Just as bad if not worse than 2014. At least 2014 had Shut Up and Dance and Uptown Funk. This was the year of ripoffs. We have an Iggy Azalea ripoff (Jidenna), Soulja Boy ripoff (Silento), etc. However I will give this year credit for reintroducing Skrillex and Bieber into the game and not making people cringe with horrible collaborations (Bieber having worked with will.i.am and Nicki Minaj back in 2013) and deafening dubstep (Skrillex). However, Bieber and WALK THE MOON alone can't hold up the mess that this year was. - WonkeyDude98

I agree, that is when music really went downhill. That year was when the boring trap house music started trending, now most songs this year sound the same and boring. Watch Me Whip, Hit The Quan, and Trap Queen, all terrible songs. But the worst part was when Justin Bieber came back with a new album, his song "Sorry" is annoying and ear bleeding. - AnimeDrawer

2015 has been a year of many disappointments thus far and popular radio continues to pump out the same obnoxious club songs as before. EDM continues to get worse and worse seemingly despite a few bright spots, the indie/alt scene seems to have fizzled out, and rock is relying on godawful new albums from Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons, or mid 2000s bands like Breaking Benjamin or Disturbed to keep it going.

Some really bad songs and albums but the music world was blessed by kendrick lamar when he released To Pimp A Butterfly. Lyrical masterpiece and easily one of the greatest albums of all time

There were, like 9 popular songs in 2015, and 8 of them sound like they were all sung by the same guy. 2015 had Hello. That was it.

This truly was the worst year. All pop songs were more poppy than ever, and no classic artists even dared to try and come back, unless you count Paul McCartney collaborating with Rihanna and Kanye West. Some rock bands were now transitioning to a more pop sound like Coldplay and Linkin Park. And dance songs were just...awful. Especially the Whip Nae Nae. - naFrovivuS

Seems that this list doesn't like today's music ( and I agree with that ). It's like the 00's was the worst, the 90's second. Good music started in the mid 50's ( birth of Rock and Roll ), then came the 60's, 70's and 80's and after that it went downhill. And people are wondering why today's youth are listening to old bands? It's no rocketscience to understand why.

I hate almost everything released this year, especially that "Watch Me" song.

One of those years where a ton of great albums were released, but very little of those albums produced hit songs. As a result, the pop charts were pretty much crap (aside from a few exceptions). Seriously, why? It didn't have to be like this. - Zach808

This year had Cheerleader became #1 hit, u wanna know what I think of that song, it is the worst song I have ever heard in my life

All we had were a bunch of rap songs that all sound the same, with the exception of that annoying Rihanna song and Adele's Hello, which is only number one because there's nothing else to listen to.

Lackluster raps, not enough creativity in the lyrics, flat out lazy dubstep songs that people like for no reason. Yeah this is the worst year for music, at least, so far. - truespongebobfan

Just when you think it can't get worse,... It's like we're watching the decline and fall of all genres of public music. Who has time to search for the exceptions to the rule? These exceptions should be on the radio, not these songs from "Idiocracy". - TangyTiger

Three bad years in a row! I can't even listen to my radio anymore! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

2015 was average for music, except that the first song of the year (possibly) was by Kelly Clarkson. Now, the only issue I had with that was because I hated her at that time so much that it could have been considered a mental illness (but I'm over that now). Not to mention that Silento crap (Crank That 2015 edition), and Iheartmemphis's terrible Hit the Quan. Hotline Bling was a song that I liked when it was popular but now it makes my ears bleed. Everything else, though, wasn't bad. - allamassal

So much crap music and no good music so far - SammySpore

2012 was the last good year for music the last 3 years have been total crap. I'd like to talk about this year this year has of course sucked. This year has just been terrible, as of now we've only had 7 #1 songs 2 of which were from Taylor Swift and another 2 were from The Weekend. If u have very few #1 songs and the ones that are, are from the same artist than that's a serious problem

This year was a slight improvement from 2013-14 and by slight I mean 0.000000000000001% the year still sucks

2015 is an downhill year in music. Disney film "Descendants" have been released. Lemmy Kilmister has been passed away that year.

2015 is the dominance of stupid pop songs in the whole world, not only in the US. Most curious thing is Ed Sheeran that was the whole year at the top ten in British charts with his album x full of disgusting mawkish songs

(Continued still) OMI's 2012 (yeah, 2012) single "Cheerleader" is remixed into the song of the summer. Black Sabbath and Kenny Rogers announce their retirements (seriously). The Weeknd drops "Earned It", "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face". Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls debuts at #4 in America, behind pop records everyone prefers. Peter "Balladface" Cetera is still alive.

Oh gosh. Okay, to be honest, this year is pretty underrated. WHHATTT?! Okay, before anyone shoots me, this year has actively been the best of the 2010s. Trust me as even though I was just as annoyed this year with these songs as you guys were but this year felt a bit improved. Sure you get B $#! I'm Madonna, Pretty Girls, Whip and Nae Nae, Honey I'm Good, Hit the Quan and others but there were many redeemable songs this year that people don't give this year credit for. Examples like Get Low, Chains, The Hills, Downtown, Xs and Os, and others. There were also many good songs this year that barely got attention like Budapest, Bills, Only Love, and many others. I understand why so many hate this year as I actively hated a lot of these songs last year as much as you guys do. However, coming back to this year, I've opened up. And the bad stuff this year isint really THAT bad. I can just imagine everyone in 2025 apologizing to saying that 2015 was the worst. In my opinion, the worst year ...more

I love hip hop and all I can take is Love Story (YelaWolf) and To Pimp A Butterfly

Voting because it is just on par with 2014. - WonkeyDude98

This is the worst year just for rap. Everything else was fine - AlphaQ