Top 10 Worst WWE Pay-Per Views Excluding WrestleMania and Over the Edge 1999

Time to look back at some of the worst WWE pay per views of all time and for this list we will be excluding all WrestleMania PPV's as well as Over the Edge 1999 due to it only being bad for the whole Owen Hart tragedy.

The Top Ten

ECW December to Dismember 2006

No contest this is and always will be the worst WWE Pay Per View of all time, as the beginning of the the end for WWE's version of ECW and you can really tell that Mr, McMahon purposely wanted the new ECW brand to fail with only having to matches announced for the PPV the Hardys vs MNM and The Extreme Elimination Chamber match and they filled in the rest of the card with boring and forgettable matches it got to the point where the fans at the arena started chanting "Change the channel" while the opening match was decent the rest of the card went downhill very fast, the other matches were nothing but filler with the other matches consisting of Balls Mahoney vs Matt Striker in a very boring extreme enforced rules match, then we got the F.B.I getting squashed by Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay, Tommy Dreamer vs Daivari and an awful mix tag match between Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly vs Kevin Thorn and Ariel then we get to the main event which would have been the saving grace if it weren't ...more - egnomac

King of the Ring 1995

This PPV was terrible for two reasons 1st the main even was a tag match between Diesel and Bam Bam Begelow vs Sycho Sid and Tatanka and 2nd Mabel won the King of the RIng tournament instead of either Undertaker or Shawn Michaels and the crowd just didn't care and began chanting for ECW. - egnomac

Capital Punishment 2011
The Great American Bash 2004

Felt more like an episode of Velocity then an actual PPV with only a few decent matches the rest of the card was really bad including the main event The Undertaker vs the Dudley Boyz in a concrete crypt match. - egnomac

Armageddon 2004

With the exception of the Fatal 4 way match and the opening tag team match the card itself was not impressive with such matches like the Dixie Dog Fight boxing match between Daniel Puder and Mike Mizanin aka the Miz, a one sided street fight as John Cena buries Jesus Carlito's bodyguard, Kurt Angle making Santa Clause tap out during the iKurt Angle invitational, a filler tag match with Charlie Hass and Hardcore Holly against the Basham Brothers, Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie and a very boring Cruiser weight Championship match. - egnomac

Crown Jewel 2018

Just a few reasons that made this PPV terrible Brock Lesnar squashing Braun Strowman to win back the vacant Universal Championship, Shane McMahon winning the World Cup who didn't even compete in the actual tournament and took Miz's place, and the main event between and Undertaker and Kane was just awful filled with botches and it was clear that none of theses men were in any physical shape to put on a decent match plus it dragged out way longer then it needed to. - egnomac

Royal Rumble 2015

The rumble match itself was so poorly booked that the fans began booing the whole match following Daniel Bryan's elimination they also booed Roman Reigns the eventual winner and they even booed The Rock just for coming to Roman's aid which is really sad considering it had a really great triple threat match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins. - egnomac

Unforgiven 2007

Another really boring and lackluster PPV from the 2007's, the only memorable thing about this PPV was Batista winning the world title from Great Khali after being inserted into the match along with Rey Mysterio, the match between John Cena and Randy Orton ended in a DQ then Cena put Orton in the STFU and had his father who was at ring side to kick Orton in the head the same way he did to him on a previous episode of RAW, and the main event was between Undertaker and Mark Henry in a very lackluster match that really had no business being the main event. - egnomac

D-Generation X: In Your House 1997

Not a good PPV the only real saving grace was the Stone Cold vs The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship. - egnomac

Survivor Series 2018

The night RAW compleletly buried SmackDown. - egnomac

The Contenders

Royal Rumble 2006

A really lackluster Royal Rumble with way too many filler matches and the Royal Rumble match took place at the half way point which was a huge mistake though in reality the company really didn't have any faith in Mysterio at all which is pobobly why this match took place earlier and while the championship match between Cena and Edge was decent the main event between Kurt Angle and Mark Henry was so bad fans actually started getting up and walked out on the match. - egnomac

New Years Revolution 2005
Royal Rumble 1999
Judgement Day 2007
Royal Rumble 2014
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