Autistic Game Critic Episode #22 - Ride to Hell: Retribution

bobbythebrony Welcome back to the series everyone. This time it's not a game I like, it's a game I dislike. Ride to Hell: Retribution has got to be one of the worst Xbox 360 games ever. There are several serious flaws that should've been improved. Let's get started.

First, the backstory. I went to GameStop with some friends and I saw this game while browsing the Xbox 360 side. I bought it, along with other games, but the dude forgot to put it in my bag. That pissed me off. I went back and retrieved it the next day and played it. Less than an hour later, I turned it off and haven't played it since. Why you may ask?

Let's start with the plot. A biker's relative is murdered by a rival biker gang and you go on a revenge quest to kill them all. That's fine but that plot has been done a million times already. It's unoriginal. Sure it's bikers this time but I mean come on. Do something more unique.

Next is the controls. The controls are bad in this game, especially during the motorcycle stages. It took me many tries to do the first one cause the player would just do what it wanted. It was unresponsive and crashed into everything against your will. It's bad but at least it's not as atrocious as Kreature From the Krusty Krab on Wii.

Next is the sex scene. Yes, there is a sex scene in the game. Why would you put a sex scene in a game that kids are most likely to play? As much as I like sex scenes, that was just a weird move on their part. Also, during the scene, it doesn't even look like they're having sex. Some of their clothes are still on, there's no moaning and it just doesn't look the part. If you're gonna put a sex scene in the game, at least try and make it look like it.

What made me quit the game for good was when I was doing the level where you go through this giant building, killing everyone in your way. You come to this one guy that seems invincible. He is a tiny bit bigger but I don't remember him having any body armor. He's not a Juggernaut and yet he takes multiple shotgun blasts to the face like a boss. After I killed him, I had to face two more at the same time while low on ammo. That's when I had enough and stopped playing it.

As you can see, this is a terribly bad game. It's not as bad as some games but it's still bad. It's one of the worst I've played. Since it's still playable to some degree, I'll be lenient and give it a 3/10. Well this is bobbythebrony saying Til I see you again, watch your step.

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K den - bobbythebrony

Are you sure it isn't the WORST Xbox 360 game (actually it's Batman: Arkham Origins but you get my point). - WonkeyDude98

It's pretty bad. It's up there with Sonic 06 - bobbythebrony

Good title for the game though, - Skullkid755

Ja - bobbythebrony

This might be worse than ninjabread man. At least you could get over with it quickly in less than 10 hours. - Skullkid755

Okay - bobbythebrony

I'm actually trying to design my own biker game in a free version of Game Maker, which was bought on steam. - Skullkid755