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1 2015

I agree. Where did the songs with meaning go? 99% of the radio songs where I live have these useless songs, for example, a song about nothing, just random words. I would've never escaped this music if I haven't looked up Vocaloid. I hate 2015's music, a lot. Not judging anyone who likes it, but in my opinion, this is music's worst year. Please, to those who can help, make songs meaningful again. Not just random words written on to a page with some auto tuning.

I agree with a lot of reviewers that music in general has taken a dramatic downwards spiral notably since 2010 with no imagination or very little put in to what is released, but my god how bad was 2015? There were so many bad records released that sold in huge quantities. From a UK perspective these dire songs hardly moved in the charts throughout the year, surely 2015 must have the lowest number of new releases making an impact on the top 10 since records began. It's hard to pick a figurehead to sum up the pure crappiness of 2015, Justin Bieber would be a natural choice though he is pipped to the post by what could well be the worst record ever recorded, Silento with Watch Me Whip (or whatever it's called). Thank you for destroying my faith in music.

This should and will be #1. All the other ones had something good about them, and some of the bad songs were fun to have be phenomenons for a while (maybe some for a little too long), and maybe had big stories in the music industry. But this, no. I mean, go look at the "Best Songs of 2015" list. Not my cup of tea. Worst year by far. - Donut

I might get hate but I honestly I don't care. Honestly, I didn't really mind this year all that much. It wasn't a great year by any means but mabye it was just the low expectations that 2013, 2014, and ESPECIALLY 2016 had to offer.

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2 2014

Not a single platinum record except Taylor Swift, which was pretty terrible. Linkin Park, Jack White, Foo Fighters, Rancid, and Weezer all returned, but couldn't achieve recognition due to competition by Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and One Direction. The one year I feel rock returns, crappy pop records knock it back down.

Everything that was mainstream was garbage. Any actual good albums, like The Hunting Party, Do You a Wanna Start A War,.5 The Gray Chapter, and Redeemer Of Souls got little, if any, radio play, while terrible garbage like Anaconda, All About That Bass, No Flex Zone, Hello Kitty, Shake It Off rose to the top and hypnotized teens everywhere. - NikBrusk

Well this year was really bad for music. I mean it's my least favorite. 2015 had good songs but the hits like Hello were boring. But in this year the hits were a lot worse. Anaconda which I thought it was decent has a horrible music video which is why I rate it 1.5/5 instead of 3/5. The other hits were just stupid and useless. The hits that sucked included: Hello Kitty, Wiggle and a lot more crap. This year was great for movies though. - AlphaQ

Hello Kitty wasn't a hit you generic lying hipster.

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3 2016

2015 in my opinion was a good year for pop music, not because everything was really good and meaningful music or anything, but mainly because there was a lot of variety. The first month or two a lot of these 2015 hits lingered around until they finally got stale, and I was eager to see what 2016 had to offer. First I saw some tropical house-influenced tracks and I thought that had some potential. Then there were more tracks with tropical influences. Then there was a Meghan Trainor album with a set of the two worst hits of the century. Then there were more tracks with tropical influences. There was an overall lack of effort this year from way too many artists, as well as the "White Guy With a Guitar"-concept which Todd in the Shadows often refers to being an absolutely massive construct for artists this year, with Shawn Mendes, Lukas Graham and Charlie Puth all being as horrible as such an artist can be. Even the most successful album of the year, Views by Drake, was an utter ...more

This is the absolute worst year of music. Why is 2012 and 2011 considered worse than this? All of the songs they play are the same and they all suck. This year is the worst for music, and I don't know a single person who likes it. 2012 was the last year for real music, and you had these amazing electric artists, most of them who retired 1 or 2 years later. 2011 was also a good year for music. This should be number 1.

The charts have continued to take a spiral down since January. Most of the great songs on Billboard either fizzled out (Love Yourself, In The Night, 679, Adventure of a Lifetime, Here) or got stale (7 Years, Work, etc.). There's almost nothing redeeming about the charts now. Fifth Harmony is still in the top 5, Meghan Trainor's worst hit yet is still in the top 20, Jacob Sartorius debuts, Drake's awful new album makes charting impact, Thomas Rhett is still in the top 50, and Rae Sremmurd, RiFF RAFF, and Iggy Azalea are all releasing albums.

This isn't even halfway through the year. - WonkeyDude98

What happened to good music? This year managed to beat 2014 as my least favorite year for music, which is surprising. I only liked 5 albums from this year: Amaranthe's Maximalism, Primal Fear's Rulebreaker, The Weeknd's Starboy, Lady Gaga's Joanne and Sabaton's The Last Stand. An honorable mention is Blackstar by David Bowie. We lost David and Prince this year, along with other celebrities. That made, along with the stuff that went on, 2016 one of the worst years of all time. I'm glad that 2017's music is looking good. - 906389

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4 2013

In my opinion, 2012 was a decent year it had Gotye, fun. , Adele, Ellie Goulding and other good artists. 2014 has been average so far, but 2013 was garbage. It was a huge letdown after the indie rock explosion of 2012. I can think of about 12 good hit songs of 2013.

2012 though had a lot of mainstream songs which are bland these days! HAPPY of 2013 is definitely not one of the best songs! It is the worst - sryanbruen

I hate the fact that the excellent Moby released "Innocents" this year, which was fantastic, only to have every review compare it with Random Access Memories. Nothing wrong with RAM, but that's imbecilic. And there was still What Does The Fox Say, which is more annoying than having mosquitoes nesting in your wardrobe, and crap like Roar and Wrecking Ball, which I simply won't bother with. - PositronWildhawk

The year of the emotionless and meaningless robotic songs... I can't even. I will be patiently waiting for a whole new generation of artists to come and return the triumphant era of REAL EMOTIONAL BUT DOPE MUSICS, like what we had experienced in the early 2000s. - kreefan11

I think it was bad except for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (72%) which somehow has a lower score than SremmLife 2 (74%) on Metacritic. Yeezus also turned out disappointing. Honestly I only hated the Pop music. Rap was decent - AlphaQ

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5 2012

Last year of good music. Whitney Died too, meaning that music would soon start going down hill. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

In my opinion this was the last good year for music, after 2012 pretty much every genre went downhill, also Whitney Houston died in 2012, I guess music unfortunately died with her

This year was good. We had Drake somehow giving us good stuff, Alex Clare giving life to dubstep, Maroon 5 being good, and Imagine Dragons becoming popular. - WonkeyDude98

No offense if you a Maroon 5 fan but they getting worse. 2012 was their best year though (Payphone, Moves Like Jagger) - AlphaQ

Well I don't like Maroon 5 anymore but I have to admit that they were good in this year but after that year they became worse. - AlphaQ

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6 2010

Either than Justin Bieber's Baby it was actually a really fun ear for music. So much better than the crap we have from 2013/14/15

There's one reason for why this year isn't number 1: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The greatest album of the decade so far

This should be number 2. Number 1 being 2013, of course. Good music was pretty much nonexistent, any good song that was released was killed by overplay or flopped instantly.

I'd rather listen to Baby than crap like Over Here. - AlphaQ

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7 2009

This is actively my least favorite year in the 2000s for music. There was barely anything this year that was REALLY good. It doesn't have the most bad songs, that would probably either be 2007 or 2008. And it doesn't have the worst songs, that would obviously be 2006. However, there were many songs this year I don't think I would come back too unlike the good from 2000-2008. Sadly, this trend carried on in 2010 but just being worse. Even being 9 turning 10 years old, I was sick of the overplayed mediocre stuff from 2009.

Chris Brown battered Rihanna, and there ended up being a song somehow worse than Break Up by Mario, Gucci Mane, and Sean Garrett, in the same year that song released (Diva by Beyonce). - WonkeyDude98

Michael Jackson died worst year of music ever

This was the year that my schoolmates were getting too hooked to the mainstream crap and it became extremely annoying. Overall, there wasn't much about the music this year that was worth remembering - Mcgillacuddy

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8 2005

This was the first year in a long time, where the quality of music in general dropped hard, along with America's morale. While this was a great year for the underground (Sufjan Stevens, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem for example), pop music was AWFUL this year. In one of the worst decades ever for pop music, this must be one of the worst (not the worst) years for it. This year is responsible for introducing us to T-Pain, Chris Brown, and for bringing Akon to the near top. The rap was inane, the pop useless radio static that was annoying, the country was blah, and the R&B would murder a human being with proper taste. To put this god-awful year into perspective, this year gave us "My Humps", "Hollaback Girl", "Fack", and "Crazy Frog". Shall I say more?

At least we had more then 3 music genres at the time and true about the morale - ronald2002collins

As George Bush enters his second term and Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, American music hit a low. Yes, Green Day were still all over the press, but The Black Eyed Peas complete their transition into sell-outs, Kanye West utters "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during the Katrina telethon, Madonna releases her last good album, like, ever, and "Hollaback Girl" rules the nation. And all this happened the year Revenge of the Sith took moviegoers everywhere by storm.

My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas hit #3. Photograph by Nickelback hit #2. Run It! By Chris Brown ft. Juelz Santana hit #1. Need I say more?

The reason I think this is #1 is because of FACK and My Humps and maybe Crank that

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9 2011

2011 wasn't just bad because of Friday. It was the year Kanye West released Watch the Throne which was also the time he started going downhill. - AlphaQ

The year Bad Meets Evil released I'm On Everything. That song was a nightmare - Hotheart123

The year Nicki Minaj released Stupid Hoe. It was a nightmare.

In terms of UK #1 singles, yes! Of 30, none of them got more than 6/10. In general, I'm not sure. There have always been good and bad songs for as long as there's been popular music.

"Swagger Jagger" is a prime example. I know you've heard many bad songs. Go on, think of one! That song you've just thought of is AMAZING compared to the unspeakably deplorable product of Satan I just mentioned.

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10 2006

2006 was indeed the worst year for music, at least for metal and rock. Now let me tell you something, before 2006 these two genres were at top of their peak metal, or nu-metal at least, was still going strong and rock was still at is best. For some reason 2006 started the two genres to decline and the sudden rise of pop and rap music begins to skyrocket. Now going to the present we now have horrible music of pop and rap and still gets rewards for it and metal and rock gets none, and you barely see a metal and rock song in the top charts. Is sad how music is today all because of that year.

The Sufferer & the Witness came out, and it's one of the best albums by Rise Against

Really? But Gnarls Barkley was on the charts!

Overall, outside rap and r&b, 2006 was actually pretty good for most genere's of music. However, in terms billboard, this was not a good year. The good stuff was a bit better than 2005 but overall, 2006 was just not very good. Half of the list is composed of song's I like while the other half is garbage. While 2006 may not be THE absolute worst year for music, it definitely is one the worst mainstream wise. Most of the chart was infested by a shift in Rap and R&B and not only does it sound terribly outdated 11 years later, but I had to search really deep this year just to find enough rap and r&b I actually liked. Mainstream Hip Hop was so bad this year that I just had to take whatever was mediocre enough that I can get ( Money Maker, It's Going Down, Snap Yo Fingers. ). Like I said, while 2006 was a pretty good year for most music genre's, was a bad year for hip hop ( Although 2007-2010 are much MUCH worse ) and the variety just wasn't much there. All I can say is Screw Florida ...more

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11 2008

Music was alive and well...until Katy Perry destroyed it. Now everyone thinks mainstream music is crap. Yes there may be some bad music before, but mainstream music still had its critically-acclaimed moments. Now we have a critically bashed singer making several #1's (either by payola or people are just plain stupid).

I thought this year was just fine. Good albums all around with the few junk stuff played on the radio. We got some pretty nice songs to be released for all genres. It honestly wasn't that bad. - cjWriter1997

Just worst year too much kanye too much of that kind of rap I hated it. Thank god we have changed to trap music

This was the year where EVERYBODY was leaning towards auto tune and pop like records. Prime example, take a hardcore gangster rap group like three 6 mafia. 2008 brought us three 6 mafia songs like "lolli-lolli." And Kanye tried singing to us in 2008. This is just part of the reason why this is one of the worst years in music

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12 1994

Kurt cobain dies and Justin Bieber's born - gemcloben

To restate my past comment (the four-word one): Often considered "the worst year in music" due to Kurt Cobain's suicide and Justin Bieber's birth, but what else was there? Grace Slick aims a gun at a policeman, Ace of Base enters the height of their fame, and some idiot kid refuses to obey the pre-show disclaimer before Beavis and Butt-head started and burns his home down. But hey, there was some good in this world that year - we had lots of classic albums, mainly alternative ones!

Dookie, Ready To Die, Illmatic, (which is regarded as one of the best rap albums of all time,) were all released. - cachu

Death of a legend and birth of a disgrace.

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13 2000

Eh. This year was really lukewarm in all honesty. Nothing really good compared to 1999 but there was nothing really bad either. I mean every now and then you would get great songs like smooth or terrible songs like who let the dogs out but the year was just mostly undirectional. 2000 has a lot of that late 90s cheese which can make for some guilty pleasure songs which I do like =) but this year was still just lukewarm. Not even clost to the worst year but definitely far from the best year as well.

Rap crap manufactured pop crap what more can I say

This was when Eminem released the Marshall Mathers LP! Why is it on this list? - thunderstar1124

The only good songs were the ones from The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem (an OKAY rapper at that time)

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14 2007

Why is 2007 on this list? Three legendary classic rock bands reunited this year, either for a one-off show or full tour. They are namely: Genesis, The Police, and Led Zeppelin! That should overrule a lot of the crappy music that came out that year. - Oneside

While 2007 was a great year for rock, it was a horrid year for rap. - WonkeyDude98

2007 wasn't that good in rap as there were a lot of garbage songs like Buy You a Drank, but compared towards the crapfests in music that were 2005 and 2006, 2007 ( as well as Early 2008 ) was actually a really enjoyable year for music. I mean Soulja Boy is still one of the absolute worst songs of all time but other than that, 2007 was the closest to being a masterpiece in music compared towards the rest of the 2000s. Not the best but definitely not one of the absolute worst in music.

You hate 2007 because of Crank That a song known for being boring. But Kanye West best Album Graduation was in 2007 and Stronger was released which is my favorite song - AlphaQ

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15 2003

Eh. Definitely not the best but I honestly thought 2003 passable.

Why is 2003 up here, seriously? Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Blur, etc. I don't recall much pop from this time frame, but I believe this was THE BEST year for music. (at least in the 00s)

St Anger was released this year.

Next to 2001, this is the best year of the 2000s.

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16 2004

Overall, I'd say this was a pretty good year for rap, at least for me. Eminem's Encore released, an album I guiltily enjoy, and Kanye West's College Dropout and Madvillain's Madvillainy both came out this year. (The latter being one of the only two albums I've ever given an 11/10 to) - WonkeyDude98

I originally thought this was one of the best years in recent memory, but it was really dull. There were a few good exceptions, but nothing memorable. The more memorable pop music came a few years later.

Though encore is the worst Eminem album it's awesome compared to lil Wayne's trash

When I meant worst I didn't mean it was bad. Encore was OKAY

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17 1997

Barbie girl is released and mmmbop is on top of the charts. Things can't get much worse than that.

A pile of novelty songs but as well as that biggie died so everything that was good about bad boy just disappeared like that

This is the worst year for music because of Barbie Girl, The Teletubbies song.

The song Everlong by Foo Fighters shouldn't release in 1997, it should be released at least 1999 or 2000.

MMMBop who gives a damn crap about that!

OK Computer was released that year and went on to become one of the greatest albums of all time. Not a bad year.

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18 1961

Sorry but I disagree. The 1960s was the only decade that personally sticks out the best each year from beginning to end. Though 61 and 66 probably might have been a bit more on the lower end of the 60s, 61 was still one of the best in music in my opinion and even if not by a few, 61 is definitely no where near one of the worst.

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19 1990

My favourite album from this year is mike old field's amarok, which isn't even his 5th best album. That just shows you how much good music there was during this year. - SammySpore

The year sandwiched between Guns N Roses and Nirvana eras was a dark time. Only about 10 of the hit songs from that year were decent.

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20 1999

I'm sorry? Red Hot Chili Peppers released Californication this year and so many great bands got their start this year, such as Coldplay, the White Stripes, Muse, and My Morning Jacket. - Songsta41

Slim Shady was born GUYS, REALLY?!?!

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