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81 1963

Rip jfk, you were awesome - EliHbk

John F. Kennedy was assassinated that year.

But the up side martin luther king jr the speech I had a drem

82 1

The page made an error! The year 1 is my worst nightmare! I died in the year 1! I got stepped on by a giant iPod touch that had T.V. juice all over it and everyone knows that leads to dying! Yeah and I was born in 2005 so I'm 11 now but I'm not telling you what year it is because remember I died!

*musical voice* 1 is an lonely number - JaysTop10List

How Do We Know If This Year Was Bad It Was The First Year None Of Us Were Alive Then

Jesus was born this year that's a GREAT thing

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83 000

This wasn't a real year because it went from 1 because to 1 ad

There is no year 0. - anonygirl

Year 0, the year before god made earth - TeamRocket747

000 LOL WHAT!?!?! It starts from A.D. to normal year its not 000 Bro - SpencerJC

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84 1889

The year Hitler was born.

Adolf Hitler was born this year. But we also had the birth of Charlie Chaplin so that makes it a little bit better - NegrosSuck

85 65,000,000 B.C

The year the dinosaurs died.

That year is not here

The year that Lavos came to the earth.

86 1915

The sinking of Lusitania which you lead to the U.S in to the war 2 years later

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88 1988
89 1906

In 1906, a huge earthquake occurred in San Francisco, killing many people. - anonygirl

90 1927
91 1986

Um, 1986 is when Disney's Flight of the Navigator and The Great Mouse Detective came out, so take this off the list! Disney made two great movies in 1986, Flight of the Navigator being my favorite Disney movie of all time. I wasn't alive in 1986, (I was born in 2003) but it sounds like an exceedingly groovy year! - RockFashionista

One reason that this year is bad because The Chernobyl Nuclear disaster happened - ExcaliberDG11

Even though I was born in 1999, I still thought 1986 was great. - anonygirl

The bad thing about that year was when the shanklin pier was destroyed by a hurricane. - ShaunFan04

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92 27

Not bad just good

The year Jesus was crucified

My birth date is 27, and the cruifixion is quite sad but good

In my oppinion, The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the most gratest event in history because by his death our sins where washed away. If Jesus didn't die we wouldn't have salvation.
Jesus was crucified for all of us because he loved us.

93 1907

The world was nice until this year happened, cars, war, asteroids,

Unless you have a passion for Ford then this was a terrible year when the Model T Came - bugger

94 1992

That year I heard is really good except the down side is that Miley Cyrus was born that year

95 1971

Why is this year so bad. The rolling stones released sticky finger, I'd be happy

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96 1995

The year Selena Quintanilla died.

The Powerpuff Girls is The Best Show Ever. So Shut Up

Affirmative. I'm agreeing with the Disney guy. Plus, Powerpuff Girls is a very stupid show. - RockFashionista

The year Billy Madison was released.

April 19: that was when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building. Over 100 dead which included children too.

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97 1959

The statehood of a stale state that I unfortunately live in

I love and hate this year
GOOD, First Violent Game
BAD, The Beatles released Love Me Do

98 294

Nothing at that time

99 66,000,000 B.C.

Why are you voting for years in the 2010s? Sure they were bad... I cried a lot in 1st/2nd grades in 2010, I was cringy in 2013, I had my first period in 2014, many of my pets died in 2015... and a lot of bad stuff like Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook in 2012, Ebola and butt songs in 2014, and Zika and celebrity deaths in 2016.

But those don't compare to this year. A whole geologic era ended and many awesome creatures got extinct. - MioceneEpoch

100 1803
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