Top Ten Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer Channels

Since there are a lot of anime reviewers on YouTube that I don't like, I want to express my opinions on here by making a list of the Top 10 Worst Anime Reviewers. Feel free to add any you think are bad as well. Sorry if there are any anime reviewers on here that people like. Please feel free to express your opinion as well and vote.

The Top Ten

Mother's Basement

He's way too handsome also. It makes me angry. SAO is love, SAO is Life. Klein best girl

Hey guys this is the real deal guys I saw his Twitter feed this is him - Hoxton

I actually like Mother's Basement but he wants to be higher on this list so I'm doing my duty to help him out.

He actually knows about this list? Also, are you the one who keeps on voting constantly for this item? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh, what a horrible lad, with his title now misinforming people, playing us for fools. What credit in criticizing art could he have by not funneling his hate and resentment of others' talents and successes, when he can support himself and find love and respect among peers? No, he threw the honor and responsibility of being a reviewer away when he stopped leeching from his mother's teat, found happiness in his work, and tries to engage with his audience. His ability to express his opinions and actually explaining them coherently sickens me, truly, what I believe to be great and terrible should hold sway and he should kowtow to my will. Well, at least my vengeance shall be swift and absolute, by complaining about him on a website made for crapping on people who don't know or care about my existence, while producing only the barest bones way of yelling for others validation, a top ten list made in less time than it takes to microwave a hot pocket!

Yo Sponge. Why is not liking SAO a bad thing? Why is that a reason to get on this list? You want people to respect your opinion on sword art but you don't respect other's opinion on it, well at least the ones you don't want to hear. But let me get this straight, the critreia to be on this list is if the person doesn't like SAO, if the person doesn't have the same tastes as you, if they have an annoying fan base, if they rant, and if they are hated by other people and not specifically by you. Ok man you could've put in a little more effort. Like give criteria on what makes them a bad reviewer. You got a little bit of that for the Arkada one but even then you only complained about him not talking about the animation and fight scenes. He does talk about animation briefly and always adds it to the overall score. Also reviewing fight scenes is like reviewing a kiss scene in a romance anime, when it comes down to it it doesn't really effect if the show is bad or good. Just, the next time ...more

There are other reasons for disliking him, such as his arrogance, ego, and the fact his a man-child - RBDTitan


It says so in the name. He IS an anime snob. Not only is his fan base annoying, but the snob is so harsh in his opinions. Especially since his reviews are BIASED. Plus, he refuses to admit when he is wrong in his opinions and his snob persona gets on your nerves once it gets old. Oh, and basically all he does is rant about stuff like plot holes. I'm not sure what his opinion on SAO is, but I don't want to know. Actually, I just looked him up and found out he insults fan of the series. It's okay to hate an anime, but you don't have to bully people just for liking it! He really is a snob. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously, I think he just likes to insult series just to make people mad. He also thinks anyone who has a different opinion than him is an idiot. Condescending much? - Elric-san

And did I forget to mention that he also judges an anime based on the studio that made it? Or judging the source material solely based on the quality of the anime and calling them crap despite having not read any of them? Yeah he is the worst.

Yeah, definitely one of the worst anime reviewer ever. His reviews are extremely biased and he will just call anyone who doesn't agree with him an idiot.

Anime America Podcast

I Googled up "Anime America death threats," and the only thing I found about it was on this very site. In all of the videos from them I've seen, I've never once heard them tell anyone to kill themselves over a difference of opinion. Anime America has always been fairly respectful towards people who disagree with them. If they give a scathing review to something you like, they are only giving their opinion on a show, and not attacking you personally. In their reviews of Sword Art Online and Clannad, they even told their audience to check out the shows for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Yeah, they're biased. Yeah, they get too excited about stuff they like. Yeah, they get too scathing about stuff they don't like. But they've never presented themselves as an authority on anime, and I've never seen any evidence of them sending death threats. I'm not normally one to pull the "you're all just (insert simple thing here)" card, but I think you're all just ...more

I'm not saying she's wrong to dislike SAO. I'm perfectly fine with people not liking it as long as they respect my opinion on it. The main reason why I hate Anime America is mainly because of how abusive and disrespectful this channel is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm so sick of Robyn saying EVERY time they make a romance/slice for life list, she always mentions how much she hates Clannad After Story. We get it. You hate it but many of us love it so drop it will you? Also, when I read the comments section in her Clannad review, she was really rude to various users that didn't agree with her about Clannad's ending. Just pathetic.

I think their voices intend to make you feel offended. I don't think their opinions are backed up by any reasoning, only the personal tastes of the people who run the channel. I completely agree with all their points on the faults and mistakes of SAO, but they just rub it in, in a way that feels like you were just punched in the stomach after eating a plate of bad pasta. I just watched their Your Lie in April review, and it was just a plot summary with themes, and a person saying the anime was "amazing" or "extraordinary" without citing examples from the actual series. The whole channel feels like an empty shell, and inside there are people that are a little too excited about anime and Japanese culture trying to do proper reviews and top 10's.

Why did Anime America Podcast decide to make a TheTopTens account?! Why?! I'm just glad they're not that active since they have a lot of comments with dislikes! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It is fake. Because the folks at AA are professionals, what they do here is very unprofessional - YourWaifuSucks


Whoops. I thought I could vote people down on the list. In any case, I like Digibro, and think he brings a lot of good to the table. He's very opinionated when talking about some things, but for the most part, I think he's entertaining, and makes fair points.

It's clear from looking at his MAL profile that he actively tries to hate anime. He sensationalizes his condescending "elitist" attitude by taking amazing anime and treating them like garbage. He's truly an enemy to the fandom.

When someone posts a video about "How to terrible series in one episode" and list a few of your favorites in the list, and to top it off criticizes the most still little things. It feels more like he's trying to justify his opinions than anything else.

I see people here criticising Digibro because he is trying to justify his opinions. I don't see why this is bad. Its in the nature of his role as a critic to justify his opinion, otherwise he would just be laying out statements.


Don't know much about him, but as I've heard in the anime community, he's pretty much hated. According to most people, this dude is usually such a troll and calls average anime like Danganronpa a masterpiece. Plus, he uses bait thumbnails and most anime fans claim his Top 10 lists are bad. Not much I can say about him, but please feel free to say anything I missed. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well, now I have a reason to hate that buffoon. Just when I thought he was one of the only few YouTubers who liked Sword Art Online, he went and stabbed me in the back by making a 7 Reasons to Avoid Sword Art Online video. LITTLE TRAITOR! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Sorry to intrude but, did you watch the video you just mentioned? He said at the beginning that it was a JOKE! I'm not a fan or a subscriber to him just to tell you there is a disclaimer in the beginning of the video. - BM55

He made so many unnecessary lists about bad anime that are called the best. Misty/Cronexia sucks. - Neinwott

He's a dumbass. But I love that cartoon thing he made. It's so bad, it loops back around to being good.

Glass Reflection Arkada

Ok, so I don't care if he bashes my favorite anime or likes my least favorite one. I don't care that his logic is often flawed (to the point where, even if the anime he's talking about is something I've never seen, I can tell his arguments are poor). Why? Because he's just so boring. Seriously, I tried watching a video of his that was like, 15 minutes long, because I thought maybe, just maybe, I'd be interested in the conclusion he'd give, and I quit halfway through, because it was feeling like I had already been watching for over 20 minutes. He never gets to the point, and just seems to be rambling for most of his videos, except he tries to hide this rambling with "smart and analytical" language to make it sound like he's actually saying something. I suppose this is part of the bigger problem of his: he's extremely pretentious. And with his cringe worthy uniform, hairstyle, and smug attitude, it's clear what this guy is doing: he's trying to look like some sort of ...more

Sorry, but this guy did not deserve to be number one on Watchmojo's Top 10 YouTube Anime Reviewer Channels. Maybe top 5 material at least. Anyways, the dude thinks he has such good taste in anime when we as an audience could argue against it, and he is so biased in his videos as well. For example, he spends a portion of a video talking about how Soul Eater is the best anime ever (that's not the point, dude). Plus, whenever he talks about animation with anime like Sword Art Online and Tokyo Ghoul, instead of referring to the actual aspects of the animation in those anime such as their great fighting scenes and nice art, he just goes on and on about Sword Art Online having fanservice (um, this is animation we're talking about, not fanservice! ) and Tokyo Ghoul having too much censorship (well, what about the fighting scenes and the art?! ) Anyways, I used to respect this guy, but now I don't as much anymore. At least he's better than Anime America, though. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This guy is the definition of pretentious. He's the kind of reviewer whose critiques can best be summed up as: "Can I use this to make myself seem smarter and analytical? No? Then it must be bad, because heaven forbid a work not be interested in making me look smart."

This guy has a massive problem of thinking that certain anime should be only the way HE imagines, or else it's bad. Now, all critics have preferences, but randomly criticizing Umaru-chan for not having romance? What? And of course there was his infamous review of Nozaki-kun, where he got upset that a parody of shoujo wasn't a straight up romance. He also shows bias, such as complaining that Nozaki-kun's humor is repetitive when Azumanga Daioh, a show he likes, has equally repetitive humor. I know he got better about that show, but he still seems to under the impression that because the ending wasn't what he wanted, it was bad. Nozaki-kun isn't even a spectacular anime in my opinion, but his review of it was just embarrassing. I though the ending was the best part, because it showed that Sakura's love wasn't returned, she didn't whine about being friendzoned, but still liked Nozaki as the dense friend she had made throughout the anime. But he, of course, ignored any possible merit to ...more


The fact he's only number seven says a lot about the people voting on this site, tells me that the people voting on here are idiots, since the guy should be in the top 3 at the very least. At least some of the people higher on the list can say something substantial about anime.

More like Double4a__hole! I don't know much about this guy, but based on what I heard about him, he has bad taste in anime and can't get the grip of what a good anime is! And he gets too hyped up towards anime he likes! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This guy should be in the top place. He is basically a narutard. Neither he has any idea of shounen troupes nor he has anything entertaining to say. He has a huge ego and extremely insecure. He is already termed as a cancer among YouTube anime community. Others usually avoid him at all costs. Copying stuff from other channels, overhyped tiltes, stalking and trolling other reviewers who has different opinions is what he does best. I legit think this guy has some Psychological issues to which he should get some professional help.

Not to mention when they're saying the truth about Naruto or any other anime he likes he always flips the middle finger in front of us


Even though I love Sword Art Online, I gotta admit one thing. This guy has bad taste in anime. While it's nice he admires anime like Code Geass, Death Note, and Madoka Magica, he really needs to balance between talking about the pros and cons of each anime and not forgetting to specifically talk about the flaws they have. Also, he calls Fairy Tail a masterpiece. Actually, I'm okay with someone calling an anime a masterpiece, because since it is their opinion, that's fine. But even though I think SAO is a masterpiece, I'm not afraid to admit it has some flaws. But Forneverworld disregards that and treats every anime as if they were flawless. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Forneverworld sucks

I too agree with other reviews here. Fornever world taste is very bad. Most of his reviews are extremely bland. He is too afraid to point out flaws of any particular anime. Even the flaws he points out are extremely superficial.

Forneverworld has complete garbage taste in anime

The Pedantic Romantic

If you don't like people who make everything political, take what other people say out of context to start drama and hate, say really dumb things, and are extremely arrogant then this channel is not for you.

This loser made a video called "if you like goblin slayer you're a hypocrite" and after a lot of backlash and losing 1k subscribers she disabled the comment section, unlisted the video, and made an apology video which was basically her making excuses and blaming YouTube.

Stalks people she doesn't like. She seriously needs to get a life

I despise her, she made a video saying all feminine males are trans and that has made me scared to come out as a feminine man because I'm afraid they will try to push me to be trans.

Mr. Anime

Killed his family and almost committed a school massacre. He was very mentally ill.

Not saying murdering your family is good, but it has nothing to do with anime. But still, he's psycho!

Murdered his family.

Say what you will about others, none of them killed their families.

The Contenders

Nux Taku

Started very solid but, eventually started pandering to the toxic portion of the fambase.

Obnuxious husband of mine I hate the content, opinions and humor of this radioactive ferret in a cage roommate of mine but love him out of obsessing over hating him where to I love his existence in the simplest of forms but hate his opinions, voice, everything he stands for, his repetition, taste, and not to mention the mindset he spreads to his herd of sheep fans, I always count the amount of times he says an adverb ending in "ly" and the amount is high. I want him to marry me and I want to marry him despite our 9 year age gap. swoon

Nux use to be really good before he started to only use memes in his videos.

He's become way to obnoxious in his videos lately. - antinuxtaku


The guy pretty much acts like he has bipolar disorder. His anime reviews aren't even reviews at all. When it's an anime he hates like Sword Art Online, he immediately starts hating on the anime and not getting to the point. But when it's an anime he likes, he enters fanboy mode and talks about how much of a masterpiece it is while ignoring its flaws. I'm sorry, but I could do better reviews of anime than him! Then again, I should have put him higher on the list then 8! - ModernSpongeBobSucks


His videos are a fresh of breath air

Mr anime is awesome

He is here for legitimately comparing Akame Ga Kill's Night Raid to the POWER RANGERS! Yes he actually does that in his worst anime of 2014 video. - SelfDestruct


Yes, he's smug and thinks he's better than others, uses his heritage as an excuse to be a complete weeb, et cetera yada yada, I get the point. But above all that, the real reason I think he should be higher is that he was more involved than any other YouTuber in the Flying Colors Foundation scam. And after the fact, no one else went as far out of the way to dodge the topic and pretend none of it ever happened as he did.

I wouldn't really call Joey a reviewer... - Anonymousxx

I strongly dislike the way he judges newer anime fans who watch and like mainstream anime. I find that he takes up a "holier the thou" attitude when talking about the anime he likes and how it's underrated and how newer anime fans can't like anime at all just because they watch the mainstream stuff. So what if you don't like it? You don't need to judge the people who do and just assume that they know nothing about anime.

Used to make great content but ever since he got together with that pig of a girlfriend he has become so toxic with his "holier than thou" attitude. - poprocks


He might be a good anime reviewer, but I really wish he would be more diverse in what anime series he reviews! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Chibi Reviews

The guy could do better by upping his standards for what anime are good and try to get to the main point of an anime he is reviewing. But I don't really know what else is bad about him. Feel free to point out anything else in what areas he might fall short in. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He can't handle criticism or people with different views than his own. Acts childish and very hypocritical in his videos

Acts childish and doesn't give the proper credit to resources he steals from

He steals from reddit and 4chan.

Lost Pause

He appeals to the weeb culture and pretends that he isn't a weirdo. He acts like a hormone engulfed teenage boy, jacks off to prepubescent looking characters, a tad bit homophobic and frankly, he just sucks. I understand his appeal and all but he's just obnoxious to me.

As someone who's actually gay, I don't see how he could be homophobic - Kuro

Honestly I just find him annoying

Cannot stand him just like Akidearest and The Anime Man.

This guy is so cringy, that time were he took a quiz online, I was dying on the inside - YourWaifuSucks


This guys channel is a gathering place for Akame Ga Kill and SAO haters, where in the comments they constantly call fans of those series "retard 14 year olds" and other horrible things. The guy himself is annoying, half of his vocabulary are "Bad, Horrible, Horrendous, God-Awful,, Terrible" etc. I question his status as an anime "fan", seeing as he thinks Code Geass and Gurren Lagann are terrible, everyone has the right to have opinions like that for those series, but he also thinks MOST SHONEN are horrible, in fact he thinks SCHOOL DAYS IS A BETTER ANIME THAN TH EM! l ook at his scores he gave on myanimelist, so many 1s, he just ignores anything positive about the series, also on his myanimelist at the top he has the infamous Miyazaki "Anime was a mistake" quote, also in his reviews of Gurren Lagann and Fairy Tail on Myanimelist, he pretty much implies the people that like those series are morons, that's just horrible and I remember him saying ...more - Coreylordo


Though she does do anime reviews, etc., I will mention her VOCALOID content. To me, a fan of VOCALOID who has been in the community for a couple years, she gives MANY, MANY misconceptions about the topic. Dosen't even mention it's a program, neglects all other languages except Japanese, capitalizes off songs most people in the community know, and fails to mention any producers/artists that make the songs/images. It makes me remember my awful phase where I cared less about the program. Too bad her videos come up when people search for VOCALOID. Yamaha is trying to do enough no-anime-art marketing for VOCALOID5 in the West.

As for her anime videos, I believe most of what was said about TheAnimeMan can apply to her too...

I don't understand why, but her and The Anime Man truly irk me. To be honest, I don't dislike her as much as Misty SLASH Chronexia or The Anime Man, but I just don't like her videos in general. Not all of them are bad though and she isn't the worst anime reviewer.

How? Aki is hilarious. And beautiful too. - TwilightKitsune


King of Lightning

Can't respect people liking Naruto (the character)


He's too much of a veggie loving fat boy. I want to drink with him til we both do something we'll regret.

Uhhh... What? I heard Demo is pretty good, I like his attitude. I've watched his analysis and they are pretty fun to watch.

This iguana loving douchebag never posts videos all I want is for him to review Naruto and say it is the best anime. - multisiffi

Hates Naruto and believes that bad anime like Boku no Pico should be watchable

He was obviously being sarcastic when he said you should watch Boku no Pico.


Really annoying, acts spoilt and swears too much

He's more of a weeb than actual weeaboos

He has honest opinions and his video "I'm racist" made me love him.
Sure, He uses a lot of swear words. So what? Almost everyone does that. And there have been instances of fans saying that he's actually really nice in real life and just jokes around on YouTube.
Also, his content always makes me laugh. - ObscuredBeauty


This guys hilarious, even when we have disagreements, he's at least: FUNNY, and I respect him. - Coreylordo

Easily the best balance of funny and analytical in the youtube anime community

Talks way to much - antinuxtaku

I wouldn't exactly put JoJo's on the top.


She is a biased crybaby who bashes on Anime

Matthew Davis The Movie Lover

Ikr. He is such a five year old, and hates on characters for no good reason. Yes some shows are bad, but he should not release his stupid opinion on youtube. Why is he even married!? Can't wait until this idiot gets destroyed for the makers of all the shows he ranted on.


I used to like him but with the huge growth of his channel lately he is acting too much as a VIP, he hardly interacts with his fandom on Twitter and FB, ( I wrote him a normal message on FB, not only didn't he reply but he even blocked me) except for the live on YT, which are just to make big money and are always repetitive, he rejects most people that try to approach him both in RL and online when they're just normal manga-anime fans who want to interact and exchange opinions, I mean, what's the point in joining a virtual community if you refuse to make new friends? Of course you're gonna be approached by people you don't know, especially if you expose yourself so much, it doesn't mean that everyone is a creepy stalker, lol, get over yourself. He should value his followers more since they're the reason why he's where he is now, instead of selfishly playing the " funny approachable loser", just to get views, which anyway gets annoying after a while. Besides that, his format ...more

I understand why somebody would put Tekking here, he looks like a certain weeb ho will definitely annoy you and most likely dosn't have a social life. But he is also pretty young. I was watching his videos a while ago. There is nothing wrong with the content he makes. But it's the production that sucks and looks boring. Like I believe he will get better with time. And more or less his reviews are not that bad!

Bennett the Sage

Had no understanding of plot or characters.

The fact that he calls himself an "Oldtaku" makes me vomit.

Watchmojo is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher, and syndicator. With nearly 10 billion all-time video views and 16 million subscribers, WatchMojo has one of the largest channels on YouTube.

A soulless machine for the production of tops on various topics. I don’t understand who is watching them and from the whole list presented above, they are my anti favourite here.

Mumkey Jones

Worst anime reviewer easily. Doesn't even review anime.

Wot? He's a S A T I R E channel, and 2, he didn't review anime, do you think the bible is an anime? Do you think that mumkey jones is an anime?

Anime News Network

He spends 10 minutes rambling on about how to subscribe and two actually covering the topic of the video.

I agree they suck

Anime Balls Deep

Horrible videos, annoying accent


Feels too much like MatPat's style: videos made to game the YouTube algorithm without much passion put into them

Is this a satirical name? what


They are incredibly rude and can bash on any anime they watch


Deletes his videos - antinuxtaku

Makenshi Critiques

Doesn't think Mononoke is an 11 smh


WHAT THE?! Oh well, At least he wasn't as annoying as AnimeAmerica - MLPFan

I love his videos. He wasn't annoying as AnimeAmerica.Vestalis


BONsamurai, lol. - Coreylordo

Anjim 2.0

He works for the white man

I think his videos come from a toaster


Anipoopica is the most overproduced anime review show on the internet. Will Ryan tries so hard that he blows a hernia after every season of Animerica and has to take a 2 year hiatus. Nowadays he doesn't even review anime, he just sits on his bony ass congratulating himself for losing a ton of weight and playing Dark Souls. Also, he's big huge gay.

Silent Invoker Animated Manga

He's the best anime youtuber ever xDDD

Signed Silent Invoker

Dustan Reacts

Best streamer out there...


I really like this guy, he actually likes anime that most people hate, unlike most other Anime Youtubers, we don't always agree on everything, a lot of his reviews I immensely disagree with, but at least at the end of his reviews he asks for our opinions on the anime or movie, another thing most Anime Youtubers don't do, well most reviewers in general, he also says "But I'm not the end-all be-all guy for opinions" THANK YOU! I usually feel like most reviewers in general think that their opinions are absolute, I know they don't really think that, but it feels like that, so thank you Tony! - Coreylordo

Whoever put him is a Person who got butthurt, over a damn opinion.
(Take notes: Not all everyone have to like or dislike stuff that you love or hates)

PErsonally I think he needs to watch more matured anime

He hates Girls Bravo, Shiki, Moribito and Serial Experiments Lain. He has a bad taste in anime

You only hate this guy who disliked (not hate) those animes that you love and that he has a bad taste in anime. I respect your opinion but, everyone has different anime tastes. You can't just hate one guy that dislikes your show. Just saying. - BM55

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