I feel that 2015 was a really great year for modern music, especially compared to other recent years. The worst of these years (or possibly second worst, thanks to 2016) is 2014. There was so little variety, the charts seemed to stand still for weeks on end and at least three songs were played over and over and over again, with no escape: Happy, Shake it Off and All About that Bass. This year also marks the mainstream debut of Meghan Trainor, famous for writing one of the worst songs in recent memory; Dear Future Husband. Oh, and Tove Lo was there, too with her intolerable song and then there was Bobby Smurda, Maroon 5's incredibly underwhelming comeback, Jason Derulo... I could go on. 2017 doesn't look much better, unfortunately, but it's only April so who am I to judge?

Where do I begin? In 2014, big butt anthems hit their height in music. Songs like Fancy (which I somehow liked when it was popular) and Wiggle helped ensure that 2014 in music will be remembered in a bad way. I could go on all day about how awful Nicki Minaj's album The Pinkprint was. Especially the two songs, "Anaconda", and "Only". "Anaconda" was basically Baby Got Back 2.0 only worse (don't get me started on the video), while "Only" is full of swearing and has a beat that gives me the chills. There were some good songs like Love Runs Out and Chandelier, though. - allamassal

I hated 2013, but at least good artists were in the game. In 2014, Imagine Dragons and Macklemore are nowhere to be seen, Maroon 5 aren't good anymore, and Eminem isn't important whatsoever, even with the release of the decent SHADYXV. Instead, we have buffoons like Snoop Dogg, Jason DeRulo, and Nicki Minaj supplying us with a trash heap. Even Katy Perry, an artist I can stand, was unbearable this year. - WonkeyDude98

2013 was bad, but this is just the worst year for music that I can even remember we had some really terrible songs such as Fancy, Anaconda, All About That Bass, Bang Bang, Rude, Shake It Off, Turn Down For What and many many more! WORST YEAR FOR MUSIC PERIOD

Worst year of mainstream music, at the pinnacle or its stupidity. We got #selfie, All About That Bass, Bang Bang, Problem, Anaconda and pop "music" made by such animals... At least we got good albums like Hydra, Broken Crown Halo, The Hunting Party and Massive Addictive.

This year just lacked variety. Whenever a good song came along, it had to be replaced by something crappy.

Many rock bands came back, and I introduced them back, but all of those imbeciles of today's world shooed them away and starting giving the likes of That Girl Who Has A Fake Bum, The Girl Who Shook It Off, and Those Boys Who Danced To The "Best Song Ever". - PizzaGuy

Why is this so low! 2014 to me was the official end of the music industry, with horrible songs like its All about that Bass reaching number one in charts. - aldwych94

2014 should clearly be #1, I hated 2014 with such a passion. 2013 was bad don't get me wrong, but this was worse. Fancy became a hit, Taylor Swift became more unbearable, Bang Bang was a huge success, Vine Rap was insufferable, and 2014 had more butt songs than any other year, the worst of them being Anaconda, Wiggle, and Booty. And lets not forget the countless, simplistic rap songs from the one and only DJ Mustard. DJ Mustards beats are so simple, that a 3 year old could create better beats than him. So yeah screw 2014.

2014 should replace 2013. For 2013 there were hella bad songs that people didn't like, but in 2014 there were MORE bad songs and people actually liked it.

This needs to be at the top. This year in music had no taste or variety whatsoever. In fact, the only thing good that happened was deadmau5 releasing while (1<2), but that's it. Even Coldplay's new album couldn't save this year. Music is just getting worse and worse.

This year had very few decent songs. They were all overshadowed by bad artists. This is the year music reached an all time low. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Why is Taylor Swift's 1989 making the most money out of any album of that year?! The same year Primus and Weezer release two amazing albums, this garbage comes in, and ruins any chance of rock being mainstream again. PS Weird Al's album was great as well.

No good music at all. Anaconda, Bang Bang, Shake It Off, no just no._.

Honestly this is my all time favorite year. - ProPanda

Literally full of butt songs. I kept praying for this year to end.

2014 is WAAAY worse than 2015 and 2016 has been quite great overall, this year was horrible. At least 2013 had some amazing songs in the storm like Get Lucky what did 2014? Uptown Funk got big in December and that's too late. 2014 was just horrible from front to back!

There was lots of bad music, not much good music, and the good music was not very good.

Most boring and tasteless year in music history.

Hello Kitty wasn't a hit you generic lying hipster.

This year ducked. It's the worst for sure because it had ZERO good music, yes 2015 had To Pimp A Butterfly, Fetty Wap, Here, 25 and stuff while this had nothing. - AlphaQ

I can not think of any albums I like from this year except Ghost Stories, The Hunting Party, and While 1<2 - SammySpore

2014 was the worst year of music, and to me the worst year in general. It was the year twerking came, if you didn't have a big Booty no one liked you, slang like hashtag and selfie rose, and worst of all... The music. I never liked the indie rock of 2013, or the pop garbage of 2012, but 2014 had to be the worst. Rap music isn't good anymore, pop music is just as bad as the rap music, and the indie music seizes to exist. This bullcrap trend of weaves and 10 year Olds twerking all started in 2014 and totally took over 2015. Hopefully better trends and better music come in the future. - poppytarts155

One good album: Run the Jewels 2 and doesn't even get nominated for AOTY or even best rap album

Just horrible music is dominated by talentles people like Taylor swift iggy azealea and Meghan train or it was also the worst year for rap music it was just horrible and plus in introduced electropop just horrible sad in a way