Top 10 Worst Years for WWE Superstars


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1 Daniel Bryan - 2013

It was a horrible year to a Daniel Bryan, Bryan wins the wwe title at Summer Slam only to be screwed out of the title by Triple H and Orton and it only got worse for the rest of the year. - egnomac

2 CM Punk 2013
3 Bret Hart - 1997
4 John Cena - 2012
5 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 2002
6 Triple H - 1996

Was buried at Wrestlemania by Ultimate Warrior, and lost his king of the ring push to Austin after taking the heat for the "curtain call" incident. - egnomac

7 Zack Ryder - 2012
8 Yokozuna - 1996

By this time Yokozuna's massive weight really began affecting his wrestling ability. - egnomac

9 Batista - 2014

Batista could not have picked a worst time to return, originally suppose to win the rumble and win the title at Mania but the Daniel Bryan movement happened and had to be scrapped Batista later quit the WWE. - egnomac

10 Kevin Nash - 2003

By this time Kevin Nash's best days were way behind him, leading to several horrible pay per view matches with Triple H. - egnomac

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1. Daniel Bryan - 2013
2. Bret Hart - 1997
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin - 2002
1. CM Punk 2013
2. Zack Ryder - 2012
3. Batista - 2014


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