Top 10 Worst WWE Moments


The Top Ten

1 The Chris Benoit Tragedy

Chris Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but this moment completely destroyed his entire career when the truth about what really happened got out WWE erased Chris Benoit's entire existence. - egnomac

Not tto good but ok

2 Owen Hart Dies at Over the Edge 1999

RIP Owen. Man that death was TERRIBLE. - DontMessWithDaddylonglegs

3 The Montreal Screw Job at Survivor Series 1997
4 The Kennel From Hell Match From Unforgiven 1999

Some Ideas were never meant to work. - egnomac

5 Brock Lesner Viciously Assaults Zach Gowen
6 Katie Vick
7 Billy & Chuck Gay Relationship a Hoax
8 Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie Brawl at the Torrie's Fathers Funeral
9 The Anonymous Raw General Manager
10 Brock Lesnar Beats Undertaker At Wrestlemania 30

The Newcomers

? Jeff Hardy Vs Shinsuke Nakamura US Championship Match - EXTREME RULES 2018

The Contenders

11 Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand
12 John Cena Loses to Wade Barrett and is Forced to Join the Nexus
13 Mae Young's Son In Raw 1000th But Not Randy Orton
14 A Hand Interrupted WWE
15 The Rock Bottom British Bulldog Incident
16 The Big Boss Man Steals Big Show's Father's Casket
17 Lita Loses Her Baby
18 The McMahon's Fire Jim Ross 2005
19 Jake Roberts Attacks Randy Savage with a Cobra
20 Mae Young Wins the Miss Royal Rumble 2000 Swimsuit Contest
21 The 1-2-3 Kid Loses The Cry Baby Match at In Your House: It's Time 96

You gotta feel bad for the 1-2-3 Kid, losing the match and being forced to wear a diaper and have baby powder thrown on him while sucking on a giant sized bottle.

22 Eddie Guerrero is Dominick's Real Father
23 The Debut of the Gobbledy Gooker
24 Michael Cole's Heel Turn
25 Eddie Guerrero's Mother Suffers a Heart Attack in the Ring
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