Worst Games Of All Time: WWE 2K15

The Hyped Game:

After good commercial success following the release of WWE 2K14 and after 2K took over, after THQ went bankrupt, with increasing newer playable superstars on the main roster and the start of the new gen console, 2K15 was a highly anticipated game from the main WWE game series. From my personal perspective, I was looking forward to this game eagerly because my love for WWE was at the peak at that time (2014). The only WWE games I had at that time were Smackdown VS Raw 2010 and THQ’s WWE ’12. I hadn’t played any 2K WWE game and that was one of the reason for my excess anticipation.

I started checking out updates on the game everyday starting from May, 2014. The game was immensely hyped. I heard the graphics improved and so did the details. They released a couple of life-like screenshots of Randy Orton and John Cena and later Goldust. Those images were startling because they looked stunning life-like as they told but there was a problem. All those effects were limited only to the new gen consoles Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, I only had the previous gen PS3 and I couldn’t afford a PS4 immediately. I was kinda troubled at that. It was fine. I could still deal with those “low quality graphics” on my PS3.

A couple of weeks later, 2K announced a mode (My Career) where custom players could have their own role in WWE by training to enter NXT and then the main roster. I scrolled down the update page to find frustrating info about the mode. It was exclusive for the next gen console. Damn! I hate it. Its fine though. Who wants that mode as long as you have playable superstars from WWE’s current roster? Another update was released that week announcing a 2K Showcase mode which focuses on two major past rivalries – The one between John Cena and CM Punk from 2011-2013 and the one between Triple H and Shawn Michaels from 2002-2004. Ah! Finally! A relief. It was available for the previous gen consoles as well. I thought they’d limit it to an extent that the PS3 would only have the Universe mode. That would suck to the core.

I read many more things that only frustrated me all the more. The collar and elbow tie up and the rock-paper-scissor mini-game was only implemented for the next gen. The My Career has way more than just developing your character into the main roster. The “create a superstar” mode was highly developed and more lifelike and had “face scanning” stuff. And all this was only for the next gen. I wanted to pressurize my parents to buy me a PS4 but I resisted my desire.
Finally, another sense of satisfaction took over after I heard that both consoles had the Who Got NXT mode that features NXT superstars and Sting was announced as a pre order bonus. I was glad to hear that as well. 2K also released a couple of behind the scenes work and finally the trailer and let me tell you that the trailer was simply breathtaking (again the trailer was based on the next gen totally). Finally, I pre-ordered the game.

The Game (PS3):

Now, from the time my game has already been installed. Some weird, odd song hits (really uncool because I don’t quite like pop or rap songs) and John Cena is on the opening screen. No problem. The first thing I did was try to change the songs of music jukebox to something custom like Skillet’s best songs but annoyingly there wasn’t the simple feature of selecting your custom music for the jukebox. Damn! Were they lazy to do this much? Okay. I deselected all the music and proceeded. I started off with the 2K Showcase mode and completed it all within a couple of days. Here’s my first positive review. It was good and thrilling as well. I liked everything about it.

The very next thing I did was play the Who Got NXT mode. I read that NXT superstars were playable only if you completed their part in Who Got NXT and I did so. The game play was great and the tasks to do were good as well.

Now for the part that summarizes my entire review on this game - The Creation Suite. The most annoying, most frustrating thing 2K could’ve ever done – removing the custom theme song for your superstars and removing the” create a finisher”. Why the hell would someone want to remove one of the most loved features in WWE games? Why? Did they FORGET it? Were they too LAZY to add the feature? Or was it their goal to annoy custom feature loving WWE game fans like me? Let me tell you this that the game was screwed entirely only because of this reason. The entrance presets were also removed. The extra custom preset entrance videos were deleted. Frustrating indeed!

I wasted money on something worthless. I couldn’t bear the unbearable game and so I decided to continue playing WWE ’12. A couple of weeks later I managed to get a copy of WWE 2K14 and I was so satisfied with it. I was a ton times better than WWE 2K15. But I missed out on the community creations feature and there were lesser players online.

Gamespot rated it 5/10

IGN rated it 5.9/10

Metacritic rated it 55/100

LightningBlade rated it 50/100

Please do comment if you have something to say about the (worst) game.


I wonder how it ever got deleted along with my other posts as well. - visitor

Good post, I played a wresting game when I was in the hospital from diabetes last year, it was pretty boring to me and I prefer other fighting games like Smash 4 3DS. - Skullkid755

I agree. I love Tekken better, - visitor

It turns out there's a list with a WWE game on it called best games of 2018.
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