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1 Xbox One

I know that you guys love this console but I had to put down Xbox One because I didn't want there to be just two options.

Stop hating and complaining, the Xbox One does its job and was an improvement in many ways.

It's over expensive and has stupid features and you have to have Kinect. Yes, the first Xbox was better than this.

i hate it! - Minecraftisawesone

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2 Xbox One S

I have one, and yes I play Fortnite and Call of Duty on it but mostly play csgo on pc.

3 Xbox 360 E
4 Xbox

The original Xbox is somehow better than the 360. This console had no ring of death or overrated screaming fans - Harri666

Xbox one is a great console and before I had my Xbox one I had the 360 both great consoles

BORING. You can't really find anything to do on here.

The original is so bad man -___- I remember hating it as a kid - MoldySock

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5 Xbox 360

Red ring of death - Minecraftisawesone

Sometimes there's these glitches and bugs that freeze my games, it's kinda annoying.

6 Xbox One X
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