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1 2018

Worst toptens year ever period. Good users keep either retiring or deleting their accounts, user infinity war started, users changing their personalities and turning into complete jerks and of course admin being at his worst. What more can I say?

This year sucked for the site, when me and my Gen-18 friends started being super immature. What was wrong with me. - 445956

Awful year. Admin being at his worst - Therandom

Yes. Oh god yes... - Redrocm

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2 2017

The great zootopia controversy, the great zootopia controversy, and the great zootopia controversy all happened this year, so it's no surprise this is at the top - SpectralOwl

Can’t forget the year when Gen 18 came into existence - Randomator

This was the year when the Great Zootopia "Controversy" happened. I joined in the latter part of the year, but in my first month or two I got rustled by anyone criticizing older music or praising What About Us or Love So Soft. - allamassal

3 2016

The whole Disney1994 thing happened

Disneyanime1234 died. Top 3 needed. - TeamRocket747

I was banned the entire year I think. - purpleyoshi98

4 2015

Isn’t this the year you joined? - Not_A_Weeaboo

Joined 2014. Discovered this place in 2013. This year is bad mainly because it was the first year of the policy - Puga

5 2006

Was this site even around then - Nonpointed

6 2009
7 2011
8 2010
9 2008
10 2007

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11 2013
12 2014

That’s around the time I first discovered this site. - MrCoolC

13 2005
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