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21 Gigguk

This guys hilarious, even when we have disagreements, he's at least: FUNNY, and I respect him. - Coreylordo

Easily the best balance of funny and analytical in the youtube anime community

Just the best one, give it a chance

I wouldn't exactly put JoJo's on the top.

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22 The Pedantic Romantic
23 42sAnimeReviews

They are incredibly rude and can bash on any anime they watch

24 Anime News Network V 1 Comment
25 iNZANE0ne
26 MrRecklessPenguin V 1 Comment
27 BubbleteaFrenzy

WHAT THE?! Oh well, At least he wasn't as annoying as AnimeAmerica - MLPFan

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28 GoatJesus
29 Matthew Davis The Movie Lover
30 BlackCriticGuy

I really like this guy, he actually likes anime that most people hate, unlike most other Anime Youtubers, we don't always agree on everything, a lot of his reviews I immensely disagree with, but at least at the end of his reviews he asks for our opinions on the anime or movie, another thing most Anime Youtubers don't do, well most reviewers in general, he also says "But I'm not the end-all be-all guy for opinions" THANK YOU! I usually feel like most reviewers in general think that their opinions are absolute, I know they don't really think that, but it feels like that, so thank you Tony! - Coreylordo

PErsonally I think he needs to watch more matured anime

He hates Girls Bravo, Shiki, Moribito and Serial Experiments Lain. He has a bad taste in anime

You only hate this guy who disliked (not hate) those animes that you love and that he has a bad taste in anime. I respect your opinion but, everyone has different anime tastes. You can't just hate one guy that dislikes your show. Just saying. - BM55

I may not agree with his tastes BUT I do agree his taste on Eiken ( eiken is pure bull crap).-Vestalis

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31 BonSamurai V 1 Comment
32 Anjim 2.0 V 1 Comment
33 Moneyboss
34 Animerica
35 ClydeTheWeeaboo
36 Jaded Otaku Media
37 TheJosephShow

Worst User Ever

38 BobSamurai
39 SoulAnimation

All he thinks is Just Fairy tail and NaLU

40 Silent Invoker Animated Manga

He's the best anime youtuber ever xDDD

Signed Silent Invoker

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The Anime America Incident Is A SHAM!!!
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