The year our most favorite website, YouTube, died, now it's full of crap.

Is that it? Is that really it to call this the worst year in HISTORY? You're so shallow. - isaaonrtdmtr

Though I hated music that year. I also was in my old school and got into a huge ton of fights and got bullied a lot because I was small and skinny. I was in Grade 6 that year and I hated life because of that and the torture only ended after I moved away. And the final exam was stressing the hell outta me and that was the last bad year for me. Things started getting better at the end when I went to my new school and I got respected - AlphaQ

You've got to be kidding me! How is this year considered to be the worst year history!? "Oh it was because of terrible music and the celebrities like Robin Williams died, and Frozen was so popular during this year, and T.V. shows were terrible, and.." Grow up! Entertainment and celebrities passing away doesn't make this year the worst year ever. There are much worse years in history. There's 1939, where the Holocaust began, there's 65 million because where the Dinosaurs got extinct, there's 2001 where 9/11 took place, the list goes on. The 21st century as a whole doesn't really stand out as extreme. The exception being 9/11, but that was about it. Stop claiming that entertainment is the most precious thing in the world, because it's not! The only thing that stood out this year was Ebola, but even with that, it wasn't a disaster that affected the entire world. All you care about is the Als Ice Bucket challenge, T.V. shows, music, etc. that doesn't matter.

My Ratings For These 12 Years:

2006: Amazing!

2007: Awesome!

2008: Pretty Good For the most part (except for the diabetes, which sucked), other than that, 2008 was better than 2009, 2009 was terrible though

2009: Sucked For Me, Because Michael Jackson Died And It Was Really Bland

2010: Pretty bad, but improved later on

2011: Good

2012: Average!

2013: Bad!

2014: Really bad!

2015: Horrible!

2016: Really Horrible! - I lost interest to logos


2018: I don't know so far

This was actually a pretty good year for me. The last good year for me.

Its 2017, & I must say I really hated early 2014 because I got bullied a lot, I didn't have any friends, I lost my gym class for fighting my friend who cares about me & I got sent to detention. The bad thing I remember about this year was February 11th,2014, it was the day I went to juvenile for fighting my friend in gym class. It was the saddest, toughest, & worst experience of my life. The day after detention I have lost gym class for over 3 months(February 10th, 2014-June 11th, 2014). Late 2014 was the time I started high school in 9th grade & guess what it saved me from depression!

2014 was NOT a great year! Wonder because that year was full of anger & it was a stressful year for teenagers! I'm glad 2017 is here. - DPS501

The year Robin Williams died, Anaconda was released, Iggy Azalea everything was wrong with 2014 also the year when I was stalked for almost an entire tear

Look, this is the worst years in HISTORY. Just because your life wasn't very good doesn't it's the worst year ever. Also, just because trends weren't very good doesn't make it a bad year either! Your think people in the 1300s cared about what was trending? - isaaonrtdmtr

I thought it was a decent year. It was not the greatest year, but it was better than 2009 or 2016. - anonygirl

I think people and society were a lot more mean and even violent. Not to mention the rise of social media killings and identity stuff or whatever. But think about it, crime was going down in 1990s and went up in 2014 and down immediately in 2015

Alright, everyone STOP WITH THE PERSONAL STORIES. Just because it was a bad year for you due to personal reasons is not at all a valid reason to say a year in general is bad.

I was born in 1999. My favorite years were 2007-2012, except for 2009. So, I'd say (2013) was when I noticed things were starting to suck. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 were crap, and this year had nothing nothing super exciting going on, but trying to recover 5 years of crap, and I don't have much hope for 2019 but 2020 might be great though,

ISIS, Ebola is what happened this year

What on earth is wrong with you people?! Bad trends doesn't compare to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of deaths! And for your information, we really don't care about your personal life, it doesn't make the year the worst in all of HISTORY! Get a grip, everyone! - naFrovivuS

2014 was very bad, though 2017 sucked more!

Strangely enough, 2017 reminds me a lot of 2014 because I think they were personally both terrible.

A lot of celebrities died in 2014 as well, and I had been hospitalized a lot in 2014 as well.

2014 was hell for sure. :'(

I'm just saying that everyone needs to stop with the personal stories. Sorry that your life sucked this year, but your personal life is honestly irrelevant when making a list of the worst years in HISTORY. - DCfnaf

This year was personally rough for me. I started in a new school where I couldn't get a hang on the education system, resulting in abysmal grades and depression that lasts up to this day. On top of that, beloved family members died and my friends started to become self-centered dicks. Then, media became saturated with political arguments and news about disasters and terrorist attacks.
Still, years like the World War years should be ranked higher.

This year was actually better than 2013 and 2012 in my opinion.

I lost 4 people I know that year. I hated it. Two of my uncles, my grandma and my aunt. It was all too depressing for me :( - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

That's the year with annoying stuffs that roled over the internet like the ice bucket challenge. And is also the year I was getting bullied at school the most but I finished to beat everyone down. by the way, this year really suck. I'm glad now is 2015!.

I'm a senior in high school & I'm still suffering from what happened in 2014!

I totally agree, I graduated 8th grade that year, and it was kind of sad to see all of my friends since I had to go to a different high school.

Well for those who think this year shouldn't be hated because of just music. There was also a bombing in Australia, where I live. - AlphaQ

It's got the worst music of any year ever. But some songs from 2015 are pretty awful - SammySpore