Top 10 Worst WWE Pay Per View Main Event Matches of the 2010s

Now its time to look as some of the worst WWE Pay Per View Main Event Matches of the 2010 decade 2010-2020, the matches that ended the pay per view night on a real sour note even if some of the earlier matches were really good, expect to see a lot of Roman Reigns matches on here.

The Top Ten

1 Triple H vs Roman Reigns - (WWE WHC Match) WrestleMania 32

The battle of the unlikables the match went on too long and the fans were just not into to Roman Reigns such an awful way to end a WrestleMania with the highest attendance. - egnomac

2 2015 Royal Rumble Match - Royal Rumble 2015

At this point WWE was pushing for Roman Reigns as the guy wither the fans liked it or not this match was a disaster from the minute Daniel Bryan got eliminated as WWE's way of saying F-U to the fans and the fans responded by heavily booing the rest of the math until Roman Reigns won which they strongly voiced their disapproval not even the Rock could save this mess. - egnomac

3 John Cena vs The Miz - (WWE Championship Match)WrestleMania XXVII

A horrible main event to a already horrible WrestleMania, the match ended in double count out until The Rock came out an restarted the match only to hit Cena with the rock bottom allowing Miz to retain. - egnomac

4 John Cena vs John Laurinaitis - Over the Limit

It was a squash match that should have been an easy win for Cena until Bigshow came out and KO'd Cena allowing John Laurinaitis the guy who fired him weeks earlier to get the win. - egnomac

5 Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship Match) - WrestleMania 34
6 CM Punk vs Ryback - (WWE Championship Match) Hell In a Cell 2012

Another Ryback squash match that ended with a screw job finish by then referee Brad Maddox Punk got the win and allowed for his lengthy title reign to continue but made him look weak in the process especially with Ryback hitting Punk with the shellshock on top of the cell. - egnomac

7 Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman (WWE Universal Championship Match) - No Mercy 2017

It was slow boring and the match ended with just one F-5 by Lesnar to Strowman. - egnomac

8 Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe - Backlash 2018

Match was so bad fans were already leaving the arena. - egnomac

9 Randy Orton vs Bigshow (WWE Championship Match) Survivor Series 2013
10 Team Raw vs Team Smackdown - (Traditional Survivor Series Match) - Survivor Series 2017

This match was a mess with superstars all being eliminated in the wrong order and Kurt Angel, Triple H and Shane McMahon had no business being in this match and should have given their spots to more deserving up an coming superstars, worst Triple H got the final fall after hitting Kurt Angle with the pedigree for no reason winning it fot team Raw instead of having Braun Strowman get the win, in my honest opinion the way the superstars would have been eliminated is as followed:
1. Shane McMahon by Braun Strowman
2. Kurt Angle by John Cena
3. Bobby Roode by Finn Balor
4. Finn Balor By Shinsuke Nakamura
5. Triple H By Randy Orton after distraction by Jason Jordan
6. John Cena by Samoa Joe
7. Shinsuke Nakkamura By Braun Srtowman
8. Samoa Joe by Randy Orton
9. Randy Orton by Braun Strowman after Orton gets attacked by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - egnomac

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