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41 1969

Um hello? This is the year where we pioneered into space. I don't know what I was thinking stumbling upon this pessimistic list.

The year Sharon Tate died.

One of the most brutal mass murders occured

42 1707
43 1977
44 1999

Many bad things happened that year. The Columbine High School shooting and NATO bombings of Yugoslavia occurred. I was also born this year, which brought too much stress and chaos for not only my family, but also for society. - anonygirl

The year The Columbine High School Massacre occurred and that The Legend Of The Titanic was released.

NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, the turning point in relations between the western bloc and the Russian Federation.

I was born in 1999 - railfan99

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45 476

The fall of the Roman Empire - ethanmeinster

46 1948

North korea got its independence this year.. - CoolKidsClub

47 1900

When the worst storm in history hit Galveston and surrounding areas killing 6-8000 people

48 65m BC

The massive explosion that wiped out all the dinosaurs

The end of the Cretaceous era, in which a big asteroid slams down into Mexico and destroys an entire civilization. I hope you're happy, universe.

Think about though. The dinosaurs had died because it was their time. I agree it is sad but without the extinction I would not be typing this and no one would be here.

The food chain would be all over if it weren't for the astroid

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49 250m BC

This should be above 65 million because. This was way worse. The extinction. (Not the dinosaur extinction! )

Extinction, it happened and it was not pretty

This should be top.

This should be #1 because 95% of all living things at the time became extinct.

Not the cringiest, just the most disastrous. - SamHalls2015

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50 1993

Jamie Bulger and Stephen Lawrence were murdered this year. The World Trade Centre was also attacked for the first time. Therefore it should definitely be in the top ten worst years in history. - aldwych94

First of all there were a lot of kids similar to James Bulgar killers. For example Eric murdered a little boy that year. Why did they do these things? Since there was so much murder and assault they thought it was normal. Secondly Eric killed because bullies were probably the worst around that time. WTcenter was attacked. Early 90s was bad in general

51 1877
52 1968

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
Assassination of Robert Kennedy
Earthquake in Sicily kills 231 people
Tet offensive in Vietnam

Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated that year. - anonygirl

Very bad year for America. 2 great men were struck down.racially motivated rioting. The Tet Offensive begins.

Seriously, how is this not Number 1!? MLK and RFK were assassinated that year. The Vietnam War turned violent. There were race riots after the death of Dr King. Police attacked protestors outside the DNC in Chicago. Nixon was elected. George Wallace ran and caused tension. There was an Earthquake in Italy.

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53 1 BC
54 201,300,000 B.C.

I don't think 201.3 million years ago lived by dinosaurs - SpencerJC

55 1930
56 1347

This was when the Black Death spread like wildfire throughout Europe. It was very horrid. Bodies were piling up in the streets, and all people thought about was death. - ethanmeinster

Black plague, people. You don't want to be there

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57 1983

The Video Game Crash of 1983 was what made this year the worst. Enough said! - imacg4

Still better than 2016. - anonygirl

It was still better than 2009

-The video game industry almost ended forever (Video game crash of 1983)
-The reign of humankind almost ended forever (Soviet nuclear false alarm incident)

Probably not as bad as 1914, 1942, or 1837, but still extremely threatening.

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58 2002

Seriously? I can't think of ANYTHING majorly bad that happened in 2002. This was a year when the world was able to finally catch a break after the 9/11 attack! All I see here is stuff about people's personal lives.

This is a personal choice for me. Me and my family had to move out of our old neighborhood and into a trailer for the whole entire year. It was rough and crowded. Our new house wasn't built until next year which was 2003.

The only thing I remember in 2002 was that I was born and accidentally pissed in a nurses mouth. - AlphaQ

My Chemical Romance released their first album in 2002 - railfan99

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59 1937
60 1920
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