Swellow Rants - Gligar13vids

Swellow I don't usually look at gaming channels on Youtube, only really if I need help on something or if there's something interesting about them. However, there is one *cough*

There is nothing worse than a "gamer" who doesn't even try to game at all, yes, he doesn't even try to like games. By this point, he seems like a troll wanting attention, by hating everything popular or good so he can attract a large audience of haters who won't realize his stupid trick, but after I discovered the little trick he played, I now hate him. Now let's get down as to why.

If you were to find this idiot's Youtube channel, the first thing you see is his "Bad Games" series, where he bashes games that are mainly Japanese, or are mainstream but actually quite good. One time, I decided to look at this jerk's "BAD GAME!!!" of Pokémon X/Y, and all he did was literally bash the controls and didn't even try get any far as the blackout in Lumiose, and that is literally all he does; He plays the game, bashes the controls or something simple/unique, and then even goes as far as making things up to trash the game. Not only does he hate most video games, he hates pretty much every internet or fashion trend, and has gotten mad at people in the comments for discovering the stupid tricks he plays. He is (most likely, not certain) a hypocrite who secretly does this to attract people like moths and lights, and that isn't good at all.
And yes, all he likes is Call of Duty, just like every other tryhard troll. And yes, he has already wasted his potential as a YTer trying to hate games people like. He's not even a reviewer! He's a jerk and a troll!

And if this guy's love for shoving his opinion down your throat is painful enough, then look what he calls people. While he calls himself the "Lucario" (funny for a hypocrite eh? Korrina ain't impressed), he will call you any insult without even researching it. Seriously, he has called people "emo", "redneck", "autistic", "YIFF" (god no why), and far as the slang names for drugs. That's one thing a critic never even does.
PewDiePie is annoying, but he can actually be bearable at times, this guy... he can't. Anything that isn't Call of Duty or PC is an instant hate for him, and I've already hating him. You'll have better fun watching IGN or GameXplain, who can actually review games without the crap Gligar uses.

This guy deserves a -1 out of 10 for his baby behaviour, and his obvious trolling. He should not be called a reviewer, and he is a hypocrite. Gave Gligar (the Pokémon) a bad name.


Whoah, X and Y, really? That is a troll - Martinglez

Yes, he did it. It clearly proves him an idiot. - Swellow

Wow, he is - Martinglez

To quote RiverClanRocks; "Who names their Pokemon such obscenities? - WonkeyDude98

He is clearly a troll who wants to make a living of people's misunderstanding hate replies, which he honestly deserves for his bishy behaviour and hypocrisy. - Swellow

He isn't even a funny troll. - Skullkid755

Lol is he really trying to be a troll? If so they he ain't even good at that - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

He's trying to be serious when trolling, but he fails and anyone can see through his veneer. He makes JBL look like an intelligent troll, although JBL is actually funny, Gligar is not. - Swellow

And what does Yiff even mean? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It's a term used by the furry hatedom to describe what a "furry supposedly does" - "bang animals". As an actual furry, it's idiotic. - Swellow

Do you know what makes him even more of a hypocrite? HIS USERNAME. It's "Gligar13vids". "Gligar" IS RIGHT IN THE F*ING NAME! OK, sorry for that outburst. This guy just really pisses me off. - Absolite

Bishie please, he also hated on Ocarina Of Time and Breath Of The Wild

At least Parappa/Lammy haven't been covered yet; I guess he actually LIKES them or something. Knowing him, who would've thought? - xandermartin98