract to an up an comer they give it to a part timer who doesn't want to be here and is only looking to collect a paycheck. - egnomac

And People were expecting Bray Wyatt to interfere and not Lesnar - s646451

A younger guy should of won the briefcase (because that's what this concept is all about) someone like Drew McIntyre, Ricochet or Finn Balor. At least seeing Brock with the briefcase was funny, but it's a big missed opportunity. - RogerMcBaloney

WWE Is dying and this is a big reason. - CedreticFomento

Why give it to a main eventer. The ghetto blaster as well

Bret Hart Gets Attacked By Fan During WWE Hall of Fame

During the Hall of Fame induction ceremony Bret Hart while giving his speech gets jumped by a fan as the feed cuts as security and other wrestlers came to Bret's defense and escorted the fan out of the building. - egnomac

I'm glad that moron got knocked out by Dash Wilder. - RogerMcBaloney

Kill him

Goldberg Buries Dolph Ziggler

It wasn't that bad. Goldberg needed something to get the bad taste left in the fans' mouths, therefore he needed to have another match. And who is the best at selling in the company? Dolph Ziggler. The two put on a very good match and the way Dolph sold those spears was priceless. - RogerMcBaloney

After that disaster that was Super Show Down why in the hell would WWE bring back Goldberg and have bury Dolph Ziggler at Summer Slam as if he wasn't already in a huge downward spiral at that point. - egnomac

Brock Lesnar Wins The Universal Championship Again from Seth Rollins

Just when you think you've finally seen the last of Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion they once again make the bonehead move of putting the title back on him yet again. - egnomac

The Botched Finish Between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte at WrestleMania

The first ever women's WrestleMania main event should have been a great moment but the match between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte was nowhere near the match that it should have been the match was very sloppy and the crowd didn't seem that invested in the match though you really can't blame them seeing how long the show was as they were pretty tired at this point the match ended with a botch finish that saw the referee counting Ronda Rousey down despite her shoulder being up leading to Becky Lynch to win the match which was the real highlight of the match, the match was defiantly nowhere near to the level as Trish Stratus vs Lita main event from RAW back in 2004 not a horrible match by any means but considering it was the main event they should have done a lot better and it really didn't help how they over hyped the match basically ignoring most of the other matches on the card. - egnomac

Honestly, who cares. Mistakes happen. Seeing Becky hold both belts was well worth it. - RogerMcBaloney

What a waste

Shane McMahon Continuing to Be Pushed as The Best in The World

There's really no reason to keep Shane around as an active wrestler in 2019 as he's basically taking up space that could have been given to another superstar. - egnomac

The 50 Man Over The Top Battle Royal at Super Show Down

More like a 51 man over the top battle royal the match was really boring and it was hard keep track of what was going on in the match. - egnomac

The funny thing is that they are not even using the guy who won this Battle Royal. - RogerMcBaloney

Kurt Angle loses his Retirement Match against Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle deserved batter then this instead of having Angle wrestle with someone like John Cena as his final match they have him face off with Baron Corbin and lose. - egnomac

Seth Rollins Gets Disqualified in a Hell in a Cell Match

It wasn't a disqualification, it was a Referee Stoppage (which is still really stupid).

The thing is, the company put themselves in a corner so they had to change the outcome of the match. Apparently, FOX wants The Fiend on Smackdown, so that's why they had to change their plans. It's not really their fault, although the match could of been way better. - RogerMcBaloney

Which makes no FNG sense since anything goes inside Hell in a Cell, to stop the match because Set Rollins used the sledgehammer when in the past Triple H constantly used the sledgehammer inside Hell in a Cell is total Bull S-T the fans were completely outraged as they should be as this is literally the second year in a row they ended a Hell in a Cell match with no pinfall or submission. - egnomac

WWE is literally trying to kill my favorite wrestler’s career (which is Seth Rollins). Anyway, this ending seemed rushed. A Referee Stoppage should have NOT happened since anything goes in Hell in a Cell matches. But, the point of this match, in my view, was to show The Fiend’s power and for The Fiend to get into Seth’s head. Fans, especially on Reddit and Twitter, seemed to overreact to that ending though since they cannot really accept the fact that Bray’s character isn’t ready to hold the main championship (yet). And Bray, for the most part, is going to SmackDown anyway - KingSlayer93316

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Poor Treatment of the Women's Tag Team Championship

WWE bringing back the Women's Tag Team titles felt kind of pointless ever since reviving the titles back at Elimination Chamber they've barely done anything with them or give the fans any reason to care about them. - egnomac

Which begs the question why they even bother bringing the titles back if they aren't going to do anything with them. - egnomac

Can't really blame them. There are so few tag teams in the women's division. Still sad though. - RogerMcBaloney

If that's not enough, the IIconics didn't defend much on the titles just by acting like a couple of court jesters. No wonder Sasha Banks has to take a hiatus break. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Baron Corbin (King of the Ring) Winner

I actually like Corbin as King of the Ring. He manages to pull the gimmick off very well. I still would of liked the winner to have been McIntyre or Joe. - RogerMcBaloney

Kofi Kingston Loses the WWE Title in 6 Seconds

Fans are exaggerating so much. I bet Kofi was asked before doing this and like the professional that he is, he accepted. And honestly, it's Brock! No one expected Kofi to win anyway. You guys are forgetting that Kofi had a great run as WWE Champion. 180 days is really good. - RogerMcBaloney

Okay, this was BS. Kingston defeated Randy Orton not once, but TWICE. But, Kingston loses to Lesnar in 6 seconds. 6 seconds. Only for us to see a showdown between Lesnar and Velasquez at Crown Jewel. Great job, WWE - KingSlayer93316

WWE Crown Jewel!

It's happening again, more "Arab Money" for Vince McMahon! Tsk, tsk. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Those shows are so useless. - RogerMcBaloney

Again? Now that Team Hogan vs Team Flair is added to the card, I ain't watchin' it!

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Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton - SummerSlam
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