Top Ten Worst WWE Pay Per View Matches of 2017

I will add more matches to this list as the year goes on.

The Top Ten

1 Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt - Payback 2017

This is the first match that I have seen that I can say I completely hated. The first part of the match was a stupid and poorly edited clip of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt fighting in a gross house with poor lighting. I don't think I need to further explain how that part was bad. The second part was even worse than the first. The second part was a no holds barred match, which sounds good, but it ended up being dreadful. Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers (three former jobbers) came out and somehow completely destroyed Orton and gave Wyatt the win. Not to mention that the WWE title was taken out of the match for no reason. - RalphBob

2 Bayley vs Alexa Bliss - Extreme Rules 2017

Barely, but still. Extreme Rules was a pretty good show, but skip this. It made Bayley look like a complete joke. Orton vs Wyatt and Mahal come close.

Remember Fastlane when Bayley beat Charlotte for the Raw Women's Championship? Or Wrestlemania when Bayley retained her title against three other women in one match? A few months ago, Bayley was the face of Raw's womens division, but this cruddy match made her look like a jobber. For whatever reason, Bayley refused to use the kendo stick on Bliss, which is just flat out stupid. That being said, Bliss then got her hand on the kendo stick, beat the crap out of Bayley, and retained her title. This match absolutely barried the former womens champion. - RalphBob

3 Rusev vs Big Show - Fastlane 2017

This match is one of the most pointless matches I've ever seen. This started off with Jinder Mahal and Rusev going into the ring to randomly start arguing, because WWE thought it made sense for them to go out and start arguing even though neither of them had a scheduled match for the night at all. This lead Mick Foley to come out and put them both in matches. Foley then decides who their opponents should be. Maybe eachother? No, against two people they never even came close to having a rivalry with. Rusev fought the Big Show and Mahal fought Cesaro. Both Mahal and Rusev got absolutely destroyed during their matches. - RalphBob

4 Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton - Backlash 2017

Ever since Mahal debuted on WWE's main roster, he has been a jobber. This made sense, because Mahal's mic and wrestling skills were both mediocre at best. When Mahal started to take steroids though, he got a huge push, which included him winning a #1 contenders match on SmackDown, and fighting Orton for the WWE championship at Backlash. Without a doubt, Orton should've won this for reasons that I mentioned before, but Mahal actually ended up winning, and became one of the most annoying WWE champions of all time. - RalphBob

5 Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton - Money in the Bank 2017

This was he same exact thing as the first match. It was terrible. - RalphBob

6 Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro - Fastlane 2017

I already explained why this match was bad when I was talking about Rusev vs Big Show. - RalphBob

7 Goldberg vs Kevin Owens - Fastlane 2017

This match made Owens look absolutely pathetic. To start off, Owens refused many times to get in the ring with Goldberg making it so that it took forever for the match to actually get started, and when the match actually did start, Chris Jericho interrupted it immediately and distracted Owens, giving Goldberg the win and the Universal Championship. Not only did it end due to a distraction finish, but the match lasted 23 seconds and was the PPV's main event. - RalphBob

8 Natalya vs Nikki Bella - Elimination Chamber 2017

I didn't even pay attention to this match because the rivalry was so horrible. - RalphBob

9 Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Carmella vs Mickie James vs Natalya - Wrestlemania 33

We all knew Naomi was going to win this match from a mile away. When Naomi returned from injury, it was clear that she was going to get the SmackDown womens championship back, and that's exactly what happened. Not to mention, it ended due to a quick tapout. - RalphBob

10 Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan - Backlash 2017

This match was obviously filler, and it did nothing for either of their careers, which is too bad because Harper definitely deserves a push. - RalphBob

The Contenders

11 Womens Money in the Bank - Money in the Bank 2017
12 Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal - Battleground 2017

Terrible match. Rivalry made no sense.

13 Undertaker vs Roman Reigns - Wrestlemania 33


14 Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley - Elimination Chamber 2017

This was just a filler match so that they would have something for the pre-show. - RalphBob

15 Randy Orton vs Rusev - Summerslam 2017
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