How to be a Hated YouTuber Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by this tutorial. Ever wanted to be like PewDiePie, Fred or Annoying Orange? NOW you can by choosing 3 steps

1. Make videos where you scream and use profanity every 10 seconds.

Profinity and Screaming will always get a hater that will complain that they can't watch your videos due to their parents not leting them watch. (This can also fit with Gaming Videos)

Examples: PewDiePie and SkyDoesMinecraft.

2. Make a video about Five Nights At Freddy's like almost a EVERY youtuber does.

Making a video about a overrated game will drive every 15 Year Olds angry and type a angry comment, like "Oh FNAFS is so overrated seriously stop with the dumb game or i will unsub!!!11"

OR, you can go on a video that has nothing to do with the game and say type a comment about the game. You will get butthurt feedback at NO TIME!

Examples: Yo Mama (No, not saying your mother, The channel) and Smike

3. Make a channel where you upload nothing but Minecraft Videos

Doing this will get negitive feedback and people calling this "Lame" and "Overrated" etc.

Examples: A LOT of them,

After doing each step. A lot of people will have a strong hatred on you and your videos. Good Luck!

~ Mumbizz01


This is so funny! - visitor

Noice, thanks for the advice! - Delgia2k

Only Spodermen can have sweg. - Garythesnail

No. Cilan>Spiderman. - RiverClanRocks

This has nothing to do with Cilan. Or Pokemon in general. Cilan has no sweg. - Garythesnail

You can be Spodermen by wearing sweg sunglasses. - Delgia2k

I don't care if it has nothing to do with Cilan or Pokรฉmon! Cilan is awesome! - RiverClanRocks

But Cilan doesn't have sweg. - Garythesnail

No argument. No stupid argument. Both of them have sweg guys! - PizzaGuy

Wow, I just saw someone who said "I don't care". You obviously cared lol - visitor

I can have sweg.AND IMA HEDGEHOOG! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž - SanicHeghog123

4.Be a cold heart guy that thinks sad tragedy is funny

Doing this you would get the troll badge and the amount of hate comments from the troll feeder - CerealGuy

Now I can finally be a hated youtuber!
My dream became true! - visitor

Can you make one where it teaches you how to become a sl*** pop singer? - Ihaskitty1234

Actually, I think I might make that. - Mumbizz01

1.Make "Stupid Hoe"
2.There is no Step 2 - visitor

SuperMinecraftKid In a nutshell. - DapperPickle

I just looked him up, I came back laughing.

Thank you. - Mumbizz01

Wow, SuperMinecraftKid just found TheTopTens, I never expected this coming. - Mumbizz01

Was his account deleted? - Therandom

Yep, - Mumbizz01

I have a suggestion... "How to be a ass or hated TopTenner" - CerealGuy

1.Praise Justin Bieber
2.There is no Step 2 - visitor

There is more than that,Cast - CerealGuy

1.It's the JBL story in a Nutshell
2.Cast? At least call me CF! - visitor

This is how I laugh... Ha. - Danguy10

This is so funny! But aren't most youtubers like that? You know,those kinds that only do gaming channels and cuss 3 times one second. - SamuiNeko

5. Bash on others that have done literally nothing to deserve it.

6. Racism

7. Be like Keemstar - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I'm thinking about adding that in an squeal to this blog. - Mumbizz01