Top 10 Worst Young Adult Literature Cliches

I think (most of) authors should using less these cliches

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21 The character learns they are part of an old prophecy.
22 Teenagers doing drugs
23 They go to a school to learn magic

Honestly, I've seen very few books with schools for magic, however, there are many about schools to learn...well...anything! A have heard of Monster High and Ever-After High books (which I only read one each of and were horrible, and Monster High was so forgettable I forgot what they were learning), where the characters learn to be princess and fictional characters, which were a bit much. It was acceptable for Harry Potter, but that's because it was written good.

The only books I have seen with this cliche is Harry Potter, Hex Hall, and Carry On. And Carry On was basically supposed to be like Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson started this - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

HP has a lot of cliches but is still a decent well written series. - Lunala

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24 Best friend with no personality

They are only there so the main character isn't a loner and remain stupidly loyal to the main character.

25 Boy goes on quest with, elfs, dwarfs, etc to defeat a dark lord

Yer a wizard harry - Lunala

This is by far the most lazy story anyone can come up with, I've seen it in EVERYHTING and I am so sick of it!

26 Damsels in distress

If done right they aren't too bad. If done wrong, they are AWFUL - Lunala

27 Main character describes their appearance while looking in a mirror
28 Mentor dies
29 The main character is the chosen one
30 The main character is perfect
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