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41 Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio Óscar Gutiérrez, better known by the ring name Rey Mysterio, is a Mexican-American professional wrestler who currently works for Lucha Underground.

Rey mysterio is the best in WWE history

He's good in his own way. There are a lot of wrestlers that are stronger than him, but he's so fast they can't even catch him

Rey Mysterio sucks. Cena is the best.

Rey Mysterio kick Cena ass.

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42 Batista Batista David Michael "Dave" Bautista Jr. is an American actor and former professional mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

Impossible to put down. One of the most durable and his upper body strength is near unbeatable. Always entertaining

Not charismatic, and can't wrestle. He botches spears all the time and his bombs are awful.

He does steroids like you drink water and he is boring in the ring

Dave Batista Was Very So A Wonderfully Animal Ever

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43 Haksaw Jim Duggan
44 Garrison Cade

Garrison Cade is dead

Garrison Cade is an idiot

45 Mosh
46 Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes Cody Garrett Runnels, better known by the ring name Cody Rhodes, is an American professional wrestler and actor.

Well, as soon as he changed to Stardust, that was when he got bad. I'm not interested in your "cosmic wasteland" crap, I don't care that you have a plastic suit that has blue lines in it. Learn from Goldust, who is at least better than you.

Toady rogues should be the top most annoying because he is arrogant and he looks like a little annoying brat

Cody is worse than Barrett with that weird thing between his nose and mouth


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47 Eva Marie Eva Marie Natalie Marie Coyle, known professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is an American actress, fitness model, valet, and professional wrestler she left WWE in August 2017.

Do you know how many botches she has made?

48 Uncle Elmer
49 Ric Flair Ric Flair Richard Morgan "Ric" Fliehr, better known by his ring name Ric Flair, is a professional wrestling manager and American retired professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE under a legends appearance contract.

oh come on why are all the bad guys in the worst catgory?!? chris jericho was trained by stu hart and went pound for pound with bret hart! if yall would think about it, he's right. He's the best in the business right now.

PS Ric Flair is all flair and charisma. All he's got are chops and the leglock

Funny how this top contains one of the best wrestlers in the company, people are stupid!

He cheats when charlotte is in a match and that is not what a champion does

Better not wrestling anymore, Ric!

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50 Wade Barrett Wade Barrett Stuart Alexander "Stu" Bennett is an English professional wrestler, actor, and former bare-knuckle boxer, best known for his tenure with WWE under the ring name Wade Barrett.

Got kicked out of League of Nations, which is already pathetic. He did win King of Ring tourney though

The Barrett Barrage will be closing down for good and will be demolished by a wrecking ball.

He should be in the top ten he almost never Wins

The Bull Hammer is just an elbow.

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51 Simon Dean Simon Dean V 2 Comments
52 Ryback Ryback Ryback Allen Reeves is an American professional wrestler that performs in wrestling shows on the indy circuit. He is a former WWE superstar and Intercontinental Champion.

Poor man's Goldberg, enough said.

He eats too much!

Ryback is one of the most dominant superstars ever get it right

Ryback is not bad this website sucks

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53 Bo Dallas Bo Dallas Taylor Michael Rotunda is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Bo Dallas.

I don't like him that much, but WWE is still good. Just some of these good ones must be removed.

Idiot sucks he is worst number 1

I don't like him that much.

he sucks

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54 Big Show Big Show Paul Randall Wight, Jr. is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name Big Show.

It is indeed saddening to see Big Show in this list. The guy who sacrificed his career to promote others. Cena would have been nowhere without Big Show.

He's better way back, but now he's overrated! I wonder if I accidentally hit and run the giant and then huge blood splatters everywhere! Ha, ha!

How did this guy get every championship apart from the Divas championship!?!

Hey Big Show, Will Please To Knock Shane And Stephannie McMahon Out Cold For Me Please, Thank You Big Show, And Even I Wanted It That Way Too.

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55 JTG JTG Jayson Anthony Paul, better known by the ring name JTG, is an American professional wrestler and author who is best known for his time in WWE.

Great jobbing! - htoutlaws2012

When did he win a match? Laugh out loud
And an awful gimmick too, been in so many games and T.V. but has a terrible win record & NO championships

56 Adrian Adonis
57 Bill DeMott
58 Chavo Guerrero V 1 Comment
59 Big Daddy V Big Daddy V

Big Daddy V (AKA: Viscera) is pretty ok. His moves are good, he has strength and he scares peeps in the ring.

60 AJ Lee AJ Lee April Jeanette "AJ" Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler.

I personally love her but I want to wrestle her and I am 13 also but I just think she would probably be fun to wrestle but she would probably beat me..

I could beat her in a match and I'm 13 and 4'11 that's how bad she is

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