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61 16000 BC

I hated this year SO SO much

62 1994

Justin Bieber was born that year, and kurt kobain died that year, birth of a devil, death of an angel.

So just because an annoying 22-year old was born this year at the same time a barely praised grunge star dies, we forget all the great things that happened this year? Dookie, Illmatic, the list goes on. - WonkeyDude98

I was born this year. Plus, The Lion King came out this year. And it's everyone's favorite Disney movie (my third favorite).

Actually I don't like The Lion King anymore because it's too cheesy. - AlphaQ

1994 was the worst year
Kurt Cobain died and Justin Bieber was born

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63 2003

I was born, Fallout Boy released their first album, and I think that this was when The White Stripes debuted. Finding Nemo and the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, both of which I liked. You may be wondering "Why am I voting on a year that I generally think of being good? " The answer to that is that me being born discredits everything good about this year. Also I did to tell others to not vote on it, hypocritical, but true

Ren Seeks Help came out that year - Tyler730

I thought it was a cool year. I don't remember it too well because I was only 4. - anonygirl

Space Shuttle Columbia was lost on February 1, 2003.

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64 1868
65 1997

The year Biggie Smalls died.

Harry Potter was published in 1997.

Teletubbies first aired that year.

We now have Caillou and Teletubbies.
We lost Biggie Smalls, Mother Teresa and most importantly "People's Princess" Diana, Princess of Wales. - Maddox121

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66 1938
67 1998

This is a personal choice as I lost my twin brother that year.

The Wild Thornberrys premiered though.. - 445956

Half life was created though.

The power puff girls started aring on that year - ikerevievs

68 1260

Crusades, Evil Kings, and Plagues

69 1985

Actually the first Mario game came out in 1981. "Super Mario Bros." came out this year. Good year for gaming, music, and movies

This is A great year the video game crash of 1983 was ended and Mario was born and was one the best video game and game series ever!

The year of The Black Cauldron, which is one of the least successful Disney movies ever. Also The Care Bears Movie came out this year too.

I actually thought 1985 was pretty cool actually. - anonygirl

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70 2011

I really liked this year. Music got a little better. And the ones that were bad came from 2010. I got bullied this year but I always am, especially in 2014. But, the world hates this year! It's like mother nature just WANTS it to be bad. Natural disasters every where. Other than this it was a great ass year. I'm not gonna be a baby about my grandpa dying or celebrities going rehab or anything like that because who cares?

Actually, this is one of my favorite years I have been around for, but I respect your opinion if you don't like 2011. I got to go to Disneyland and Yosemite that same year, I did a fun science project, I adopted a new rabbit, my teachers were really nice, I went to Six Flags regularly, I had straight A's on my report card, I had a close best friend, and the summer where I live wasn't overly hot. Though I lost 3 cats and a rabbit that year. - anonygirl

So many things happened I started to understand the world better! - Pony

Really sad year

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71 1000

Vikings came over to the Americas.

72 1111


73 375,000,000 B.C.
74 1853
75 1989

This was the year that all of the Golden Toads went extinct. It really is sad and tragic to see another race die out.

Another great Disney movie this year. It was the year of The Little Mermaid.

The gameboy released and it was one of the best game systems ever

Better than 2017 probably

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76 1975

Literally two unrelated genocides (East Timor & Cambodia) happened in the same year, plus the loss of the Vietnam War which coincided with the mass purging of political opponents and former US allies that also lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths plus the beginning of the Angolan Civil War. But no Trump is 65 times worse than two genocides yeah right...

This year brought dream weaver and jaws

77 1944

This year not only occured in World War ll, but Anne Frank and the members of the "Secret Annexe" died (besides Otto)... This year should definitely be higher as it killed millions of Jews. - Flowersocks2137

78 1967

It was the year Disney's The Jungle Book was released. Such a great movie.

How is this on here. It was the summer of love people

It was a good year, why is this here?

Kurt cobain was born this year 😄

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79 1987

This was definitely an awful year for television. The Max Headroom incident, a politician (Budd Dwyer) shooting himself on live T.V., and not to mention T.V. stars like Jackie Gleason and Lorne Greene died. One of the worst years in T.V. history.

80 79

The day the volcano covered the city of Pompeii.

Oh come on so a volcano blew up and covered Pompeii in ash, could be worse.

Who knows this year

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