Top 10 Worst WWE Pay Per View Matches 2014


The Top Ten

1 Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton - SummerSlam

It was a completely forgettable match nothing really stood out. - egnomac

2 Darren Young vs Titus O' Neal - Elimination Chamber
3 2014 Royal Rumble Match - Royal Rumble

I've already covered this match many times on The Top Tens so I'll keep it brief, there was no Danile Bryan and the cowd got angry especially when Batista won. - egnomac

4 Adam Rose and The Bunny vs Slader Gator - Survivor Series
5 Brock Lesnar vs Big Show - Royal Rumble
6 Batista vs Alberto Del Rio - Elimination Chamber

Batista clearly showed a lot of ring rust the crowd completely booed Batista throughout the match. - egnomac

7 Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt - TLC
8 John Cena vs Bock Lesnar - Summer Slam

It was a completely boring match Lesnar dominated the whole match while Cena barely showed any offense, and having Lesnar winning the belt was huge mistake considering he only works part time and having a part timer as champion is never a good thing. - egnomac

9 Randy Orton vs John Cena - Royal Rumble

I personally didn't think this match was as bad as the crowd made it out to be the problem was that the crowd wouldn't stop hating on the match I can understand people getting tired of seeing Orton and Cena again and again both men actually tried their best despite all the negative feedback from the crowd, in the end it wasn't nearly as bad as people say it is but the crowd just killed the macth all together. - egnomac

10 Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar - WrestleMania XXX

I know a lot of people would disagree but in my honest opinion it was very disappointing and not because Lesnar ended Undertakers streak but the match itself at that time Undertaker really showed his age and really couldn't work matches like he use to Brock Lesnar like he always did dominated the match, the biggest problem with the streak ended was it bad booking Brock Lesnar was already a made superstar it made Lesnar look like the dominate monster he already was and made Undertaker look weak and feeble and a shell of his former self. - egnomac

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