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61 1260

Crusades, Evil Kings, and Plagues

62 1985

Actually the first Mario game came out in 1981. "Super Mario Bros." came out this year. Good year for gaming, music, and movies

This is A great year the video game crash of 1983 was ended and Mario was born and was one the best video game and game series ever!

The year of The Black Cauldron, which is one of the least successful Disney movies ever. Also The Care Bears Movie came out this year too.

I actually thought 1985 was pretty cool actually. - anonygirl

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63 1066
64 1989

This was the year that all of the Golden Toads went extinct. It really is sad and tragic to see another race die out.

Another great Disney movie this year. It was the year of The Little Mermaid.

The gameboy released and it was one of the best game systems ever

Better than 2017 probably

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65 1111


66 375,000,000 B.C.
67 1853
68 2500 B.C
69 1975

Literally two unrelated genocides (East Timor & Cambodia) happened in the same year, plus the loss of the Vietnam War which coincided with the mass purging of political opponents and former US allies that also lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths plus the beginning of the Angolan Civil War. But no Trump is 65 times worse than two genocides yeah right...

This year brought dream weaver and jaws

70 1967

It was the year Disney's The Jungle Book was released. Such a great movie.

How is this on here. It was the summer of love people

It was a good year, why is this here?

Kurt cobain was born this year 😄

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71 1987

This was definitely an awful year for television. The Max Headroom incident, a politician (Budd Dwyer) shooting himself on live T.V., and not to mention T.V. stars like Jackie Gleason and Lorne Greene died. One of the worst years in T.V. history.

72 79

The day the volcano covered the city of Pompeii.

Oh come on so a volcano blew up and covered Pompeii in ash, could be worse.

Who knows this year

73 1

The page made an error! The year 1 is my worst nightmare! I died in the year 1! I got stepped on by a giant iPod touch that had T.V. juice all over it and everyone knows that leads to dying! Yeah and I was born in 2005 so I'm 11 now but I'm not telling you what year it is because remember I died!

*musical voice* 1 is an lonely number - JaysTop10List

How Do We Know If This Year Was Bad It Was The First Year None Of Us Were Alive Then

Jesus was born this year that's a GREAT thing

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74 000

This wasn't a real year because it went from 1 because to 1 ad

There is no year 0. - anonygirl

Year 0, the year before god made earth - TeamRocket747

000 LOL WHAT!?!?! It starts from A.D. to normal year its not 000 Bro - SpencerJC

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75 400,000,000

The world is gone by then.

Ummm... is this year real?

lol - EliHbk

76 1999

Many bad things happened that year. The Columbine High School shooting and NATO bombings of Yugoslavia occurred. I was also born this year, which brought too much stress and chaos for not only my family, but also for society. - anonygirl

The year The Columbine High School Massacre occurred and that The Legend Of The Titanic was released.

NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, the turning point in relations between the western bloc and the Russian Federation.

I was born in 1999 - railfan99

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77 1889

The year Hitler was born.

Adolf Hitler was born this year. But we also had the birth of Charlie Chaplin so that makes it a little bit better - NegrosSuck

78 65,000,000 B.C

The year the dinosaurs died.

That year is not here

The year that Lavos came to the earth.

79 1915

The sinking of Lusitania which you lead to the U.S in to the war 2 years later

80 666

The year of the beast!

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