Top 10 Worst WWE Pay Per View Matches 2009


The Top Ten

1 CM Punk vs Undertaker (Submission Match) - Breaking Point

Just because they were in Montreal WWE decided to do yet another screw job, Taker first won the match before Teddy Long came out and declare the Hells gate was still banned which led to CM Punk putting Taker in the Anaconda Vice and another screw job. - egnomac

2 Vickie Guerrero vs Santina Marella (Hog Pen Match) - Extreme Rules

There was no reason for this match to exist, its two superstars fighting in a hog pen. - egnomac

3 Batista vs Rey Mysterio - Survivor Series

It pretty much turned out exactly as you would expect it to turn out, Batista dominated the match and knocked out Mysterio for the win. - egnomac

4 Triple H vs Randy Orton (3 Stages of Hell Match) - The Bash

There was no build up to this match it was scraped together at the last minute, the 3 stages stipulation was poorly put together and the finish was bad. - egnomac

5 Randy Orton vs John Cena (Hell in a Cell Match) - Hell in a Cell

It was not there best match it was very slow and a bit boring and Orton clearly didn't even make content with the punt which made the finish look weak. - egnomac

6 Christian vs William Regal - Summer Slam

The match was quick and over in mere seconds. - egnomac

7 John Cena vs Sheamus (Tables Match) - TLC

The ending really killed the match as Cena and Sheamus were on the turnbuckle both men fell with Cena which clearly looked like he jumped crashed through the table if Shemaus had physically put Cena through the table I wouldn't have a problem with it, but instead the finish ruined the whole match and made Sheamus look like a weak champion. - egnomac

8 CM Punk vs Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match) - Hell in a Cell

It was the first match of the night and the first of 3 Hell in a Cell and it really disappointed the match was over in minutes both men barely had enough time to do anything memorable. - egnomac

9 Kane vs Great Khali (Singapore Match) - Breaking Point

It's a Great Khali match there's really not much to say about it. - egnomac

10 Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka - WrestleMania 25

As I've said before Steamboat was the only Legend who was in any shape to compete both Piper & Snuka were in terrible shape and couldn't do a whole lot. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker - Wrestlemania 25

This is the most disappointing match ever, the beginning was good, but the middle and end were slow paced, boring, and 90% HBK and the Taker on the floor. I paid good money to buy the HBK documentary, and I get that!? - EliHbk

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